Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Photos of the husband whose pregnant wife died on their way to the hospital to have her baby

The husband of the pregnant woman who died in a car accident on May 11 while on her way to give birth to her baby survived the accident but all of his limbs were shattered. The woman's baby, Maddyson also survived after she was delivered through a C-section after her mum,  26 year old Sarah Iler died from the accident.

34 year old Matt Rider, who was Iler's estranged husband wasn't the child's biological father but wrote on Facebook that he couldn't wait to welcome the little girl, Maddyson and Iler was also extremely excited to become a mother before a tanker truck crashed into a Nissan SUV, which in turn hit the couple's vehicle, a red Chevrolet Blazer. The tanker truck then crashed into the Chevrolet, which overturned, throwing Rider and Iler - and killing the mother-to-be on impact.
Iler's family members still haven't visited Rider yet because they are still having a vigil at little Maddyson's side. The infant has opened her eyes and is recovering well but the Doctors are still observing her to see if she has any brain damage due to lack of oxygen during the time her mum died.

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