Sunday, 15 May 2016

See before and after pictures of the 10-year- old Dorcas Odunlami saved by the Living Project

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Apparently there are still some Nigerian music celebrities with good heart and great intentions, aside their much-cherished looks, lifestyles and career; some of them still work so hard on returning smiles to people’s faces. In the above picture is a 10-year-old Dorcas Odunlami who according to music tsar, Lamboginny was operated of a complicated Colostomy, a sickness she had suffered since she was 6 months old to the age of eight, and before shee ventually met with the duo of Lamboginny & Mr Clayy, the brains behind theLiving Project.

Dorcas, however has been operated, she’s now safe and healthy and she enjoys a 100% scholarship through out all levels of her education courtesy of the Living Project.

 Below is the full testimony of Dorcas and Williams as shared by Lamboginny on his Facebook wall on Thursday morning

 ...It gives us so much joy to share this beautiful testimony of Dorcas Odunlami with the world.
 Dorcas had a complicated colostomy case that started when she was 6 months old. Her family managed this condition on their own for many years but by 2014 her parents could no longer afford to pay the medical bills to keep her alive .We got a call from a doctor friend working at the General Hospital Lagos Island, about a young girl who was dying and in dire need of support. On arrival we found Dorcas laying helpless in her bed, unable to speak.
Myself and Mr Clayy decided to take up her case via our non-profit initiative, THE LIVING PROJECT. We covered her medical bills. After series of surgeries,  she got to the closure stage of the colostomy in July 2015 and we got the good news that the surgery was a success. Today, she can use the toilet like every normal child. Her mum rejoiced saying she can't believe her daughter is alive because at a point, the pain was so much she was begging God to take her but today Dorcas is alive and in good health.
We also decided to put Dorcas back in school and we have made a commitment to see her through all levels of her education by offering her a full scholarship.
This was Dorcas in 2014 at 8yrs old and Dorcas now in 2016 now 10yrs old.Also just 6 days ago we also recorded another successful surgery case of a 2 year old baby boy who also had a case of colostomy. His mother is a single mother who got pregnant in SS2 and had no family to help out. With the support of the Almighty God, we were able to use THE LIVING PROJECT to reach him and today Williams is rapidly recovering. We ask you to send your prayers to Williams as he recovers.
We believe that being an artist goes way beyond just entertainment. It comes with giving back to society and having a positive impact on the world around us.
This is why we sell our music to raise funds to save children. You can support us to save more children by buying our new single on MTN music plus : Lamboginny x Mr Clayy ft Yemi Alade - Show Dem and also using our songs as your caller tune. This will help us save more children.

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