Monday, 25 July 2016

Chilling footage appears to show a female ghost following a man into a taxi (photos/video)

Chilling footage was shared online over the weekend which appeared to show a female 'spirit' gliding into a taxi after a male passenger in a quiet Japanese town.
In the spine-tingling footage, as a man walked up to a taxi, a black shape, that looked like a woman in a long robe and dark hood, can be seen moving behind him, following him to the vehicle and appears to get in after the man as the door closes and the taxi drives off. See more photos after the cut...

Ghost passenger sightings are a little common in Japan. A few Taxi drivers working in one of the areas worst affected by the 2011 earthquake disaster have claimed they have at one time or the other picked up 'ghost customers'. They said they have taken fares from people who have then vanished during the ride.

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