Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wins fifth term

5th Term/over 30 years in Office? They should just crown him King. Lol  Uganda's election commission has declared incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, who has been in office since his rebel group seized power in 1986, the winner of the country's 2016 elections. He won with 60.7% of the votes while his closest competitor, opposition leader Kizza Besigye, had 35.3%, the commission said. The country had a voter turnout of 63%.

More interestingly, opposition leader Besigye was arrested and two people died at his opposition campaign office. Dictatorial moves? He was put under "preventative arrest" at his home in Kampala on Friday, along with six officials from his party. Authorities detained the officials because they allegedly planned to announce unauthorized results tallied by the opposition. 
This is not also not Besigye's first attempt to unseat his former boss. He lost presidential bids in 2001, 2006 and 2011.

Actress Monalisa Chinda is tying the knot today...

Fashion stylist Ezinne Chinkata shared photos of the bride getting all dolled up for her big day. Pictures to come!

Witnesses won’t wear mask in Kanu’s trial, says court

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday rejected part of the application by the Federal Government seeking the approval to enable its prosecution witnesses to wear mask while testifying in the trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and founder of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.
Justice James Tsoho ruled that the provisions of Section 232 (4)(e) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 only allowed such witness protection in a trial involving terrorism charges.
He added that to allow the kind of witness protection in cases involving offences other than terrorism, it must be provided for by an Act of the National Assembly.
The judge ruled that the prosecution failed to furnish the court with any Act of the National Assembly stipulating that prosecution witnesses could be masked in the trial of Kanu and his co-defendants for such offences as the ones preferred against them.
But the judge granted other prayers in the application, including the one seeking the exclusion of names of the prosecution witnesses from records of proceedings.
In granting other part of the prayers, Justice Tsoho also restated its earlier order permitting only parties to the suit, their lawyers, accredited journalists and some of the relatives of the accused persons to attend the trial.
Kanu and his two co-accused – David Nwawusi and Benjamin Madubugwu – are being prosecuted on six counts of treasonable felony, unlawful possession of firearms and other offences bordering on their agitation for the secession of the Republic of Biafra from Nigeria.
The prosecution, through a motion on notice filed on February 9, 2016, had sought a number of protection measures for its witnesses, which it said had been inundated with threat messages warning them not to testify in the case.
The judge, after hearing the arguments for and against the application on Friday, took a break for about three hours and returned to deliver his ruling at some minutes past 2pm.
Justice Tsoho said though he appreciated the fear said to have been expressed by the prosecution witnesses, he ruled that details of the threat given by the prosecution were not sufficient.
“I hold the respective view that while the fear is appreciated, it is not all prayers that can be granted,” he said.
The judge upheld the submission of the defence lawyer, Mr. Chuks Muoma (SAN), who opposed the application on and among other grounds that allowing the witnesses to wear masks would deprive him (the judge) of watching the demeanour of the witnesses while testifying.
He said, “There is no gain saying the fact that demeanour is crucial in criminal trial in evaluation of evidence,” he ruled while adding that “the look of the witness forms a key part of his demeanour.”
The judge also rejected the prosecution’s argument that majority of its witnesses were residing in the place of dominance of the accused persons.
The judge said his findings from the list of witnesses filed by the prosecution, indicated that only one was said to be residing in Enugu, two were said to be residing in Enugu/Port Harcourt, while the rest were said to be living in either Lagos or Abuja.
He, however, noted that the Federal Government had the capacity to protect its witnesses even without the court granting all the prayers sought in the application.
After the ruling on Friday, Muoma reported to the court that record of some of the properties seized from one of the accused persons (Nwawusi) when he was arrested could not be found and urged the court to make appropriate directive about it.
The properties include, a jeep, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV 4, a Mercedez Benz and their spare keys.
But prosecuting counsel, Mr. David Kaswe, promised to investigate the issue and report back to the court.
The case was adjourned till March 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 for trial.

Activa the Mind


See the kind of man they say Nigerian women find attractive

A New York photographer sent an image of himself to male and female graphic designers all over the world and asked them to Photoshop it into what they find attractive in their country. Who says Nigerian women find a portly frame attractive? Or they do? :-)  More photos after the cut...


Who agrees with this Ali Baba quote...

Do you agree?

Kanye West breaks up fight between photographers at LA airport (photos)

The 38 year old rapper played peacemaker when he broke up a fight between two photographers at the Los Angeles airport on Friday.

Kanye was mobbed by fans when he touched down at the busy terminal. He was all smiles until he noticed two photographers pushing each other. Both men got into a heated altercation and attempted to snatch one another's camera equipment.

As soon as he noticed, he quickly stepped in to break up the scuffle and did so by restraining one of the photographers. The photographer graciously thanked Kanye with a huge hug.
More photos...

I'm not a founder or sponsor of Boko Haram sect - Ali Modu Sheriff

Tony Nwajei's photo.
Former Borno governor Ali Modu- Sheriff who recently was appointed Chairman of PDP says he's not a sponsor or founder of Boko Haram. His emergence as the new PDP chairman this week was heavily criticized with Femi Fani-Kayode calling him the indisputable founder of Boko Haram.

Exonerating himself, Ali Modu- Sheriff - "Boko Haram wanted to kill me at a time because they believed that I was the one that reported them to President Umaru Yar’Adua to destroy their enclave.

"It was after I left government that they moved to their different camps and bushes. Why should they kill my brother? Why should they kill my family if I am a sponsor of Boko Haram? Is there anywhere in the world that you sponsor people to kill you?”
"Let me give you a typical example. Just a week ago, all the social media planted my picture showing me with the card of APC joining the party. At that time, nobody wrote that I was Boko Haram. They said Sheriff was going back to APC; they were showing a card when we registered with APC before I left the party. We went to our villages to do it; that village they are showing on the social media was a village that was taken over by Boko Haram for the past three years. So, how could I have gone there to register?
"Few days after I became the Chairman of the PDP, Ali Sheriff is now Boko Haram; so if you are in APC you are not a Boko Haram. Throughout my period in APC, nobody said I was Boko Haram. Immediately I left the APC, I was termed Boko Haram," he said.
"Nobody in my family or relation is Boko Haram or close to any Boko Haram member. These people that wanted to kill me, up till today, if they have the chance, they will kill me because they think I reported them to Yar’Adua who leveled their places of worship and along the line, their leader was killed.
"And that was my crime and why they wanted to kill me. But people that are afraid of me changed the story and they keep on doing it. Every day, they write different things but you and I know that nobody is above the laws of Nigeria. I believe that President Buhari, even if it is his son or blood brother that is a Boko Haram, he will arrest and prosecute him. So the allegation is the figment of the imagination of the writers," he said.
Source: Thisday

Brides share pictures of hideous wedding gowns they ordered online

The nightmare is a very familiar one. You see something that looks good online, you order it, it arrives and to your horror, it looks like the ugly twin sister of what you ordered. The problem is compounded when it has to do with a bride's big day! Women have taken to the internet to share their stories. More photos after the cut...

These brides have learnt the hard way that good things don't come cheap. They spot a designer wedding gown online, the price is too steep so they plump for a cheap look-alike but looks can be deceptive, when the gown arrives, they realise it is far from the real thing.

 Now, aggrieved brides-to-be are sharing their horror stories on Knock Off Nightmares, a website devoted to 'showing consumers the reality of ordering their formal wear online'.

More photos...

Olajumoke takes her first catwalk lesson - walks her first fashion show (photos)

It doesn't matter what anybody says or thinks...once God has shined His light upon you, there's no stopping you! Shine on, Olajumoke! See more photos after the cut...