Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Neyo's and Crystal's love is a reality

They first met during a business dinner. Crystal was two hours late. She was doing a bit of research on Ne-Yo.
The Grammy-winning singer had been single for about a year and half. Having written hit singles for himself like “Closer,” “Mad” and “Miss Independent,” he was enjoying the single man experience 'until [he] met the pretty, little pistol’ that is Crystal Renay. Crystal Renay (successful in her own right) as a model, actress and multiplatform host had been single for about three years and was just minding her magical girl business when Ne-Yo came along.

The business meeting went well, but the two of them were still just friends who kept in touch. After a while, though, Crystal and Ne-Yo both realized that neither one of them were going anywhere and their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Ne-Yo proposed twice. The first time Ne-Yo proposed, he had a dream the night before. The couple talked about the dream. Ne-Yo wanted to marry Crystal. He didn’t want to lose her. Apparently the dream had frightened him into admitting his love for her. She said, “OK, well then propose.” However, Ne-Yo didn’t have a ring. “I don’t need a ring,” Crystal said.

The second time Ne-Yo proposed was on Crystal’s birthday. “The whole day went by. He didn’t give me a flower, a card or anything. I was mad,” Crystal recalls. Ne-Yo did, however, make sure that Crystal was with her family for a trip to Orlando, Florida, which she appreciated. At the end of the night, the jewellery guy’s assistant brought Ne-Yo the engagement ring in front of Crystal’s family and he proposed again.
Two proposals and years of love later, Crystal and Ne-Yo got married.


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