Thursday, 12 May 2016

What happens after a girl gets raped?

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A lecturer is a father figure, a guardian, a mentor, and a friend. A lecturer is one you run can run to with your problems, not one you run away from after an issue. . The latter was not the story in my case. ,N now I can’t am scared to trust any man. Mr. Lawal was my GST lecturer. He was young and smart. He had a way of explaining things during lectures so much so that even if you were unserious, you had no option but to grab what he was saying.

He was such a correct lecturer that he had won best lecturer in the department back to back, to backyear after yearback to back, to back. I was a highflyer and wanted to help some of my courses mates that were banging the course, so I organized a tutorial class for them.

When Mr. Lawal heard about it he was pleased and offered to help with a few tips and study materials, which he said I should pick up from his house. I felt there was no cause for alarm, after all, it was just to collect a few study materials, especially as his house was close to the school and he was so respected.. At his house, we talked about academics, challenges as a student, and career choices.

Then he asked if I had a boyfriend. I felt awkward answering the question, and decided to switch the topic. “Oh, Mr. Lawal, it’s getting late, I should start heading home.” He grumbled “Ada now, stay a little longer, you have not even collected the study materials.” I insisted on leaving. Apparently, he had other plans. He came really close to me, and started to touch me. He tried to kiss me, and I screamed “No!”. He covered my mouth with his palm, and held my neck. I was so scared I froze, I thought I was going to die!had never been so scared in my entire life. He tore my clothes and pushed me to the floor. He took off his trouser, and raped me.

His eyes were red, it was like I was staring into the eyes of the devil. I left as if I was about to die. When he was done, he put his trousers back on, and threw me out of the house before I could even get dressed. I cried on my way home, my mind was scrambling with flashbacks. I didn’t know who to confide in. I didn’t know how to tell my parents, or a friend, or the police. I was afraid I would be stigmatized.

What should Ada do?

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