Wednesday, 17 August 2016

About Us

Glowiia Nigeria is an online newspaper that provides instant news. It offers a 360-degree view on current developments in Nigeria and the rest of the world. As political and economic paradigms shift, Glowiia Nigeria stays abreast of issues, reaching behind the scenes to serve an in-depth understanding of the political, social and economic landscapes. It proudly supports and promotes the philosophy of liberty and free enterprise. It’s uncompromising stance on fairness is aptly captured in its tag line, ‘without borders, without fears.

The Editor-in-Chief, ESSIEN DAVID, is a thoroughbred professional with vast exposure in print and online publishing. A skilled writer, he has been actively involved in deploying traditional and new media in many brand building and reputation management initiatives.

The Editor, EMMAMUEL, is a deep rooted media man with several years’ experience in sniffing out news/investigative reports, entertaining stories and juicy yarns in various media kinds. His flair for informative and educative, as well as entertaining articles, with deep, informed analytical skills is any reader’s/viewer’s delight.