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5 Things Manchester City Fans Need to Know About Latest New Signing Gabriel Jesus

Don't Expect Much From Him Before 2017/18

He Was Lethal as a Junior

As with any sensational talent, Gabriel was near unstoppable at junior level. He formally joined Palmeiras in July 2013 on a youth contract after playing with various local Sao Paulo teams and scored an incredible 54 goals in 48 games in his debut year.

Having then signed a maiden professional deal with the club in 2014, he scored a further 37 times in just 22 appearances at state level for the Under-17 team.

Palmeiras fans actually petitioned the club to include Gariel in the first-team sooner than he was.

He Was Brazil's 'Best Newcomer' in 2015

He Was Brazil's 'Best Newcomer' in 2015

​Gabriel eventually burst onto the scene for Palmeiras at senior level in March of last year. He played 37 times in all competitions as the club picked up a Copa do Brasil title, while finishing the campaign with the individual honour of being named 'Best Newcomer'.

It is an award that has previously been won by the likes of Breno and Keirrison, neither of whom made anything of their talent and opportunity when rewarded with moves to Bayern Munich and Barcelona respectively. Gabriel will hope to avoid the same pitfalls.

A Talent to Rival Neymar?

A Talent to Rival Neymar?

​Heavily likened to Neymar already, Gabriel is the one Brazilian talent that many people believe can actually hold a candle to the Barcelona superstar, or at least will be able to in the coming years.

"He's the best player I've seen out of an academy in Brazil since I returned from Germany in 2006. And I've seen many," Palmeiras veteran Ze Roberto told AS early last month.

"After Neymar, Gabriel Jesus is the best I've seen emerge from Brazil in these 10 years."

But More Focused?

But More Focused?

​Despite his vast innate talent, the one major criticism you could level at Neymar would be just how serious he takes his football, or rather doesn't. The 24-year-old recently defended his choices and said that he has no plans to alter his lifestyle, but Gabriel is different.

Once more turning to Ze Roberto, who is still playing at the age of 42, having made a name in Europe with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, it becomes clear that Gabriel has a very level head on his young shoulders.

"In addition to the spectacular talent, I have not seen anyone more focused on football than him. That's the hardest thing to see in a player from the academy. He does not let it go to his head and he is not dazzled by fame."

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