Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Great content has arrived! #LetsAccelerate

Accelerate is here. A Web based TV platform that features a wide range of content designed to empower, entertain and inspire audiences. The official launch of the platform happened on the 11th of July 2016, and it has since then rolled out top notch content; from shows wrapped around the success factors of young entrepreneurs, to exclusive tips of the trade, fashion advice from industry masters and one-of-a-kind content created with audiences!

You can find on the platform great shows like the celebrity dairy show “Day Pass”. The show gives you an all access pass to a day in the life of your favourite celebrities. This really isn’t one of those behind the curtain shows where you are left wondering “What really is going on?”

Episode one features Mr P (Peter) of P-Square as he prepares for his debut performance as a solo act. The show picks up at his home where audiences are introduced to his crew, and then continues with a drive to his studio for rehearsals and all activities leading to the performance at Hard Rock Café.

Click here to watch Day Pass.

Be the judge on how Mr P's debut went and find out how he rolls with his very own entourage.

A host of great shows are available on For example “On the Real” episode 2 premiers this week on Tuesday at 5pm. With Other great shows including; The Maverick, Fashion Fix, Under the Influence and so much more to come. Also featured on the platform are daily updated articles centered on Lifestyle, relationships, Food, Sports, and Technology. Accelerate is inspired by Access Bank, and stands to keep millennials in the know, on the go.

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