Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Weird things that happen only in Dubai!

When hearing or talking about Dubai, the first thing which comes to our mind is their ultra-luxury lifestyle. One can talk hours about Dubai’s luxury lifestyle and not get bored.So sit back and read about these Weird Things That Happen Only in Dubai.

Police cars are grand


Forget luxury police cars, when you need to chase a runner on highway, these lambos can outrun anything on road. But what happens when the thief goes offroad? 😛

It’s raining money!

When they are happy, they make money rain 🙂

Lion as a pet

They keep Lion and tigers as their pet. We are used to see small dogs in cars, now wonder this thing pull up on a traffic light. Keep safe distance.

They are very kind too

This was in a shop in Dubai. If someone has no money, they can take 1 and eat. Kind people.

Fire spitting lambo

When gold plating is not enough, you spit fire.Happen-in-dubai13

When gold plating is not enough, you spit fire.

Riding Lions

As long as the lion is not riding on you LOL.

When in a traffic jam in Dubai.

I hear you like raining money



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