Thursday, 12 May 2016

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff suspended for 6months as senate votes to impeach her

Embattled president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, was suspended today from office and stripped of duties as the senate commences impeachment procedures against the country's first female president.

This will be the South American nation's first impeachment in 24 years and with Dilma just halfway through her mandate, she's now being stripped off presidential duties for 6 months as the Brazilian senate vote to begin an impeachment trial while Vice president Michel Temer will take over presidential duties..
After a lengthy 20 hour debate where senators voted 55 to 22 to suspend her, Dilma will have to step away while she is tried by the upper house for allegedly manipulating government accounts to fund the previous electoral campaign.
She will be tried by fellow senators who are have even committed more serious financial crimes with reports emanating from Brazil saying that the impeachment procedure is more 'political' than 'legal'

Rousseff’s approval ratings is now around 10% as close to 60% of voters support impeachment.

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