Friday, 5 February 2016

Prostitute surgically separated from lover after he died during sex

A video has emerged that apparently shows a prostitute stuck to an elderly client who died on her.
Hidden under a blanket, the footage is purported to show the prostitute on top of the man while still attached at the genitals.
According to, the video was first posted on Miaopai – China’s version of YouTube – before it was put onto Liveleak.
The exact circumstances of what happened and how the pair came to be stuck together in such a way are unclear.
They were taken to hospital where it is believed they were separated before his body was taken to the morgue.
People have previously become stuck together during intercourse through something known as penis captivus.
This is where the vagina clamps down on the penis – a rare occurrence that normally rights itself once things have calmed down a bit.

Nigeria’s 2015 GDP, lowest in 15 years − Adeosun

The Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun on Friday said the growth recorded by the country in the 2015 fiscal period was the lowest in the last 15 years.
Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 2.84 per cent year on year in real terms in the third quarter of last year.
The growth of 2.84 per cent represents an increase of 0.49 percentage points when compared to the 2.35 per cent recorded in the second quarter of 2015.
Adeosun said in a statement issued by her Special Assistant, Media, Mr. Festus Akanbi that to stimulate growth and avoid recession, there is need for a spending stimulus by the government.
According to the minister, this was what informed the decision to send a budget of N6.07tn with a capital expenditure of N1.8tn to stimulate economic development. 
The minister said the planned N1.8tn capital investment in 2016 by the Federal Government was key to driving economic growth.
The assured that the economic outlook in the medium term was strong and that if the planned investments in capital were undertaken then based on the GDP growth projections, Nigeria would become a leading global economy. 
The statement reads in part, “She said that government would work to ensure that consumption from our huge population would drive internal growth across a number of key sectors.
“She assured that if the disciplined implementation of the plans could be attained then Nigeria would finally be able to diversify and the situation where the entire nation is focused on the oil price would end.
“She explained that that public investment would attract further investment from the private sector and that investments in power and transport would increase the competitive position of Nigerian businesses.”
On the planned borrowing, the minister explained that government was seeking the lowest cost of funds and was therefore consulting with the multilateral agencies, which offered concessional rates of interest as low as 1.5 per cent before looking at the commercial Eurobond Market. 
“She said that the financing strategy was to restructure much of the existing debts, which has short maturity and align it with the investment plans of the government in line with its Medium Term Expenditure Framework. 
“She assured that government was ensuring that projects to be undertaken would create direct and indirect revenues, which would be used to repay the obligations,” the statement added.

Africa backs Sheikh Salman for FIFA presidency

The Confederation of African Football said Friday it was backing Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa as its candidate for the presidency of FIFA.
“The executive committee decided that CAF will give full support to Sheikh Salman with his candidacy for FIFA presidency,” CAF first vice-president Suketu Patel told reporters.
CAF second vice-president Almamy Kabele Camara said the decision was taken “unanimously”.
CAF has 54 votes at the disposal, the most of any of the world’s regional governing bodies, and four of the five contenders came to Rwanda’s capital to find out who Africa wants as its standard-bearer.
CAF chiefs meet on the sidelines of the African Nations Championship tournament being played in Kigali.
Sheikh Salman, from Bahrain, is the president of the Asian Football Confederation.
He faces UEFA’s number two Gianni Infantino, South African businessman Tokyo Sexwale, Jerome Champagne, a former assistant secretary-general of FIFA, and Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan. The vote for football’s top job is on February 26.

Senate may revoke lands allocated to Jonathan, others

The Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory, on Friday, threatened to order the immediate revocation of plots of land allocated to former President Goodluck Jonathan and 29 others in the Maitama district of Abuja.
The Chairman, Senator Dino Melaye, who stated this during a budget defence by the FCT ministry led by its Minister, Muhammed Bello, said the affected plots of land were in a reserved area.
Melaye said the plots of land allocated to Jonathan and others in the Maitama District fall within an area designated for erection of tourist structure for foreign visitors.
He said that his committee had directed that work should stop on construction of buildings in the area.
He listed former Justice Minister and Attorney-General of the Federation, Muhammed Bello Adoke;‎  Former Bauchi State governor, Isa Yuguda; Acting National Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus; late National Security Adviser, Andrew Okoye Azazi, among others, as beneficiaries of plots of land in the area.
Melaye said that his committee, on the strength of Senate’s directive to all its standing committees last week, embarked on oversight functions of agencies of government under them.
He said members of his committee besieged the plots of land in Maitama district and saw workers erecting structures on them.

He said that apart from ordering the workers to stop work, they also summoned the FCT Minister to appear before the panel on the issue.

Zika virus: US calls for condom use, abstinence


US health authorities on Friday urged people to use condoms or refrain from sex if they live in or have traveled to areas where the Zika virus is circulating.
The new interim guidelines from the US Centers from Disease Control are aimed at pregnant women and their partners, and those of childbearing age who are concerned about Zika, a primarily mosquito-borne virus which has been linked to birth defects.
Earlier this week, US health officials confirmed the first case of sexually-transmitted Zika, involving a person who had traveled to Venezuela and infected a sexual partner in Texas upon return.
“Men with a pregnant sex partner who reside in or have traveled to an area of active Zika virus transmission and their pregnant sex partners should consistently and correctly use condoms during sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) or abstain from sexual activity for the duration of the pregnancy,” said the CDC.
“Consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of sexual transmission of many infections, including those caused by other viruses.”
The CDC urged couples in which a partner is not pregnant to “consider using condoms consistently and correctly during sex or abstaining from sexual activity.”
“The science is not clear on how long the risk should be avoided,” added the CDC statement.
“Research is now underway to answer this question as soon as possible. If you are trying to get pregnant, you may consider testing in discussion with your health care provider.”
Meanwhile in Brazil, the nation’s top research institute said that Zika has been detected in urine and saliva, but added that there was no proof the virus could be transmitted through those fluids.
Thousands of children in Brazil have been born with shrunken heads in the past year — a birth defect that some research suggests could result from Zika infection.

Fathia Balogun releases stunning new photos to celebrate birthday

As Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun turns a year older today, she released new photos to celebrate the special day. Make up by I-posh and photography by Squard Media Trick. See more photos after the cut...

Waje features on CNN African Voices

Singer and UN ambassador, Waje features on CNN’s African Voices today 5th February 2016, she talks about several issues including the African Women project, her new album and her mission to help homeless kids in Nigeria. The songbird talks about how she uses her music platform to impact lives and be a voice to several Nigerians.

She also speaks about her forth coming album and what her fans should expect from it. Waje through her Waje Safe house project partners with Child Life Line to support homeless kids in Nigeria.
It airs on CNN at the following times:
Saturday 3.30am and 1.30pm
Sunday 10.30am and 6.30pm
Monday 10.30am
Tuesday 4.30 am 

Woman crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed

A woman named Noela Rukundo, gave her ex-husband, Balenga Kalala, (both pictured above) the shock of his life by turning up to her own funeral, after he had contacted hitmen to have her killed while they were still married.

Rukundo had met her husband 11 years earlier, right after she arrived in Australia from Burundi. He was a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and they had the same social worker at the resettlement agency that helped them get on their feet.

Since Kalala already knew English, their social worker often recruited him to translate for Rukundo, who spoke Swahili. They fell in love, moved in together in the Melbourne suburb of Kings Park, and had three children (Rukundo also had five kids from a previous relationship).

She learned more about her husband’s past — he had fled a rebel army that had ransacked his village, killing his wife and young son. She also learned more about his character. Noela's ordeal began five days earlier, and 7,500 miles away in her native Burundi.

She had returned to Burundi, her birth country, from her home in Melbourne, Australia, to attend her stepmother's funeral. She lodged in a hotel. "I had lost the last person who I call 'mother. It was very painful. I was so stressed."she told BBC

By early evening, Noela had retreated to her hotel room. As she lay dozing in the stifling city heat of Bujumbura, her phone rang. It was a call from her husband in Australia

"He says he'd been trying to get me for the whole day," Noela says. "I said I was going to bed. He told me, 'To bed? Why are you sleeping so early? I say, 'I'm not feeling happy'. And he asks me, 'How's the weather? Is it very, very hot?' He told me to go outside for fresh air." Noela took his advice. "I didn't think anything. I just thought that he cared about me, that he was worried about me." But moments after stepping outside the hotel compound, Noela found herself in danger.

"I opened the gate and I saw a man coming towards me. Then he pointed the gun on me. He just told me, 'Don't scream. If you start screaming, I will shoot you. They're going to catch me, but you? You will already be dead. So, I did exactly what he told me."

The gunman motioned her towards a waiting car. "I was sitting between two men. One had a small gun, one had a long gun. And the men said to the driver, 'Pass us a scarf.' Then they cover my face. After that, I didn't say anything. They just said to the driver, Let's go. I was taken somewhere, 30 to 40 minutes, then I hear the car stop." Noela was pushed inside a building and tied to a chair.

"One of the kidnappers told his friend, 'Go call the boss.' I can hear doors open but I didn't know if their boss was in a room or if he came from outside. "They ask me, 'What did you do to this man? Why has this man asked us to kill you?' And then I told them, 'Which man? Because I don't have any problem with anybody.' They say, 'Your husband!' I say, 'My husband can't kill me, you are lying!' And then they slap me. "After that the boss says, 'You are very stupid, you are fool. Let me call who has paid us to kill you.'"

The gang's leader made the call. "We already have her," he triumphantly told his paymaster. The phone was put on loudspeaker for Noela to hear the reply. Her husband's voice said: "Kill her." Just hours earlier, the same voice had consoled her over the death of her stepmother and urged her to take fresh air outside the hotel. Now her husband Balenga Kalala had condemned her to death.

"I heard his voice. I heard him. I felt like my head was going to blow up. Then they described for him where they were going to chuck the body." At that, Noela says she passed out. As the gang's leader ended the call to Kalala, Noela was coming round. "I said to myself, I was already dead. Nothing I can do can save me. But he looks at me and then he says, 'We're not going to kill you. We don't kill women and children. He told me I'd been stupid because my husband paid them the deposit in November. And when I went to Africa it was January.

He asked me, 'How stupid can you be, from November, you can't see that something is wrong?'" He might have been a hit-man with principles, but the gang's leader still took the opportunity to extort more money from Kalala. He called him back and informed him that the fee for the murder had increased. He wanted a further 3,400 Australian dollars (£1,700) to finish the job.

Back at the hotel, Noela's brother was getting worried about her disappearance. He called Kalala in Australia to ask for $545 to pay the police to open an investigation. Kalala feigned concern and duly wired the money. After two days in captivity, Noela was freed. "'We give you 80 hours to leave this country. Your husband is serious. Maybe we can spare your life, but other people, they're not going to do the same thing. If God helps you, you'll get to Australia.'"they told her

Before leaving Noela by the side of a road, the gang handed her the evidence they hoped would incriminate Kalala - a memory card containing recorded phone conversations of him discussing the murder and receipts for the Western Union money transfers. "We just want you to go back, to tell other stupid women like you what happened," the gang told Noela as they parted.

"You must learn something: you people get a chance to go overseas for a better life. But the money you are earning, the money the government gives to you, you use it for killing each other!"

Noela immediately began planning her return to Australia. She called the pastor of her church in Melbourne, Dassano Harruno Nantogmah, and requested his help. "'It was in the middle of the night. I said 'It's me, I'm still alive, don't tell anybody.' He says, 'Noela, I don't believe it. Balenga can't kill someone!' And I said, 'Pastor, believe me!'" Three days later, on the evening of 22 February 2015, Noela was back in Melbourne.

By now, Kalala had informed the community that his wife had died in a tragic accident. It was the day he held a memorial service for her that she walked in on him "It was around 7.30pm," Noela says. "He was in front of the house. People had been inside mourning with him and he was escorting a group of them into a car." It was as they drove away that Noela sprang her surprise. "I stood just looking at him. He was scared, he didn't believe it.

Then he starts walking towards me, slowly, like he was walking on broken glass. "He kept talking to himself and when he reached me, he touched me on the shoulder. He jumped. "He did it again. He jumped. Then he said, 'Noela, is it you?'… Then he start screaming, 'I'm sorry for everything.'" Noela called the police who ordered Kalala off the premises and later obtained a court order against him.

Days later, the police instructed Noela to call Kalala. Kalala made a full confession to his wife, captured on tape, begging for her forgiveness and revealing why he had ordered the murder. "He say he wanted to kill me because he was jealous," says Noela. "He think that I wanted to leave him for another man." In a police interview, Kalala denied any involvement in the plot. "The pretence," wrote the judge at his trial in December, "lasted for hours." But when confronted with the recording of his telephone conversation with Noela and the evidence she brought back from Burundi he started to cry.

Kalala was still unable to offer any explanation for his actions, suggesting only that "sometimes [the] devil can come into someone to do something but after they do it, they start thinking, 'Why I did that thing?'"

On 11 December last year, in court in Melbourne, after pleading guilty to incitement to murder, Kalala was sentenced to nine years in prison. "His voice always comes in the night - 'Kill her, kill her,'" says Noela of the nightmares that now plague her. "Every night, I see what was happening in those two days with the kidnappers." Ostracised by many in Melbourne's African community, some of whom blame her for Kalala's conviction, Noela sees a difficult future for her and her eight childre

A Nigerian migrant in Germany says he is being stopped by Police 'on every corner'

Germans are worried about the number of asylum seekers who have been allowed into the country following incidents of sexual assaults and muggings in Cologne New Year's Eve and at the city's ongoing annual festival which were mostly blamed on migrants who "looked like they were from north Africa" .
22-year-old Nigerian Fidelis is among more than a million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015. According to BBC, he fled fighting in Libya and travelled to Italy before making his way to Germany nine months ago.

Fidelis told the BBC Newsbeat that he was stopped "on every corner" on the opening night of Cologne's annual carnival.
"I am very worried. Police have been checking my papers. They've asked me Where are you from? Are you from Africa? Can I see you papers? I'm very embarrassed"

There were protests all over Cologne in January and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it easier to make asylum seekers who commit crimes leave the country. Thirty-five suspects are being investigated over the attacks with two men - a Tunisian and a Moroccan - charged.

Fideleis who worked at a bar in Libya, says he loves living in Germany but when he heard what happened on New Year's Eve - he knew people would treat him differently.
"I was praying to my god. I watched it on the TV station. It was like something I couldn't expect was happening by some people who I don't know. I don't know who these people are."

He thinks people should be more open minded.

"Africans are all different. You see white [people] in Africa you see black [people]. People need to see this"

Source: BBC Newsbeat

Ice Prince defends his girl...says she's not guilty of cheating! Blasts the Akin guy



The married man reportedly sleeping with Ice Prince girl Maima is still posting pics of Ice Prince's girl on his instagram page to prove they were together abroad while she was dating Ice Prince. (If you don't know what this is about, read the initial story here).The rapper is venting on Twitter. More tweets:


See the potato photo that was sold for $1million


According to the Independent, a European businessman purchased this photo of a potato for 1 million euros ($1,086,950). Of course, it's probably not the potato itself that made the photograph so pricey. It was taken by acclaimed photographer Kevin Abosch in 2010 and is one of three versions of the print in existence.


Abosch says it's the most expensive photo he's ever sold, and most of his work typically goes for around $280,000. So if any photo of a potato is ever going to be worth $1 million, it seems this would be the one.
Still, that's an absurd price to pay for a photo of a potato.        

Please help! Oritsefemi wants to kill me and my son - Danku's mother cries out


Things are still really rough between Oritsefemi and his ex-manager, Danku. In a recent interview with TheNet, Danku’s mother had her own version of the story aired as she called Oritsefemi and ingrate. Danku’s mom spoke in her dialect as she said; “I want to appeal to all Nigerians to save us from Oritsefemi because he wants to kill us”. She continued saying, “My brother, God will bless you, I really don’t have much to say, but I remember when my son brought him to me and told me about him, the first day I saw him, my mind told me to tell my son to be careful. Oritsefemi is ungrateful, because my son was the one that helped him get the Avatar deal.

I remember clearly back then, Danku wanted to take my last son, Oluwaseun to meet the Avatar man in Abuja but I kicked against it because he was in final year in school, I didn’t want him to be distracted so I told him to take Oritsefemi and I was the one that gave them N10,000 to buy the clothes Oritsefemi wore to meet the man in Abuja, I never knew I shouldn’t have helped him”. Music Taliban had earlier claimed that he helped boost Danku’s mothers business with the sum of N1m. When asked, this is what she had to say; “I have been doing my sand business since 2008, I only met Oritsefemi in 2014 so how can he say that. When they showed me his interview on paper last week, I was almost crying because this Oritsefemi boy is ungrateful when he wanted to rent a house for his mother around Magbon in Badagry he came to meet me to help him saying it was packaging, that her current residence in Kiri-kiri is not befitting, I gave them over #300,000 cash”. ‘There was another time Danku brought him to me when they wanted to shoot the video for ‘Sexy Ladies’ with Davido, I gave him N1.2m cash till date he’s not returned the money. I am a landlady with two houses in Lagos so he can’t even compare me with his mum”. Speaking on her mothers burial she said; “All these things he’s saying is a lie, I can say it in front of him and he can’t deny it. My mother died on April 12 and we buried her on May 30, but I almost cancelled the burial because my son had just left Oritsefemi’s house on May 16 and he fell terribly ill. Thank God for his life today, since then Oritsefemi has been threatening us, that’s why am shouting out now so Nigerians will know the type of person he is”. I even gave him a nickname ‘Oritsefemi Mr Packaging’ because anytime they come to meet me to collect money they’ll say it’s for packaging, I just want him to leave me and my son alone"        

2Face Idibia & Blackface: A brief history of the former Plantashun Boiz


2Face Idibia and Blackface have been friends, worked together in a music group and split up to focus on their solo careers - but Blackface has recently vented on Twitter about not being given his dues and 2Face not being his friend.
Here’s the story so far.

1996: 2Face and Blackface meet
2Face and Blackface met at Institute of Management Technology in Enugu.

1998: When were their singing abilities noticed?
The two artists gained recognition when they featured on Tony Tetuila's song 'Omode meta'.

2000: Plantashun Boiz is formed!
2Face Idibia, Faze and Blackface came together to form a new boy group Plantashun Boiz.

That same year, the group released “Body and Soul (The Beginning)” album, produced by Nelson Brown.

The album featured songs like ‘Don’t you know’ and ‘If life’.

2003: The group debut their sophomore album

The three singers released their second album titled “Sold Out”. The project released under Dove Records featured songs like ‘One ‘n’ only’, ‘Let u go’ and ‘Situation’.

2004: Plantashun Boiz split up
The group broke up and all the singers went on to work on their solo careers.

That same year, 2Face released his first solo album in May 2014 under Kenny’s Music. His song African Queen that was co-written by his Blackface became a hit.

2004/2005: Blackface claims rights to African Queen

A rift began over who owned the rights to the hit song‘African Queen’.

2007: The group reunites

After almost three years of working on their solo career, 2Face Idibia, Blackface as well as Faze come together to record a third album “Plan B”.

August 2013: 2Face ties the knot

Blackface was absent from 2Face and Annie’s wedding. He shared on Twitter that he wasn't invited. Meanwhile during an interview on talk show "Rubbing Minds", 2Face said the singer was invited.

January 2016: Blackface accuses 2Face of theft
On January 25 2016, Blackface took to Twitter to sate that 2face’s 2014 song ‘Let somebody love you’ featuring Bridget Kelly is his. He also threatened to sue him.

In an interview wit Channels TV 2Baba responded to the situation saying: “It is just so unfortunate. I do not know where it is coming from (but) I am trying to think of different reasons.”

February 2016: Who actually wrote ‘Let somebody love you’?
In a statement released to Pulse Nigeria, 2Face’s manager Efe Omoregbe revealed that the song that Blackface has writing credit to the song.

“Blackface contributed to the writing of the first verse of the song. The second verse was entirely 2Baba. Bridget Kelly wrote her verse and Efe Omorogbe wrote the outro verse.”

It's yet to be confirmed if Blackface will actually go down the legal route.

Peter Okoye caught cheating on his wife? See photos


Peter Okoye has been called out by one of his followers over allegations of cheating on his wife with UK girlfriend. The follower also tagged the girl he allegedly cheated with. A trip to the girl’s page showed that she actually talked about her trip to UK and France, a week before. And last week, while Peter and Eto were in UK on a business trip, she was also there. She also shared a picture of herself with Eto. She returned to USA about the same time Peter and Eto jetted out to Turkey. The comments were made on Peter’s latest IG post but he has since deleted them:


Cute family

Lagos inaugurates mobile courts for traffic offenders

                                   Map of lagos nigeria
The Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Olufunmilayo Atilade, on Friday inaugurated mobile courts in the state which will move around the metropolis to summarily try traffic offenders and mete immediate punishments to them where applicable.
With the mobile courts, which would move around in buses, Atilade said the end had come to “the era of recklessness and impunity on our public roads and highways.”
The Chief Judge regretted that until now unruly road users, who daily cut the lives of innocent citizens short and caused traffic snarl leading to wastage of productive hours on the roads, had gone unpunished.
She, however, said the situation, which she described as unacceptable, would no longer go unpunished as the mobile courts signified the state’s determination “to fully enforce the extant traffic laws in the state and take stiffer measures against road traffic offenders.”
Atilade said, “Those who chose to make life difficult for other people, especially on our roads, should have a re-think, as they would henceforth be held accountable for their deeds.
“Flagrant disregard or violation of traffic rules with impunity is unacceptable and as such, must be discouraged and condemned by all.”
The Chief Judge said the initiative was targeted at curbing the excesses of “those to whom the laws of the land are of no value.”
She said, “You see them break traffic rules at will, and cause needless traffic snag on our roads. They also, most often, drove against traffic and beat the traffic lights, destroy traffic furniture and infrastructures, drive across the road median and through their lawlessness and irresponsible actions, daily inflict pains, grieve and sorrow on fellow citizens.
“Businesses are impeded, as several productive hours are unnecessarily lost in traffic, mostly due to acts of indiscipline by few recalcitrant and obstinate drivers and road users, who are laws unto themselves. As, we speak, many have been sent to early graves, while several others are either maimed or lying critically ill in the hospital.”
She stated that the courts would be presided over by magistrates who are vast in all aspects of the law, and warned law enforcement agents not to allow themselves to be caught abetting or condoning reckless drivers.
In his speech, the state’s Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, said the initiative was not only to punish traffic offenders but to also give the citizens better access to justice.
“It is hoped that these mobile courts, which is an institutional reaction to identified social challenges, will facilitate prompt and immediate trial of traffic and environmental offenders,” Kazeem said.

AMCON takes over Aero, to audit airline’s accounts

The Asset Management Company of Nigeria has taken over the management and operations Aero Contractors airline and has appointed a manager for the carrier.
It also announced that it had hired a reputable firm to undertake a forensic audit of the airline’s accounts for the last five years.
Aero is Nigeria’s oldest aviation company. It commenced business in 1959, initially providing services to oil and gas sector, before venturing into fix wing operations in the year 2000.
Currently, AMCON owns 60 per cent of the company with the remaining 40 per cent held by the Ibru family.
AMCON, in a statement signed by its management and issued by the media consultancy firm of Aero Contractors on Friday, said, “In furtherance of the statutory responsibility of acquiring eligible bank assets and putting them to economic use in a profitable manner, the Asset Management Company of Nigeria has dissolved the Board of Aero Contractors and appointed a manager over the affairs of the airline.
“AMCON is both the majority shareholder and creditor of Aero.”
According to the asset management company, an industry based management team will be put in place to provide the highest level of professional competence which would ensure a quick repositioning of the Aero Contractors.
It added, “The management of AMCON decided to make changes in the management of the airline to protect the brand heritage of the airline, a very well cherished value. AMCON also maintains that its intervention is in the public interest to sustain and improve the robust and premium quality service which Aero is known for in the country.
“AMCON would like to assure the regulatory authorities, the traveling public and key stakeholders that the airline will continue to operate on the solid foundation of safety and security with excellent customer service.
AMCON has also engaged a reputable accounting firm to undertake a forensic audit of the airline’s accounts over the last five years.”
AMCON was established on the July 19, 2010 to be a key stabilising and re-vitalising tool established to revive the financial system by efficiently resolving the non-performing loan assets of the banks in the Nigerian economy.

UN asks Zika-hit nations to allow women have abortion

The United Nations on Friday urged countries hit by the dangerous Zika virus to let women have access to contraception and abortion.
The UN human rights office said the South American countries now urging women to hold off getting pregnant over Zika fears had to offer them the possibility of controlling their fertility.
How can they ask these women not to become pregnant, but not offer… the possibility to stop their pregnancies?” spokeswoman Cecile Pouilly told reporters.

Many of these countries are conservative Catholic and have very restrictive abortion and contraceptive laws.
An exploding number of cases of Zika virus – believed to cause a condition called microcephaly in which babies are born with abnormally small heads – have prompted several countries and territories in Latin America to warn women to avoid getting pregnant.
But UN human rights chief UN rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said this warning meant little in countries that ban or heavily restrict access to reproductive health services like contraception and abortion.
“The advice of some governments to women to delay getting pregnant ignores the reality that many women and girls simply cannot exercise control over whether or when or under what circumstances they become pregnant, especially in an environment where sexual violence is so common,” Zeid said in a statement.
“In situations where sexual violence is rampant, and sexual and reproductive health services are criminalised or simply unavailable, efforts to halt this crisis will not be enhanced by placing the focus on advising women and girls not to become pregnant,” he said.
Instead, he insisted that governments must “ensure women, men and adolescents have access to comprehensive and affordable quality sexual and reproductive health services and information, without discrimination.”
This, his office pointed out, includes contraception – including emergency contraception – maternal healthcare and safe abortion services.
“Laws and policies that restrict (women’s) access to these services must be urgently reviewed in line with human rights obligations in order to ensure the right to health for all in practice,” Zeid said.

Nitro - The new rock city

Raving night spot Nitro Night Club has redefined night life in Lagos, the night club first opened it's doors late last year and it has delivered top class services that have attracted socialites and the biggest partiers in Lagos and beyond. Friday nights are usually sold out as table reservations are usually overbooked days before.

Located in Victoria Island, Nitro has been able to attract the biggest spenders across Lagos, as they feel it captures the ideal night life they are usually accustomed to when they travel overseas, from bottle services to exclusive rooms catered strictly for the VVIPs, the highest quality music policy to alternate and ragga club nights (Dutty Wednesdays). There's basically something for everybody, and it's ideally one of the first places to visit for someone who just arrived in Lagos and is trying to learn the culture. Grammy nominated rapper Wale of Maybach Music was spotted having a rave last weekend.
Stars, celebrities and socialites are photographed in their flocks at they parade their lavish living at Nitro, really where else would they rather be? More photos...