Wednesday, 20 July 2016

'Men can cheat because we bought the wedding ring & we own you' Ghanaian comedian Derrick K. Bonney

In an interview with lifestyle and entertainment programme - Rhythm A to Z of Ghanaian radio station, Joy FM 99.7, Derrick Kobina Bonney, referred to as the 'King of Ghanaian comedy', said men can cheat on their wives since they bought the wedding ring.
"I keep telling the young girls, when your man cheats, you leave him to God. That was what our mothers and grandmothers did. He will later humble himself before the Lord. You don't payback. Men can cheat because we bought the wedding ring and we organised the wedding and you bear our surname. Even the word bride means a cook.
The man does not bear the woman surname so we own you. We take charge of you that's why you bear our surname. It's a honest fact. If you think otherwise, go and marry a woman” He said.

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