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'Pornography' shown at funeral for Cardiff father and son

Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis died in the crash which also left his wife and daughter injured                
An investigation is under way after pornography was allegedly shown on a TV at a funeral for a father and his baby son.
The service for Simon Lewis, 33, and his son, Simon, was held at Cardiff's Thornhill Crematorium on Wednesday.
Rev Lionel Fanthorpe said the incident left mourners "desperately upset" and Cardiff council has apologised to the family for the "inappropriate content".
Mr Lewis and his son died following a crash in Cardiff on New Year's Eve.
Media Wales reported a claim from an unnamed mourner that hardcore pornography appeared on the screen.
A council spokesman said: "The council has forwarded a written apology to the family and is carrying out an urgent investigation."

'It was off in seconds'

Rev Fanthorpe said: "I'm either looking at the congregation or at the prayer book. To me, it sounded something like voices in a shopping centre but I couldn't see.
"Simon's father-in-law was desperately upset. [He] came rushing forward. He was looking for an engineer and urging them to 'turn it off, turn it off'. Fortunately it was off in seconds.
"This was not what anybody could have ever imagined or wanted. I just felt the deepest possible sympathy."

Thornhill Crematorium

Four screens were being used to display tributes and the council said the TV which showed the content had been recently installed.
"We are trying to establish if the new screen - which is a smart television - could have accepted or picked up a broadcast by accident via blue tooth or across a wi-fi network," said the spokesman.
"The other three screens which aren't smart TVs were unaffected. We are clear that it isn't possible for any member of staff to play or download anything on the computer that links to the screens in the chapel."
The screen in question has been disconnected while engineers carry out an investigation.
Mr Lewis, from Trowbridge, was the driver of a Daihatsu Sirion carrying his wife Amanda and their three-year-old daughter when it was involved in a crash with a Peugeot 307.
The Lewises' son was born three months premature when a decision was taken to carry out the emergency Caesarean section, amid concerns the baby was in distress.
Kyle Kennedy, 29, from Rumney, Cardiff, has appeared in court charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving, driving without insurance, failing to give a blood sample, driving while disqualified and aggravated vehicle taking without consent.

Tyga says he'll F**k Kim Kardashian, marry Khloe and kill Kourtney

The hip hop star revealed this during  his guest appearance on new talk show Kocktails with Khloe. In a raunchy game of f**k, marry and  kill, Tyga was asked to choose between sisters Khloe, Kim and Kourtney. Tyga who was seated next to Scott Disick was asked to specify which he would go for:
"I'll probably marry Khloe, probably f**k Kim and probably kill Kourtney. You know this is my dog right here. it goes both ways, you know? This is a really hard question" he said
He also admitted that he wants to marry his girlfriend Kylie, by saying: 'I would marry her.’

When it was Scott's turn to answer the same question he told Khloe without hesitating:
''If I really had to: Bang you, kill Kim and marry my girl for sure"

Photos: 107 African migrants heading to EU intercepted by Libyan Coast Guard

Libyan Coast Guard on Wednesday, January 27, intercepted a boat boats carrying 107 African migrants making their way to Europe. The migrants are from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, etc.
Libya, with a coastline of 1,770km, has always been a stepping stone for African migrants seeking a better life in Europe.

Photos: President Kenyatta holds Bilateral talk with President Buhari and the Nigerian delegation

President Buhari was received at the State House by Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife. They are currently holding bilateral talk with Kenyan government officials and Nigerian delegation. Both presidents are expected to meet the business community in Nairobi later today to tighten business ties between the countries. The business forum that will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel is organized by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce.

Photos: Actress Anne Hathaway shows off growing baby bump in mini dress

The 33 year old beautiful actress looked ravishing at the Los Angeles Fine Art show 2016 premiere party which she attended with her husband of three years, Adam Shulman. She revealed her growing baby bump in a black and white printed mini dress. Pregnancy definitely suits her! More photos after the cut...

Falana replies Okonjo-Iweala; says her record in office is appalling

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana has replied former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who on Monday Jan. 25, described him as an Intergrity Challenged Charlatan in a statement she released. In a statement released on Sunday January 24th, Falana had attempted to link Okonjo-Iweala to the $2.1 billion scandal, calling for her arrest and prosecution. 

Reacting to Okonjo-Iweala's statement, Falana yesterday in his own statement, accused her of being quick to deflect criticisms by accusing anyone seeking to hold her to account for her 'appalling records' in government, of having ulterior political motives. The statement in part reads

“When Prof Chukwuma Soludo alleged that about N30tr could not be accounted for under her watch he was described as “an embittered loser. When comrade Adams Oshiomole questioned the illegal withdrawal of $2bn from the Excess Crude Account, he was accused of having animus towards her because she had blocked Edo State from obtaining a loan. 
Therefore, instead of exchanging vulgar abuse with the former Minister I shall respond to the diversionary allegations which lacerated her response and the attempt to extricate herself from the mass looting of the commonwealth under her watch. 
The claim that I am unfamiliar with the mandate of the ICC shows that Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala has not been following the practice of the court and its active and robust approach to its mandates, in particular with regard to the investigation of crimes in Darfur, the warrant of arrest for Joseph Kony (Uganda), and the warrant of arrest for Ahmad Harun, (Sudan).
In many decided cases, the ICC has expanded its mandate to humanitarian issues, aimed at forestalling and impeding the perpetration of crimes which cause gross human rights abuse. There is absolutely nothing in the Rome Statute of the ICC to suggest that the court cannot address impunity for enormous financial crimes (and its crippling impact) which took place while Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala was the Finance Minister and the Coordinating Minister of the economy. 
Dr. Okonjo-Iweala also claimed that my petition against her to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) “were lacking in credibility”, without any substantiation of what this means or specific rebuttal of the allegations contained in that petition. She has however not denied the accuracy of the claims in my petition. Whereas the former Finance Minister had insisted that only $500 million was recovered from the Abacha loot my petition detailed the recovery of $4 billion. As she could not challenge my claim Dr. Okonjo-Iweala now says that the $500 million was the amount recovered while she was the Minister of Finance under President Obasanjo. In making that claim she did not take cognizance of her recent statement that while she gave out $322 million to Col. Dasuki the sum of $700 million had been set aside for development. From her own account, over $1 billion was recovered from the loot under the Jonathan regime when she was coordinating the economy. 
Dr. Okonjo-Iweala has continued to give the erroneous impression that she rendered selfless service to the nation. But while her colleagues who served as Ministers under President Olusegun Obasanjo were paid their salaries and allowances in the local currency she received hers in dollars despite a judgment of the Court of Appeal which had declared the payment illegal and unconstitutional in the case of Fawehinmi v The President (2007) 14 NWLR (Pt 1054) 275. In order to weep up sentiments Dr. Okonjo-Iweala referred to the unfortunate kidnap of her 84-year mother, two years ago. But it is public knowledge that the lumpen elements involved in the kidnap were arrested by the Lagos State Police Command. 
From the report of police investigation the kidnappers were palace guards who were inspired by sheer avarice. In fact, they were arrested by the Police following the disagreement over the sharing of the N12 million ransom paid to them for the criminal enterprise. In the Appropriation Act of 2011, the sum of N245 billion was budgeted for fuel subsidy. But at the end of the year, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala had authorized the illegal payment of about N2.5 trillion to a cabal of fuel importers. As usual, she washed off her hands like Pontius Pilate. In order to unearth the monumental fraud I petitioned the EFCC and gave oral testimony before the House of Representatives Committee which separately investigated it. 
In the same vein, I have just asked the Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation under the Freedom of Information Act to provide information on the failure of the NNPC to pay into the Federation Account the sum of $9.7 billion out of the $11.8 billion dividends paid by NLNG from 2004-2014. I have equally demanded information from the NEITI over its claim that the NNPC and some oil companies are indebted to the Federal Government to the tune of $19.1 billion. Dr. Okonjo-Iweala’s claim that I own the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) is far-fetched and laughable.
A simple google search would have shown her that while I am one of the legal advisers of the organization, there are other very distinguished lawyers and academics of international repute on SERAP’s board. Her claim that SERAP is ‘discredit’ is the exact opposite of reckless characterization because it is an organization that has won national and international recognitions—including nomination for the UN civil society award; the Ford Foundation Jubilee Transparency Award; and the Wole Soyinka Anti-Corruption Defender Award. It is my belief that the recovered loot should be channeled towards job creation and infrastructural development. Therefore, all hands should be on deck to ensure that the recovered loot is not criminally diverted by another set of looters"the statement read.

ThePhoto Booth Awards 2016 -Did You Make The Best PhotoGenic Moments?

2015 was the year of the photo booth, and it’s no surprise that the best weddings and biggest marketing events had a Photobooth as the life of the party. Last year was such a blast that we just had to compile the Best PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Experiences for the Photo Booth Awards 2016 Edition.

So if you are planning an event this year or attended one last year, you need to check this out as it will reveal a unique idea for your upcoming event or you may just see yourself featured in one of the best photo booth moments of 2015.

So the “Carry Her” Moment is a signature PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Pose at Weddings. Unlike traditional photo booths, PhotoGenic’s Open Concept Booths provide plenty room for this very cool couple pose. We captured many amazing “Carry Her” shots at spectacular 2015 weddings, but Abisola and Adjaji's contagious smiles easily stole this one.

Amazing Photo Booth Experience byPhotoGenic

Best Celebrity PhotoGenic Moment

It’s not rare to have celebrity sightings at a PhotoGenic event. So it’s no surprise we captured some amazing A-list celebrity Photo Booth moments. D’Banj with his magnetic smile, surrounded by adoring fans was our favorite Celebrity Moment.

Best “Large Group” PhotoBooth Moment

The more the merrier, that’s the magic behind the PhotoGenic Experience. The open booth concept lets you, your besties, your besties’ best friends and that random guy all enjoy one big, happy super fun moment. Mr & Mrs. ATL’s Wedding Party got it just right.

Flawless Weddings by @OliveLuxuryEvents

Best Kiss

Ahhh. Everyone’s favorite category. Naija couples know how to kiss oh. Sweet Love is always in the air at PhotoGenic events so we had plenty beautiful couples to chose from. However, Abisola and Adjaji's sensual moment was hard to resist.

Perfect Weddings byStephanie

Best PhotoGenic Fairie Moment

The question is What are 
PhotoGenic Fairies? PhotoGenic Fairies are super gorgeous, talented photographers that create and capture magical photos, branded to match the theme of your events.  Alex serenading Shola was just the quintessential Fairie moment and many guests instantly got a printed copy of this photo.

See the Magic of PhotoGenic Fairies

Best Branded Photo Booth

PhotoBooths amplify a brand’s onsite engagement and exponentially extend its social media reach. By partnering with brilliant activation agencies, PhotoGenic delivers customized photo booths uniquely tailored to the brand experience. HP’s Tech Tour Photobooth topped the charts with a significant brand presence while engaging every attendee at the event.

Brand Activation byBrandsToLife

Most Amazing Photo Bomb!

Photo Bombs are the best thing ever! Now tell me who has never photo bombed a picture before? The guests at Dami and Ladi’s wedding did it right! Even photo bombing the couple’s kiss.

Best Branded Experience

Immersing a potential customer in the brand experience is essential for any product activation event. From the branded booth to the customized photo folder, the experience has to be unique to the brand. The launch of LG’s G4 Smart Phone perfectly exemplifies the best way to get this done.

Most Creative Customized Props

PhotoGenic pioneered the art of customizing Photobooth props that capture the event’s theme. Collaborating with the super talented team at No Suprises Events, the amazing James Bond themed Photo Booth Props was a hit at #TUCP2015.

Best “Show Off” Pose

Who doesn't love free party souvenirs? The guests at your event not only get to experience the fun and the magic of a photo booth, but also receive personalized photo favors to remember the event. The beautiful bridesmaids at Dayo and Tola’s wedding showed off their photo souvenirs in an ultimate fun way!

Best “Album Love” Moment

It’s no fun waiting for weeks after an event before the official photographs are ready, right? Well, Photo Booths have changed the game as you get your Guest Book Photo Album before the end of the reception. It’s usually the best moment of the night seeing the awe on a bride’s face. Sola almost teared up with joy and we loved this moment.


Most Spectacular GreenScreen Experience

Ready for something truly mesmerizing? The GreenScreen Experience turns your imagination into reality - Be Anyone; Be Anywhere. The Unofficial Christmas Party took this to the next level with the James Bond GreenScreen Experience. It was ridiculous fun for all the guests and unbelievable for most.

Experience Something Special with PhotoGenic GreenScreen

Most Amazing Backdrop Experience

Working with Stephanie, one of the most talented event planners in Lagos, PhotoGenic fabricated the 1st interactive photo booth backdrop in Lagos. It was a major hit and the guests couldn’t get enough of it at #BecomingTheOs Wedding.

See More Amazing Backdrops

Cutest Baby Moment

Photo Booths at kid’s birthday parties are becoming a must-have and the category for best baby photo booth moment was unanimous. It easily went to Emeke on his 1st Birthday. The transition from a sleepy cutie to the most precious smile melts your heart. 

Best Prom Moment

Prom Parties are incomplete without a photo booth experience. There is something truly special about graduation parties, it’s the last time in school with some of your best friends. Choosing the best prom shot wasn’t easy, but these three BFFs from Grange School created a memorable moment.

Enjoy More Prom Moments Here:Graduation, Prom and a Photo Booth

Amazing Event Planning and Decor byThe Events Warehouse

Best Use of Props

Props! Everyone loves Props! It’s the fun engine of the PhotoBooth Experience. Some guests go crazy and use too many props and some go prop-less (boo. No fun). But the bridesmaids at My Big Nigerian Wedding picked their props perfectly and rocked it just the right way.

Did You Know? PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Was Featured in Season I and II of My Big Nigerian Wedding

Most Social Media Engagement

Some loved it; some hated it. But everyone had something to say. Two girls on Prom night decided they wanted to “break the internet” using the photo booth social media sharing stations and they did just that. This photo booth moment by far got the most social media engagement across FaceBook and Instagram.

Best Photo Booth Slogan

One aspect that’s really intimate about the PhotoGenic wedding experience is our collaboration with the couple to create a slogan that captures the essence of their marriage. Many classic slogans have been created, but the simplicity of Lope & Tobi’s“forever and a day” took this category.

Most Creative Photo Template Design

It’s your event and you want it to be uniquely yours. Our in-house graphic artists work closely with you or your event planner to design a photo template that captures the essence of your event. #LGCHRISTMASISHERE easily won this category with a super creative integration of LG G4’s Screen into the design. 

The Whackiest Pose

Many photo booth moments are whacky, crazy and fun. Something about PhotoGenic brings out the best in people. But there was this particular pair at Bunmi & Teni’s wedding that got everyone laughing all day. The whackiest pose goes to them.

Memorable Weddings byAyeesha of 3A Event Solutions

So it’s official! Photo Booths are now a must-have for weddings and product activation events in Nigeria. The Photo booth Experience is always fun and engaging,leaving guests raving for weeks after the event. 2016 is going to be a blast so make sure you Book a Photo Booth for your next event.

Frequently Asked Question: If you want to see the amazing runner ups for each category above, please email

For more information about the PhotoGenic Photo Booth:

Call: 08060903561 | 08154552666 | +17703664008 (U.S. Office)

About Ruby Aizaz
Ruby Aizaz is the Customer Service Senior Manager at Dido Studios. Her background in event planning and entertainment started over 5 years ago in Austin, Texas. She has an amazing knack for designing and creating magical moments for corporate parties and weddings

Donald Trump once appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine...

jRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on the cover of March 1990 cover of Playboy magazine next to a model wearing only his tuxedo jacket.

Khloe K threw Rob out of her house after finding Blac Chyna there

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Rob has been living with Blac Chyna for about five days ...but according to new reports, Rob didn't leave Khloe's house to live with Chyna ... Khloe threw him out of her house after finding out he was seeing Chyna and actually met Blac Chyna in her home

From TMZ
We're told it all went down last week, when Khloe returned home early from a trip promoting her new show. She walked into the kitchen and found Rob and Chyna standing there. There were liquor bottles and trash strewn about, and it appeared the 2 had been there for days. 
Our sources say Khloe became enraged and asked Chyna, "What the f*** are you doing in my house?" The 2 bolted into Rob's wing and locked the door ... Khloe followed suit and told them both to "get the hell out." Khloe made it clear to Rob, he was no longer welcome in her home.
We're told Khloe's view was that she was exercising tough love on Rob, because she felt he was falling off the wagon and Chyna was preying on him.   
Our sources say Rob's family was especially indignant when she learned Rob had purchased some expensive items for Chyna, and he doesn't have a lot of money to burn.
And we're told, there's a reason there's bad blood between Chyna and the Kardashian women. We're told when Tyga first hooked up with Kylie, Chyna followed Kylie around and harassed her. The sources say she also sent her threatening messages. 

"If pregnant belly makes you uncomfortable you need Jesus" Says Uche Jombo as she shares photo of her baby bump

The actress and film maker took to social media to post a throwback photo from her pregnancy shoot with WOW magazine. The mother of one looked amazing as she cradled her baby bump. She captioned the photo: "#‎TBT‬ April 2015 ‪#‎37weekspregnant‬ ‪#‎pregnancyshoot‬ ‪#‎PhotoCredit‬: WOWmagazine ....FYI if pregnant belly makes you uncomfortable you need Jesus"

Story of maltreatment of a young maid in Kaduna (photos)

A LIB reader sent in the story. Read below...
"I met this little girl who happens to be a maid for a certain family in my neighborhood here in Mahuta District, before Refinery junction, Kaduna South. This little poor girl is named Veronica Beatrice, 12yrs. She is from Bacca Local Govt in Jos.
She is in serious pain out of the maltreatment she receives from her madam. According to the girl, she said that her madam stopped her from going to school for 3days now just because she took some bread after her madam gave her a small piece that she ate and she was still hungry, so she decided to collect more.
When her madam returned back home and found out, she gave her the beating of her life and asked her to do frog jump, dig her own grave and made her carry mutter (used in pounding fufu) on that same hand that she used in digging her grave.
According to the girl the name of her madam is Omolara, and the husband's name is David Kelvin and the husband is from Jos too.
This is child abuse in the on the highest level and I pray the appropriate government organization to take up this case and come to the aid of this poor little girl.