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Michelle Obama: Voted as the First Lady of Style

Michelle Obama, Washington First Lady of style!


Michelle Obama, you rock!

Rick Ross Calls 50 Cent Beef ‘Amusing’

“I’m the biggest L he ever took," says Rozay.

Rick Ross, 50 Cent

New year, same old beef.
Rick Ross responded to 50 Cent dissing his album sales in an interview with Rolling Stone. The MMG boss says he laughs off their drama.  
“At this point, my relationship with Curtis is really amusing, due to the fact that I'm the biggest L he ever took,” said Ross. “I’m still enjoying life. My kids love me. I'm blessed. And when it comes to Curtis, it's just unfortunate."
He went on to throw more shade. “I’m not happy that his boxing company went under,” continued Ross. “I’m not happy that his clothing company went under. I'm not happy his record label went under. I'm not happy that he went bankrupt. I'm not happy that he doesn't have a relationship with his son. That's not something to be happy about. But to see him parading around, still able to hold his head up every day, with all of that weighing on him — that makes me happy. I admire him for being able to hold his head up in a city that has revoked all of his passes. We've had a quite enjoyable past, and I still smile when I see him.”  
By now, Rozay should be chuckling. Their beef has lasted so long that technological advances changed the way they attack each other. For example, in 2009 Ross dissed Fif on a record, but in 2016 it’s easier to just use social media. 
The entire interview wasn’t about Fif, Ross also talked weight loss, DJ Khaled, wanting to “kiss” Adele, and the Donald Trump lyrics that reportedly got Black Market pulled from Walmart shelves. The Bawse clarified that he doesn’t actually want to “assissinate Trump,” it was just a rhyme. “I would never advocate violence on Trump or anyone. It's lyrical assassination. That's me being a poet, putting words together in my art form, with no violence in my heart at all. Clarify that. Matter of fact, my cameraman was Trump's caddy at his golf course for five years, and he says Trump is cool as f---k.”

Scottish secretary David Mundell comes out as gay

A Conservative cabinet minister has come out as gay, a decision he described as "one of the most important of my life".
Scottish Secretary David Mundell wrote on his personal website that it was time to "acknowledge in public as well as in private, who I am".
The 53-year-old MP said he hoped that coming out would not change anything about how he was treated.
Mr Mundell is MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale.
He is believed to be the first openly-gay Conservative cabinet minister.
A Downing Street spokesman said the prime minister was "very pleased" by Mr Mundell's "very personal statement" and that it was "very encouraging to see".
david mundell

Mr Mundell, who has three grown-up children, wrote in his online post: "New Year, new start! I have already set out my political priorities for the year and now I am setting out my personal one.
"Having taken one of the most important decisions of my life and resolved to come out as gay in 2016, I just want to get on with it, and now, just like that, I have said it."

'Doubts and fears'

Mr Mundell, who is Scotland's only Tory MP, said that he had viewed the prospect of coming out as being "harder than standing for election, speaking in the House of Commons or being cross-examined on television".
The MP said he "still cannot rationalise such feelings", but said they were "not uncommon, particularly in men of my age".
Mr Mundell added: "Of course, everybody who gets to this point, has had their own journey. I have certainly been on mine - conflicting emotions, of doubts and fears, but ultimately positive and uplifting, with an unstoppable direction of travel.
"Over time, I came to understand that, for me, the only way to be truly happy on a personal level is to acknowledge in public as well as in private, who I am."
He said he could not have had more love and support from his family and friends, adding: "I don't know what the wider reaction will be, but I know it's the right thing for me to do".
Mr Mundell's announcement brings the number of openly-gay MPs in the House of Commons to 33 - the highest proportion of any parliament in the world, according to a study by US academics - and means there are as many on the Tory as the Labour benches (13).

'Really proud'

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is also openly gay, tweeted that she was "really proud of my friend David".
She added: "I know that David didn't make today's statement lightly, but approached it in his typically thoughtful and positive manner.
"He has my wholehearted support, as well as the support of the wider Scottish Conservative family."
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "Good on you, David. Well done & best wishes."
Colin Macfarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, said: "Having high profile people across all areas of society, from politics to sport, is crucial to creating inclusive environments and helping ensure the fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people at work, at home and in their communities.
"Role models like David Mundell also inspire young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people by letting them know they are not alone and that they too can feel proud of their identity."

Somalia's 13 years old boy Guled Adan Abdi finds fame, it's good you start early....

Guled Adan Abdi
Guled Adan Abdi, from the northern town of Buhodle, taught himself how to make plastic toys from bits of discarded objects, and then worked out how to motorise them by studying real cars.
"I started making toys when I was younger," he told the BBC Somali Service.
"I used to play with them without any motor. But later I said to myself: 'Why don't you make them into a moving machine?'
"So I looked at the cars in the town and invented my toys with the same design."
So far, he has constructed four electronic toys, including a truck and a plane, mainly using plastic from old cooking oil containers.
He has also invented a fan that can be used as a light at night.
Guled lives at home with his mother and older brother and sister, and goes to a school in Buhodle that is supported by Somalis in the diaspora.
But he has missed out on a lot of his education and is only in the third year at primary school - a class usually for eight year olds.
This is because his father disappeared in 2002 and is presumed dead.
Dressed up in a suit, Guled showed his inventions to Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali at state house.
President Ali promised that the Puntland government would now fund his education.
But for Guled there is another problem - getting funds to buy new parts for his toys, which he would like to be able to sell.
Eyeing his future, the teenager said his ambitions are not limited to models.
"I would like to gradually learn how to become a producer of cars."

Who's got style at the Golden Globe Awards 2016!

Jennifer Lawrence wearing a red gown by Dior

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Alicia Vikander wearing a Louis Vuitton dress

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino Gown

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in custom-made Atelier Versace gown

Juliana Moore in Tom Ford gown

Brie Larson in custom-made Calvin Klein collection

Lady Gaga in her custom-made Versace Atelier

Cate Blanchett wearing Givenchy Couture

Saoirse Ronan gown by Saint Lawrent

Rooney Mara dress by Alexandra McQueen

Amy Adams gown by Atelier Versace

Olivia Wilde gown by Michael Kors

Zendaya at the Golden Globe Award, January 2016

The colour is pretty on her and the dress makes her look tall but would you wear this dress?

Dress by Marchesa

Private messages at work can be read by employers, says court

Employers can read workers' private messages sent via chat software and webmail accounts during working hours, judges have ruled.

Image result for employee private messages at work
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said a firm that read a worker's Yahoo Messenger chats sent while he was at work was within its rights.
Judges said he breached the company's rules and that his employer had a right to check he was completing his work.
Such policies must also protect workers against unfettered snooping, they said.
The judges, sitting in the ECHR in Strasbourg, handed down their decision on Tuesday. It binds all countries that have ratified the European Convention on Human Rights, which includes Britain.
The worker, an engineer in Romania, asked the court to rule that his employer had breached his right to confidential correspondence when it accessed his messages and subsequently sacked him in 2007.
His employer had discovered that he was using Yahoo Messenger for personal contacts, as well as professional ones. Because it believed it was accessing a work account, the judges said, the firm had not erred.
They dismissed the man's request, saying that it was not "unreasonable that an employer would want to verify that employees were completing their professional tasks during working hours".

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