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Photos: Actress Chacha Eke Faani steps out in ripped jeans

The actress shared these lovely photos of herself in this pair od distress jeans on her Instagram page. Another photo after the cut...

Freeze shows off his Hublot Caviar Diamond watch, explains why he only hangs out with rich people

OAP Freeze took to his social media page to talk about his life, where he came from and how people should surround themselves with positive things in order to succeed in life. He wrote:

I Only do wealthy activities  
The number one wealth killer is when a person of promise hangs out in places of poverty. Many times, people put themselves in poor places, which surrounds them with poor people. Get away from poor places if you want to avoid poor people. Dwelling along with poor people in poor places will never make you rich
When I was a teenager, I used to play basketball with negative people in negative places. I constantly witnessed smoking, cursing, and other disrespectful behaviors every moment of the game. Even though I didn't partake in their antics, I was still a product of my environment, which deeply affected my general performance in life.
Many people tolerate negative conditions like this. They don't realize how much the subtle influence of gossip, violence, and drama impacts them. Moreover, if you're not on prosperity, you're in poverty. Find out how you can partake in wealthy activities. For me, instead of playing basketball, I started visiting luxury homes, jewelry stores and car dealerships. It changed my life.

Ne-Yo weds pregnant fiancee Crystal Renay at California seaside resort

36-year-old R&B singer Ne-Yo said 'I do' to his heavily pregnant fiancee, Crystal Renay on Saturday at the luxury Terranea Resort by the sea in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, according to reports by People mag.

NE-YO wore a stylish grey suit with black tie while the expectant bride, who is nine months pregnant, wore a white embellished gown.

The ceremony was witnessed by family members and their closest friends with NE-YO telling the publication: 'We can't wait to start our life together. We're looking forward to just being each others' best friend.'

Olajumoke Orisaguna: The Nigerian Cinderella By Reuben Abati

About three weeks ago, 27-year old Olajumoke Orisaguna was a complete unknown on the streets of Lagos, hawking bread.  A loaf of bread is about N100, and even with a full tray such as she carried in her first public embrace of fame, her whole ware for a day may not be more than N3,000, with daily profit between N300-N700.

She had trained as a hair stylist, got married but had to leave her husband and a daughter back home in Ire, Osun state, to “hustle” as it were in Lagos. The life of a bread seller in Lagos is easily imaginable: exposure to the elements, to sundry abuse, including the possibility of being raped by unruly artisans and bachelors, who will offer to buy bread and something else along with it, if the hawker is willing. This was Olajumoke Orisaguna’s reality until she ran into TY Bello and Tinie Tempah and her life changed. Today, she has been enrolled as a model. Her story has appeared in all newspapers, on CNN, Huffington Post, and virtually everywhere online.
Two companies: StanbicIBTC and PayPorte have made her their brand ambassador. The former even awarded her two daughters scholarships up to university level. Her face has appeared on the cover of magazines. She is now a student at Poise Finishing School, an intern with two beauty salons, and a motivational speaker, even if she reportedly can’t speak English. When she went to the office of the National Identity Management Commission to get an identity card, NIMC also cashed in on her new found fame to use her to promote the agency: “Olajumoke knows she needs to NIMC. She walked into a NIMC centre yesterday unsolicited. Olajumoke is smart. Be like her.”  This must be the most saccharine endorsement of Olajumoke so far.
To crown it all, a construction company has given her a luxury apartment in Lagos. From hawking bread in Agege, she is now within weeks, the darling of corporate Nigeria, the poster girl for corporate social responsibility, a landlady, and a role model. She had probably never seen the inside of an aircraft, but a few days ago, she was on a flight to Abuja to give a speech!
Mrs Orisaguna is Nigeria’s Cinderella. Hers is a sudden, unplanned, unexpected, unprepared for grass to grace, rags to riches story, a kind of I–just-dey-waka-my-own-jeje-luck-come-jam-me-tale. It doesn’t happen everyday.  It is the kind of accident that many Nigerians seek: accidental fame and fortune. It is perhaps the magical, miraculous, I-don’t believe-it-but-it-is-true quality of this story that has captured the public imagination.
Olajumoke was hawking her bread innocently in Sabo, when she stumbled upon a photo session by that gifted mother of twins, artist and photographer, TY Bello, working on a series of shots for the international hip hop star, Tinie Tempah. We have been told that Olajumoke Orisaguna “photobombed” herself into the activity. I guess she just happened to walk by trying to sell bread, and TY Bello who is a spirit in action when she is at work, had a brain wave and took her picture.  Enormously creative, T Y Bello thinks on her feet. When she has that her big camera in her hands, she is an agile, inventive artist.
Her camera is a weapon for interpreting space and reality, and for discovering new meanings. It must have occurred to her that asking the international musician to pose with a bread seller would give the picture a much deeper meaning, inherent in the open contrasts and auto-suggestions.  It is that split second decision that has turned Jumoke Orisaguna into a superstar. The shot was brilliant, the result was impressive with people asking: “Who is that girl? She will make a good model.” TY Bello took on the challenge, and became Olajumoke Orisaguna’s promoter, mentor, adviser, godmother, and supporter, taking her to new heights within three weeks. Nobody is talking about Tempah, the main subject of the photo shoot; the focus is on the wanderer who walked onto the set, the bread seller who has taken the bread of the show, the waka-pass who became the star. I understand Tempah is quite happy; don’t be surprised then if he composes a special song soon, titled “The Bread Seller!” or “Photobombed” or simply “Olajumoke.”
The Olajumoke Orisaguna story is a perfect demonstration of the witchcraft quality of  photography and that single shot that has changed a life may well be one of TY Bello’s most remarkable efforts in her chosen genre.  But I find around Olajumoke’s sudden transformation from person to brand, too much capitalist hypocrisy and opportunism. The brand is selling like hot cake, but the person needs protection. I feel for her. I fear for her. There is a sense in which she is a potential victim.  The brand experts now taking her from place to place probably would not have even patronized her. They don’t eat the kind of bread that she sold.
Many of them don’t even know what part of Lagos is called Sabo. They don’t buy their bread from hawkers; they would rather go to supermarkets or confectionery stores. Before luck smiled on this young lady, many of those now posing for photos with her would never have noticed her presence. There are definitely many of her type, still hawking bread, or some other items, some even sitting in front of the bank, with a baby strapped to the back, but they may never be noticed or helped. The same companies that are using Olajumoke to talk about corporate social responsibility, are actually joking, they know that this is not CSR; it is brand exploitation!  
And it may not last. There is nothing in Olajumoke’s background or exposure that has prepared her for the life of glitz being imposed on her.  The skills she has acquired as a bread seller and hair stylist may not carry her far in the cruel world of modeling.  When this blitz is over, she will need to compete for jobs and attention, if she must remain a model. She will have to learn sooner or later, to survive on her own.  She will have to maintain the luxury apartment that she has been given. She has been taught fancy dressing, including the magic of make up and those magical colours that change a dull face into a phallus-teasing one do not come cheap.
She is at best an art work that other people have created: she has been made up into a siren, her hitherto dull skin now glows, in one photo, her hair had a queenly allure, they have given her new clothes, jazzing her up, to look feminine and sensual, and they have taught her how to smile in a tempting manner. Wow. That smile! The sorry part of it all is that her narrative is quite innocent and hauntingly brief, as is the case with all overnight sensations. The capitalist hypocrites will soon find something else to excite them, just as the media will find a new story. It probably would have been much better to help Olajumoke Orisaguna set up a small-scale business, to take her off the street-life of hawking, rather than this world of sharks into which she has been thrown. Perhaps the best that has been done for her is sending her on internship at beauty salons. She could at least set up a beauty salon of her own and live happily thereafter.
In a normal society, no young woman should be on the streets hawking bread in order to survive. In a normal society, Olajumoke Orisaguna would have been given the opportunity to go to school, and have a proper career. She is being given, all within three weeks, the kind of empowerment that society has denied her and many like her, but how about all the other Olajumokes who may never “photobomb” their way to luck? Her new life is a reminder of what she could have been but which she could not become because of the kind of society in which she has found herself. She should never have had to hawk bread to support her husband and children.
Her husband! Yes, Mr. Sunday Orisaguna. I have seen him in the photographs, either carrying their baby, or just putting up appearance. He looks lost, confused, overwhelmed, harassed and uncertain.  He must be wondering what has happened or is happening to the woman he married. There is a clear difference between Olajumoke, the wife and bread seller, and Olajumoke, the model and celebrity. While Olajumoke is beginning to wear designer clothes, her humble husband is still managing his one-day-me-too-go-jam-luck attires. His wife has been sent to finishing school. By the time she finishes, I hope her new persona will not finish her marriage.
Olajumoke is now learning to speak English, but her husband is a humble, sliding door installer who probably speaks only Yoruba. In our kind of society, given the social level and cultural background of the parties involved, it won’t be long before the demons will begin to crawl out of the woods, from in-laws who may begin to psycho-analyse Olajumoke, to family members who will scrutinize her every gesture, and friends with whom she hawked bread and has now left behind. 
Lack of clarity over role interpretation and the new persona could also confuse the young mother. She needs a different set of skills to manage new relationships, especially the new friends coming her way, including those lecherous uncles who may show up and seek to exploit her innocence. The people turning her into a sex symbol should also tarry a while, and remember that she is a married mother of two. She needs counseling. And her sliding door installer husband, who has featured in her fairytale so far as a hanger-on, no matter what happens, should not be made to slide away. Sunday Orisaguna should also be counseled, given new clothes, taught English and sent to finishing school. He should not be left behind.

Mum waterboards son, ties rope around his genitals as punishment for touching dog

A Texas mother and her boyfriend have been arrested after they were accused of waterboarding the woman’s 13-year-old son as a punishment.
The pair are also accused of tying a rope around the boy’s genitals, according to an affidavit filed by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Department.

The boy told investigators that his mum Christi Howell poured water over his head and nose, after her boyfriend Casey Shackleford, allegedly grabbed him by the hair, pinned him down and held a towel over his face.

According to an affidavit on the incident said: “The victim said that he was able to breathe slightly if he moved his head to the side and that kept him from feeling like he was drowning.”

The boy told authorities the torture he received came after he told Shackleford he had inappropriately touched the family dog.

The affidavit said: "The victim stated that he wanted to be honest and admit what he had done and that was why he told Casey.”

The victim then said Shackleford grabbed him and put him on the couch, and told him to explain what he had done before telling Howell to get a "pig rope" and tie it to his "private parts."

She apparently carried out the task and then "pulled on the rope as if she was trying to pull him around and off the couch.”

The rope was tied to the boys genitals for “five to ten minutes” according to the document.
Howell was arrested on February 9 and charged with injury to a child and her bond was set at $250,000.

The man turned himself in on Wednesday.

The child is now in foster care, according to a spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Source: Mirror Online

Lapdancer dumps husband for Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe

24-year-old lapdancer and mother of a 3 year old, Rachel Calvert’s dumped her devastated Husband, 26 year old Tony on Valentine’s Day – in a car park at Asda and moved in with football star, Jermain Defoe. And just to rub it in, Tony is a Newcastle United fan – while his substitute Defoe, 33, plays for Premier League arch rivals Sunderland.

Rachel Calvert, 24 who has a 3 year old daughter with Tony- a dockworker- walked out on her husband of two years to move in with the striker two weeks ago.

A friend said:
“They had broken up in the middle of January and Tony moved back to his mum’s while she stayed in their house. “He was keen to patch things up so they arranged to meet up on neutral territory in the Asda car park on Valentine’s Day to talk things through. He even bought her a rose.
“When they were in the car together she told him she was seeing someone. At first she didn’t seem to want to tell him who it was.
“She was talking about wanting a divorce and Tony just insisted she told him who it was.
“Then she told him it was Jermain Defoe, who plays for Sunderland, and Tony just blurted out, ‘Are you taking the piss’.
“He was absolutely gutted. Apparently she said she didn’t want to hurt him any more. But he’s a Newcastle fan so that made things even worse.
“He can’t believe this has been going on. He ended up taking the rose back from her and giving it to one of his friends instead.”
This week Rachel was spotted in her slippers with the wheeliebin at Defoe’s £2million mansion in upmarket Ponteland, Northumberland.

Her white BMW convertible has been parked on the drive outside the property while the £70,000-a-week forward has been away with his teammates at a warm weather training camp in Dubai.

Notorious ladies’ man Defoe has been linked to a string of women over the years, including models Imogen Thomas and Chantelle Houghton as well as former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd. His relationship with X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke ended in May 2012 after he was caught cheating with yet another model, Laura Brown.

UK Mirror

Nnamdi Kanu: Buhari should stop mocking democracy with ‘ojuju calabar’ (masquerade) trial – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described attempt by the Federal Government to secretly to try the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, by using mask-wearing prosecution witnesses as mockery of democracy, saying Nigerians must force President Mohammadu Buhari to purge himself of the blood and water of dictatorship flowing in his veins.
In a release issued on Saturday by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said “it is shameful that the Federal Government could approach the court for witnesses in a criminal matter it is prosecuting to wear mask and be seen through screen.”
He said even the prosecuting counsel, who filed the application should be ashamed of themselves for making themselves available to be used as tools to subvert democracy.
“They want Kanu tried secretly. They also want the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd) tried secretly. What are they afraid of?
How can the Federal Government ask the court to allow ‘ojuju calabar’ (masquerade) as prosecution witnesses when we are not under military rule?
“How would such witnesses be cross-examined by defence lawyers and can their real identity be ascertained?
“Should anyone make allegations that he cannot be bold enough to defend in the law court? Why are the witnesses afraid to testify in an open court if truly they are witnesses of truth?
“Clearly, this is mockery of democracy and the rule of law and Nigerians should know that it is their duty to purge President Buhari of dictatorship,” Governor Fayose said.
While hailing the judiciary for once again rising in the defence of democracy by saying no to the anti-democratic plot of using masquerade as witnesses, Governor Fayose said; “As it is now, only the judiciary can save Nigeria from the full-blown dictatorship that this Buhari-led APC government has become.
“Interestingly, they are not even sparing the bench from their regime of blackmail and dictatorship, and it has become necessary for our men of the bench to continue to stand firm against enemies of democracy and rule of law.”

John Lennon's locks sells for $35k

A lucky bidder went home with John Lennon's hair which he bought at an auction block.
Heritage Auction in Dallas had the 4-inch chunk of Lennon's hair after a German hairdresser cut it off before his role in a movie called, "How I Won The War", a dark comedy released in 1967.
According to reports, Paul Fraser, a UK-based memorabilia collector was the highest bidder at $35k.
$35k might seem like a lot of money to the average Joe ... but as far a Lennon memorabilia goes, it's loose change. His '65 Rolls Royce Phantom V sold for $2.23 million and lyrics to "All You Need is Love" netted $1.25 million.

Official photos from Monalisa Chinda's traditional wedding

These are the official photos of Monalisa Chinda's traditional wedding to Victor Tonye Coker which took place in Port Harcourt yesterday. More photos after the cut...

The Game cancels Australian tour after being stopped by border security

Rapper, The Game, who was supposed to kick off his Australian leg of the Documentary 2 tour on Sunday February 21 has been forced to cancel his Australian appearance after being stopped by border security for holding the incorrect visa.
According to TMZ the 36-year-old was ordered to leave the country last Friday after touching down from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
'Unfortunately the tour by The Game is now cancelled. All ticket holders will be entitled to a refund from point of purchase,' they posted across Facebook and Twitter.
'Please allow a few days for us to liaise with the ticketing companies but we will work as quickly as possible to organise this and keep everyone updated. 
'We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused,' they concluded.
The Game is yet to comment on the sudden cancellation of his tour Down Under.
He was scheduled to appear in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales over the duration of one week.
But while he was forced to leave Australia moments after touching down, The Game was a no show at New Zealand’s Raggamuffin Festival on Friday after missing his flight from Dubai.

Photos: Wife of Lagos Gov. Mrs. Bolanle Ambode at the Executive feast of Esther 2016 organized by RCCG

Wife of Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode; Wife of Ogun State Governor, Mrs. Olufunso Amosun; Wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, Mrs. Bola Obasanjo; Iyalode Alaba Lawson, Justice Yetunde Adewolu (rtd. Wife of Ondo State Governor and Mrs. Oluwakemi Mimiko all attended the Executive Feast of Esther 2016, organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, at the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, on Saturday, February 20, 2016. More photos after the cut..

First U. S. p*nis transplant set to happen at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital, which is best known for its innovative surgery, such as implanting the first defibrillator in a human heart or being the first to separate twins who were joined at the head, will take on its most notable surgery yet. This year, the hospital will perform the first U.S. penis transplant on a former U.S. soldier who was wounded in the Afghanistan war.

Dr. Richard Redett, a plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins, will perform the ground-breaking surgery. Redett plans to use a donated organ from a recently deceased man that will match the former soldier's age and skin tone.

During surgery, Redett will join the nerves and blood vessel with the hopes of providing a fully functional organ, allowing for urination, sensation and sex.

According to Reuters, doctors and advocates alike have said this type of injury can cause emotional trauma, affecting a soldier's sense of manhood, especially in those who plan on becoming a father.
"When you meet these guys and you realize what they've given for the country, it makes a lot of sense," Redett told Reuters.
The surgery will take place in the next couple of weeks and will not involve the testicles, giving the veteran an opportunity to father a child.

So far, there have been two penis transplants in the world. The initial transplant took place in China in 2006, but was unsuccessful. The first successful penis transplant happened in South Africa in 2014.

Photos: Nigerian troops intensify operations against Boko Haram terrorists, recover 39 cans of PMS

The Nigerian troops have intensified operations to clear the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists, a statement issued on Saturday, February 20 by the Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, reads:

Following the disruption of Boko Haram terrorists logistics chain and successful raids and ambushes, the 5 Brigade Quick Response Force (QRF) has further exploited beyond Kekeno-Mile 90-Gudumbali and blocked the terrorists’ logistics corridor.

During the operation, the Boko Haram terrorists suffered heavy casualties and some escaped with gunshot wounds. The troops recovered 13 motorcycles, 1,170 litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), stored in 39 jerry cans.
The troops also conducted fighting patrol to clear suspected terrorists settlement along Gawala village and west of Kukawa towards Gudumbali axis and blocked them from Kukawa but there was no contact with the terrorists.
Similarly, troops of 119 Task Force Battalion conducted fighting patrol to deny Boko Haram terrorists fishing activities around Lake Chad waters.

Troops of 157 Task Force Battalion arrested a suspected Boko Haram terrorists’ spy, Mallam Goni at Garin Giwa. The 55 year old suspect claimed he transports fish for the terrorists along Fish Dam and Cross Kauwa. He is currently being interrogated at the 7 Multinational Joint Task Force Brigade Garrison.

In a related development, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has commended the troops in various formations and units fighting the Bolo Haram terrorists and expressed happiness with their recent recorded success in the fight against the Bolo Haram terrorists. He enjoined them to work harder to clear the visages of Boko Haram terrorists wherever they might be in the North East.