Monday, 25 April 2016

Man U's Fosu- Mensah allegedly begged model for lap dance, nude pics & threesome with teammate Anthony Martial

A reality star and model Eglantine-Flore Aguilar has revealed to the Sun UK, how Man U defender Timothy Fosu- Mensah asked her for a three some with teammate Anthony Martial and even allegedly asked her for nude snaps and a lap dance. She claimed Fosu-Mensah told her to 'bring a friend' and asked 'can you handle 2 vs 1? Two black guys.''

This report, if true, could land the 18 year old in serious trouble with Man U coach Louis Van Gaal who is a well known disciplinarian and values his players' discipline above everything else.

Reality star Eglantine, 23, speaking to the Sun said :

“Timothy might think he’s a man now he’s in United’s first team, but in reality he’s just a lost little boy.He doesn’t have even the slightest idea about how to charm a woman.”

According to the Sun, Fosu- Mensah started flirting with her after following her on Instagram and liking her pictures on April 13. He sent her his phone number through Direct message before they started chatting on WhatsApp.

He exchanged messages mostly flirty ones with her before he asked Eglantine when she turns 24.
When she revealed the date, he replied: “Birthday sex?”

Eglantine responded: “Lol lets see.”

Fosu-Mensah then suggested: “My birthday is next week. I want that as well.”

He then cajoled her to add him on Snapchat, where users can send pics that disappear after a few seconds.

He went on to ask: “You like Black **** lol? Black guys I mean.”

When she asked what type of women he likes, he replied: “Big ass big t**s. Race doesnt matter.”

The pair allegedly continued to send  messages on Snapchat and WhatsApp over the next few days.
Then on Friday April 15, Fosu-Mensah went to Manchester’s Lowry Hotel ahead of their Premier League game against Aston Villa the next day.
He video-chatted the model then got Martial, 20,  who recently broke up with his 19 year old wife to join in the chat.

Eglantine added: “He (Fosu-Mensah) said he was bored staying at a hotel and wanted to video talk.
He then put Anthony on camera. He was much more charming and sweeter and clearly knew how to talk to a woman.
“We just chatted normally in French for a few minutes. It was very pleasant. Then as soon as it was back to Timothy it was all about the sex.”

After the match Fosu-Mensah messaged her
“Just got back from game. Was good we won.”Anthony say come with a friend.”

Eglantine replied: “When. Myself is enough no? Lool”

But he then asked: “2v1 Can you handle? 2 Black guys.”

When she replied saying she was joking and will come with a friend, he responded:
“Hahaha you Can handle 2 v 1. Then it is fine no friends Needed.”

The pair continued to message on WhatsApp, before Mensah angrily told her

“Butttt you never send nudes on snapchat.” His message was followed by a “boring” emoticon.

When she messaged: “No way I’m sending nudes over here,”
Fosu- Mensah replied: “Comon.”

'Timothy is clearly letting the fame and fortune get to his head.' she continued to tell The Sun.
When we started messaging, he was very flirty and complimentary, and I was flattered. I went along with his chat as it was a bit of fun and I thought he would calm down. Boys can be all talk at times.

“But it soon became clear that all he wanted was to have sex with me, and he even had the nerve to beg for Martial to join in.There was no way I was going to start sending him naked pictures less than a week after first talking to him.”

Model Eglantine who also starred at a reality TV show in France said she later rejected the request of Fosu- Mensah after deciding it wasn't right.

Fosu- Mensah who is Dutch but has Ghanaian roots, recently broke into the Manchester United team and has been getting plaudits for his impressive displays.  While Anthony Martial whose goal helped Man U qualify for the FA Cup final on Saturday recently broke up with his childhood lover and wife, Samantha Martial after cheating allegations.

The interesting part of this story is that the lady in question Eglantine-Flore Aguilar has had sexual relations with footballers Ashley Cole, Mario Balotelli, Marouane Fellaini and boxer Amir Khan.

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