Monday, 25 January 2016

Cradinal Okogie comes hard on Buhari, says "What sort of change is the Pres­ident talking about?"

Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Car­dinal Olubunmi Okogie, yesterday released a statement criticizing the Buhari-led government. In the statement which was signed by the Director of Social Com­munications of the Diocese, Monsig­nor Gabriel Osu, Cardinal Okogie criticized Buhari for failing to heed court injunctions that granted both Dasuki and Pro-Biafra group leader, Nnamdi Kanu, bail. The respected religious leader asked what sort of "Change" is the President talking about when such acts of judicial disobedience is now the order of the day.

According to Okogie, the belief of many Nigerians is that the government is turning the nation into a police state comprising of the President, the EFCC and the DSS. He alleged that governors, who arm-twisted Okonjo-Iweala into signing reserves held by Central Bank, are today ministers in the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) government. Read part of the statement below
“He (Buhari) must retool, re­focus and aggressively face the so­cial, economic (fiscal and monetary) problems we have head-on, without letting the anti-corruption drive look like a political distraction. A snail-paced and disordered methodology in governance, his ap­parent disdain for judicial authorities and decisions, a lost today and found tomorrow 2016 Budget debacle, and a rather rudderless and confused Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with an unclear monetary policy strategy (inevitably increasing the economic uncertainties being faced by Nigeri­ans), have set alarm bells ringing in my mind and in the minds of many discerning Nigerians. Indeed, his perceived discord­ant relationship with the leadership of the Legislature has many naysayers chuckling and remarking that Pres­ident Buhari’s government is head­ing into his comfort zone, a one man show. A lot of Nigerians are beginning to feel that Buhari is fast transforming this na­tion into a police state where the president, the Economic and Finan­cial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Department of State Secu­rity (DSS) rule the day. What they say is given lurid headlines in the me­dia, and it seems to all that some of the defendants cum accused persons are being tried in the press with in­formation conveniently slipping into the hands of the press, presumably from the security agencies, even be­fore such people have been charged to court. The pro-Biafran activ­ist, Nnamdi Kanu and the erstwhile NSA, Sambo Dasuki, were granted bail by the courts but such bails were disregarded by the security agents under Buhari’s watch. Unfortunately, democracy is difficult and this government must realise that democracy pervasive­ly coloured with impunity, arbitrar­iness and highhandedness, cannot be used to fight and correct the finan­cial impunity and reckless abandon of the previous administration, even if it is more difficult to do so; the rule of law must be obeyed and be the or­der of the day. If Buhari wants to leave a cred­itable legacy come 2019, he should retool the bureaucracy. For instance, the roof of the Central Bank is leak­ing water. Governors, who arm-twisted Okonjo-Iweala into signing out our reserves held by Central Bank, are today ministers in the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) government. We are still talking about change and corruption when old things refuse to pass away! These political gimmicks can only car­ry away gullible or naive Nigeri­ans. President Buhari should beam his flashlight on policies and pro­grammes that will lift up the masses. Existing industries are almost dead and they call for urgent revital­isation. The budget ought to aid so­lutions to the mass unemployment, rural-urban migration, skewedness in the distribution of income, abject rural poverty and industrialisation of rural economy. The 774 local government cap­itals should be linked to their state capitals. Even the mindboggling in­frastructure deficits can take the en­tire tenure to address. The weakness in the bureau­cracy has not been addressed. The problem the APC government is trying to solve is bound to re-occur because it is treatment of effect rath­er than the cause,” he said, adding that causative factors are being to­tally ignored or glossed-over while institutional weakness pervades the Ministries Departments and Agen­cies (MDAs), offices of the Account­ant-General, Auditor-General and the Central Bank. Our Change must change something. How could we continue to talk of change in a static system? How could we be talking of change when the same crew are governors, ministers, senators, and members of the House of Representatives? This is a cyclical devolution of power to the same people who are never out of power! What sort of change is the Pres­ident talking about? When will the youth take over when even a gov­ernor does not take a bow and go? When shall we plan for the replace­ment of delinquent leadership? This is what constitutes change. Change is not changing from Jonathan to Buhari. Change is be­havioural and pervades all levels of society including the family, the church, the mosque, schools, market women and business men. When we talk of change, we talk of positive-salutary, healthy growth and devel­opment oriented change that cuts across the entire gamut of the so­ciety. What sort of change is this that ignores the glaring unequal distribu­tion of national income? It is absurd that the same government that is un­able to pay N18,000 per month to the lowest grade of labour can afford to pay N1.8 million per month to anyone in the economy. Why must tax payers’ money be used to feed Mr. President and his family? Why must the tax payers’ mon­ey be used to buy brand new exotic vehicles for the legislature, judges, ministers and governors when they are heavily paid? Why don’t they use loan finance or mortgage finance to buy their cars and houses? This is also a form of looting and it is the cause of grounding the economy and calling in an IMF spin-doctor all the time. Precisely two years ago this same President Buhari rejected off-hand this use of a spin doctor to heal the ailing economy. He pre­ferred the use of counter-trade and inward looking policies like cutting down costs and flamboyant exotic life styles. Today, I am not so sure we have the same Buhari. I do hope he has not changed all the colours of the rainbow. The ruling elites are living a luxurious lifestyle while the mass­es are in abject poverty and yet we are all Nigerians. Enough of this change-conundrum”.

Photos of Olisa Metuh in handcuffs in court today

Embattled National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh was at the Federal High Court Abuja today. Metuh is standing trial for receiving N400m from embattled former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki. He is also standing trial for destroying the statement he made to EFCC on January 12th. He has received bail for both offences but he is yet to meet the conditions. He is still being remanded at the Kuje prison. See more photos after the cut...

Photos of Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu in court today, ruling on his bail application slated for Friday

The leader of the the Indigenious People of Biafra, IPOB, and director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, appeared before the Federal High Court in Abuja today January 25th where his bail application was heard. The presiding judge, Justice John Tsoho, fixed Friday January 29th for ruling on his bail application. Kanu alongside Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, are facing six-count charge of treasonable felony. He was arrested on October 24th last year. More photos after the cut...

Chrissy Teigen and John Legendloved up at Sundance (photos)

The expectant parents were at the Sundance film festival and shared a few snaps with their fans from the event. John and Chrissy attended the star-studded festival to promote the Oscar-winning actor's romantic dramedy, Southside With You. John produced the film which chronicles an afternoon in 1989 when U.S. President Barack Obama wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago's South Side. More photos after the cut...


Photo: Missing Nigerian Benedict Onyemaechi found and taken to a mental facility

48-year-old Nigerian Benedict Onyemaechi, who was reported missing from his home in Southgate and considered potentially dangerous, has been found. According to the Metropolitan Police, Onyemaechi was found today, January 25 in the Southgate area and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He is being taken to a secure medical facility. Source: Metropolitan Police

Kylie Jenner takes sexy photos with her Rolls Royce

The 18-year-old reality star posted a series of images of herself working a pair of leather trousers in front of her white Rolls Royce. Her millions of followers were treated to the double treat of her curvaceous snaps and a luxury car. More photos after the cut...

Deji of Akure's swag photos at his son's wedding

The #WeddingOfTheRoyals held last weekend in Akure, Ondo state. Deji of Akure who is the father of the groom took some swag photos on the red carpet...more when you continue...

Wait, Blac Chyna is really dating Rob Kardashian? Shares pic of his arm on IG

About two weeks ago, MediaTakeOut published a report claiming Blac Chyna has started dating Kim Kardashian's brother, Rob Kardashian. Many didn't believe it ...below is what they wrote..
MTO can confirm that Blac Chyna is now dating Rob Kardashian. That's right: Kylie's brother. We're told that Chyna reached out to Rob many weeks ago, to help him lose weight . . . and they hit it off. We're also told that the two are preparing to go public with their relationship this week. Oh, and Rob is now following Chyna on Instagram.
Well, lookihere! Blac Chyna today posted a photo of Rob holding her and calls it 'the beginning'!

Photo: Lagos landlady assaulted by tenant after she stopped her from selling Marijuana in her compound

Mujidat Ibrahim was arrested and charged before a Magistrates' court for assaulting her landlady Obasuyi Abimbola after barring her from selling marijuana in her compound located at 37, Adigun street, Itire.
According to Abimbola, after she confirmed that that Mujidat and her husband, Kaka were selling marijuana, she told them to stop the illicit trade and threatened to eject and report them to the police.
A fight ensued during which Abimbola was attacked, with Kaka holding her down while his wife pummeled her with blows.
She said she was badly injured and bled profusely. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated before being taken to the General Hospital.
The case was reported to the police at Itire division and Mujidat was arrested while her husband reportedly escaped for fear fear of being detained. During interrogation, the suspect denied selling marijuana and was subsequently charged to court with assault occasioning bodily harm under the Criminal Code.
Mujidat pleaded not guilty and the prosecutor, Inspector Abass Abayomi told ithe court that the victim was seriously injured and was still lying critically ill at the hospital. The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. A. O. Adedayo granted Mujidat bail in the sum of N20,000. Mujidat was remanded in prison custody pending when she will perfect her bail condition and the case adjourned till February 8, 2016.
Source: PM News

Witness claims Metuh gave her $2million cash to invest for him

At the resumed hearing of the case filed by EFCC against former PDP National Publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh for receiving N400 million from the office of Sambo Dasuki, one of the prosecuting witnesses, Nneka Ararume, told the court that Metuh gave her $2 million at his house in Prince and Princess Estate, Abuja, to help him invest.

Nneka who says she is a Wealth Manager with Asset and Resource Management Company Limited, a company reportedly owned by Metuh, said she changed the money to its Naira equivalent through two bureau de change operators and put the money in the company account.

"He gave me the sum of $2m in $100 bills. It was taken to bureau de change operators who would then transfer the money to ARM. From there (Metuh’s house) I proceeded to Mr. Sie Iyenome’s office at Wuse 2 where I gave him the sum of $1m. I also invited Mr. Kabir Mohammed and I also gave him the sum of $1m to transfer the naira equivalent in favour of Destra Investment Limited. Later on the same day, December 2, 2014, Mr. Kabir and Mr. Sie Iyenome confirmed the receipt.”
One of the Bureau de change men, Iyenomealso testified in court, confirming that he changed the $1m he received from Nneka and paid it into the account of Nneka's company. EFCC says it has 16 more witnesses to produce that will testify on the $2m investment money. They will be produced in court tomorrow when the case will resume for hearing.

Men volunteer to be trampled by cows in the belief it brings goodluck (photos)

Despite the obvious risks, these men won't be put off from exercising their faith and beefing up their luck. They volunteered to be trampled upon by cows in the belief it brings good luck. The villagers are seen lying down on the streets of Ujjain, in Madhya, central India, to mark Ekadeshi, an auspicious day after the Hindu festival of Diwali.

The organisers claim no one has ever been killed in the centuries old tradition, those who are injured believe they'll have good luck as the wounds heal.

The cows, an animal considered sacred in Hinduism, are decorated in henna and colourful floral headdresses before they are let loose to storm through the city.

The cows stamp on the men's backs as they run through the narrow streets while spectators usher the animals towards the men, making sure that every one is stepped on. 
The belief is that the cows can help erase any problems and brings prosperity into their lives.
One regular participant, Manoj Kumar, 27, said he is well aware of the dangers but is tempted by the prospects of improved fortunes.

He said: 'I know it can be fatal but cow is our mother and she would not kill anyone so there is no danger at all. Sometimes when the mother is angry she punishes us for our mistakes. 'Most of us are unhappy with something or other in our life. We all have problems whether at home or work. But we believe if we allow us to get crushed by cows, the almighty will appreciate our sacrifice and pain and solve all our issues and bless us with happiness.'

Nigeria's economic situation is totally out of the control of the present administration - Okupe

Former Spokesperson to former President Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, says the current state of the Nigerian economy is totally out of the control of this present administration. He said this in a post on his Facebook wall. What he wrote below...
These are very critical periods for World economy as it relates to Crude Oil production and sales. For a country like Nigeria it becomes more crucial in view of the fact that close to 70% of government revenue comes from sale of crude oil.
In recent times however, the volatility of the oil prices have threatened the stability of the Nigerian Economy. Specifically the present price of crude oil hovering between $26 & $28 US dollar directly undermines the profitability of the crude oil enterprise, as the cost of production of crude in Nigeria is about $30 USD. This high cost of production is second only to Russia. Saudi, Iran,Iraq all produce at a cost between $12 &$15 USD. The danger signal here is clear and profound.

The implication of this price regime is that we begin to lose $4-$2 USD for every barrel of crude oil we produce. It is pertinent to state clearly here that this ominous situation is totally out of the control of the present administration. But because we are all stakeholders in the Nigerian project and also for the fact that any external threat to the survival or interest of Nigeria calls for a bi partisan Cooperation it becomes imperative that we all put all heads together to find a solution. I believe the government must readjust the budget immediately. Recurrent expenditure must be reduced by 50% minimum, while the capital is reviewed to focus mainly on projects that will directly impact on production and export driven initiatives.

The deficit in the budget must be reduced substantially while the bench mark is brought lower to between $17 & $20 USD. There is need to liberalise some aspects of our Forex policies. Nigerians and foreigners must be encouraged to bring in their foreign currencies with absolute necessary guarantees. Lastly while the current anti corruption war must continue unabated emphasis must now be placed on recoverable to boost our foreign cash inflow. The need for the government to declare a national emergency and nationwide austerity measure regime cannot be over emphasized.

38 killed insuicide bomb attack in Cameroon market

At least 38 people have been confirmed dead and 62 others injured in a multiple suicide bomb attack that happened at Bodo market in Far North of Cameroon today January 25th. It is believed that Boko Haram members are behind this recent terror act...

APC is broke but we will not ask Buhari for help - Oyegun

At a press conference in Abuja today Jan. 25th, National Chairman of APC, John Oyegun, said the party is broke but said they will source for funds from its members and not from President Buhari.
“The party is suffering the strains of funding. We are working to raise resources within the membership. We have not asked for rescue from the president because it is not part of his national assignment.” he said

Photos: Karrueche Tran shows off her svelte figure in tight dress

Karrueche Tran, 27, stepped out for dinner in West Hollywood dressed in a form-fitting sweater dress which flattered her curves...

Photos: Senate President Bukola Saraki registers for National Identity Card.

Senate President Bukola Saraki on Monday, January 25, in Abuja did his biometric registration at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). He later met with the Director General of the commission, Engr. Aliyu A. Aziz.

"I commended the leadership of the commission for the work that they are doing to update Nigeria's identity management system. When fully implemented, NIMC's comprehensive database will provide a convenient and low-cost additional tier of security for our nation" Saraki said.