Thursday, 12 May 2016

Kendra Wilkinson slams Holly Madison on twitter. "She wasn't in fear with that d**k in her ass for a paycheck"

In an interview with People to promote her explosive second memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole, former Playboy playmate and Hugh Hefner ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison opened up about what she called a culture of fear surrounding the Playboy lifestyle.

Life at the Playboy Mansion may have seemed shiny and glamorous from the outside, but Madison says that behind closed doors, it was far from it.


"It was so confining," Madison, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively. She moved out of the mansion in 2008 after seven years living there with Hefner.

"It was a place where you're made to feel like as a woman, your value decreases as you age," she says. "And it decreases if you have something to say. It's really not healthy."

"When I arrived, I saw women tell lies about other women and get them kicked out. I got scared really fast. They were always watching every move I made. There were sharks in the water."

Madison said that the culture "encouraged women who acted stupid" and put women "out to pasture" by the time they were 28. She grew more uneasy with each passing year.

"I never felt comfortable in a situation where by the time women were 28 they were supposed to be put out to pasture," she says. "And it was a culture that really encouraged women who acted stupid. It was a constant struggle

But one person has a different take on that time period: Kendra Wilkinson who also dated Hefner at the time and costarred with Holly on the E! show The Girls Next Door.

Kendra took to Twitter today  and called out Holly saying that she is acting out of shame for what she used to do, and the only "fear" Holly should feel is the threat of exposing what she did sexually at the time.

"Now Holly is on cover of People mag sayin she lived in fear at the mansion. She wasn't  in fear with that dick in her ass for a paycheck"

"That bitch is in fear now knowing so many of us saw her doing some nasty shit. She's embarrassed and in shame. She was the clean up girl"

"Holly's job was to get Hef hard again and clean him up with her mouth"


Kendra has since deleted her tweets and apologized ...


Holly has yet to respond to Kendra's tweets

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