Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hilarious photoshop fail gives singer Ally Brooke 'two right feet'

Ally Brooke is a member of girl group, Fifth Harmony. They recently had a glamorous photoshoot for Billboard Magazine and an image from the shoot which surfaced online had a photoshop fail. Ally who was wearing a black bodysuit, looked like she had '2 Right Feet'.

People who noticed it began to poke fun at Ally and Billboard, but rather than let the insults get to her, she saw the funny part of it & shared it via her Instagram page with the caption, "When you're tryna look cute even tho you got two right feet"
The Magazine has denied any involvement in the photoshop of her feet, saying that the image had indeed been taken by their Photographer but it was manipulated by someone else who shared it online

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