Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cheers! To Moving On

Bisola was getting nervous. Caleb had promised he’d be on time. He had initiated the meet-up. She didn’t think she was ready to see him. But here she was, waiting, nervous as a student awaiting results. Two years ago when Caleb left her, she was devastated. 

She stopped going to her store, barely ate, and wouldn’t shower for days. When he finally told her why, a few weeks later, she thought her life was over. She was certain she would never find love again. 

“You’re too big” he had said. “You weren’t like this when we met. I can’t stand your habits with food.”
Bisola spent nights crying and binge eating. If she was going to die alone and unloved, she might as well feed her emotions. Food would never hurt her. Food would never leave her. Food was bae.
But time heals all wounds, and Bisola began to heal. She began to see herself as something more. She was special. She suddenly wanted to take care of herself and love herself. It was in this time she discovered Slimtea, portion control, and incredible beauty tricks. 

She blossomed into a confident woman, became the center of attention among her friends, and they all wanted to know her secrets. Even though she still hurt a little, she was grateful that Caleb set her on a better path to loving herself. 

Until now. She knew why he was begging to see her. He had started by unblocking and following her again on twitter. Next he was liking her Instagram pictures, before reaching her on WhatsApp.
Caleb finally came in, apologizing profusely. And then he went straight to the point; he missed her, she looked so amazing, he was sorry he left, he loved her, and he wanted her back.
Bisola sipped on her malt throughout his yearning speech, wondering if she should stock up on Slimtea immediately or wait till her last pack finished.
Finally she said “I only wanted to see you, to thank you for pushing onto the path I’m on. But I didn’t build myself up, to have a shallow, superficial man like you tear me down. The woman I am now, is too good for you”
And with that she walked away, feeling like a heavy burden had been lifted from her heart.
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