Thursday, 12 May 2016

Couple who lost their 3 children in MH17 plane crash welcome new baby

An Australian couple who lost three children in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have welcomed a new baby.

Marite 'Rin' Norris and Anthony Maslin announced their daughter, Violet May, saying in a statement she had brought them "love and light, hope and joy." She was born Tuesday, May 10.

The couple's three other children -- Mo, Evie, and Otis Maslin --died alongside their grandfather Nick Norris when MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014.
In a statement released by Australia's Department of Foreign Affair, Maslin family said.
"Violet May Maslin came in to the world on Tuesday 10 May, bringing with her love and light, hope and joy.
Our three innocent, beautiful and inspiring children were killed, alongside their grandfather, Nick Norris.
We believe that Mo, whose 14th birthday was Saturday, Evie, 12 next week, Otis, 10 next month, and Grandad Nick have sent us an amazing gift. Violet’s birth is a testament to our belief that love is stronger than hate.
We still live with pain, but Violet, and the knowledge that all four kids are with us always, brings light to our darkness.'
Violet brings some hope and joy for us. We hope she brings hope and joy for you too."
The gentle Maslins have touched hearts throughout the world with their quiet dignity since losing their three children and their grandfather in the crash. No one who was at Perth's Scotch College for the memorial service will forget the love that filled the chapel.
On each seat was a packet of sunflower seeds with a picture of the three children pulling faces. Sunflowers were chosen because they always made the children smile.

Mr Maslin talked about the children in the present tense to the 1000 gathered before him, because he said he was certain they were in the room.
"My relationship with our kids is about hugs, tickles, songs and music - lots of music," he said. Mr Maslin said the beach played a huge part in their lives. They were also "citizens of the world" who had lived in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and a remote community in the Maldives.
"This worldliness gives them qualities that are difficult to define," he said. "In some ways they have crammed more into their short lives than many people would experience in three life times."
Mr Maslin paid tribute to each child - cool but responsible Mo, strong and caring Evie and carefree, crazy Otis - and said he would choose his short time with them over any normal, long-lasting life. "Even ignoring my obvious bias, our three children are unblemished, innocent, perfect souls," he said.
Mr Maslin then stood beside wife Rin Norris at the service as she gave a heart-breakingly emotional tribute to her three precious souls.
Source: The West Australian

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