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Actress Daniella Okeke responds to trolls asking her when she will get married

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Ese Oruru, The Emir Of Kano and Those That Choose To Distort The Narrative - FFK

Article by Femi Fani-Kayode. Read below...
All those that are attempting to distort the narrative about the tragic plight of Miss Ese Oruru are evil and we commit them to God's judgement. The facts are as follows. She is 14 years old and not 18 and she was abducted from her home. She did not leave her home freely or of her own volition.
She was cruelly and wickedly carried away and stolen from her parents, family and loved ones and forcefully taken by complete strangers to a distant land that she had never been before on the other side of the country.

This is not a love story about two inseparable young people: it is a story about pedophilia, child abduction, kidnapping, human trafficking, slavery, rape, impunity, wickedness and ritual sex and Emir Sanusi has a case to answer. That little girl has been raped over and over again and she may well have aids, VVF or some other strange sexual disease by now.

Instead of sympathizing with her and considering the fact that she may never be the same again in view of the physical and mental torture and trauma that she has suffered over the last few months, some misguided souls and shameless commentators have the temerity to come to social media and say that she was old enough to "get it" whilst others say that she ''loved it'' and ''wanted it''. I am utterly disgusted and appauld by these sentiments. Where is the humanity of those that speak and think like this? Where is their compassion and where is their soul?
May God judge them and may their own infant daughters be abducted, forcefully Islamised, raped, enslaved and kept against their will as a sex slave in an Emir's palace in the same way that Ese was.
Meanwhile I just watched an AIT video in which 14 year old Ese Oruru's mother claimed that her daughters abductors said that it was the Emir of Kano himself that ordered her daughters abduction and that she was kept in his palace for over one year for his pleasure. If this is true it confirms the suspicion that the Emir is culpable. If what she has said is true it also proves that the Emir is not only a praticing pedophile but also a very sick man and he must be held accountable. 

It is important that Emir Sanusi clears the air and tells us precisely what he did with this little girl otherwise we are entitled to assume the worse and believe what Ese's mother has told us. Quite apart from that we are compelled to ask whether this sort of thing has happened before and how widespread it is? How many other little girls have been stolen from their homes and forced to join harems all over the nation? 

The famous high society blogger and respected celebrity Miss Linda Ikeji has just exposed yet another case. This time it is a young 17 year old christian girl, by the name of Miss Patience Paul, who has been abducted from her home, parents and loved ones in Benue state, forcefully taken to Sokoto state and kept there against her will in the Sultan's palace. 

Evidently we live in a strange country where evil is swept under the carpet and often justified. We live in a country where those that expose such evil abominations and speak truth are demonised, hated, despised and, more often than not, threatened with violence, persecution, intimidation, arrest, spurious criminal investigations and baseless civil court actions. More often than not this is the price of speaking the truth and exposing evil in Nigeria. 

There is clearly a conspiracy of silence about the perpetuation of evil in this country amongst the ruling elite. The feeling is that anyone can get away with anything providing they belong to a particular circle and class and providing they have money and power. And it is because they have money and power and they have powerful friends in government and in the political class that they feel that they can silence, crush, kill, abduct, cripple, ruin, sue and jail anybody that tests their will and crosses them or that exposes the truth about their blood-chilling and perverse ways. 

That is the reality of Nigeria and it is a sad and sorry one. All I can say is thank God for the media and particularly for the Punch newspaper who started the ball rolling last Sunday. If not for their cover story about Ese with all those pictures on their front page the little girl would not be free and at home with her family today. Instead she would have still been in slavery and captivity at the Emir of Kano's palace.

We should also thank the Nation newspaper particularly for their timely editorial on this issue which was published on 1st March and which raised some pertinent questions and offered wise counsel about the way forward. The Punch, the Nation, AIT, Channels, Tribune, the Sun, Vanguard, Thisday and all the other newspaper titles and television stations in the Nigerian media and social media has done what no-one else or no other group could do.  

Not even the Federal Government, the state governments, the political parties, the politicians, the security agencies, the lawyers or the so-called human rights groups could do what they managed to do or achieve what they have achieved. They have helped to secure the freedom of a helpless and defenseless little girl from slavery, torment, humiliation, destruction, death, disease and bondage and they have brought her home safely to her parents. We need more of this. Kudos to them and God bless them all. And may God damn and shame those that chose to remain silent and look the other way.

Photos: 15 year-old girl from Benue allegedly abducted by two men in Sokoto and allegedly kept in the Sultan's palace

In another case of forceful abduction, a 15-year-old girl identified as Patience Paul from ohimini LGA of Benue State was allegedly taken by two men in gidan kukah, Runji sambo area of Sokoto State with the intention of converting her to Islam. Below is what her brother wrote as shared by Tsembelee Daniel Sorkaa on Facebook.

"BENUE people let's help our own. Keep sharing until she gets help. SUMMARY Subject matter: Forceful abduction Name of complainant: Paul Isaac Adaji, from ohimini L.G area of Benue state. Reasons complain about: Forcefully abduction of my younger sister by two of our neighbours (Monde & Suleiman) and the Hisbah group in gidan kukah, Runjin sambo area sokoto, with the intention of converting her to Islam. They confirmed to the police that they took the girl to the sultan's palace, but the police later said nothing but ask the complainant to go and maintain peace. Date missing: Since on the 12th of August 2015. Name of the Girl: Patience Paul. Her age Now: 15 years. Language spoken: Idoma Her whereabouts: In the Sultans palace. GSM Number of the Hisbah commander's or abductors: Ilyasu Muhammed Gsm No. 08169317038 Umar Dauda Gada Gsm No. 08035584277 Dr. Kasarawa (GSM Num. not known) Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. N.BN. Gsm number of complainant: 08063358061, 07083285018"

AY shares funny post wishing his fans happy new month

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Photos: These kids lost both parents in Lido Beach terror attack in Somalia

20 people were killed when Al-Shabaab terrorists rammed a car packed with explosives into the Beach View Hotel on Lido beach in Mogadishu on January 22, after which they stormed into the hotel and shot everyone inside.

Asha and Mohammed's parents were killed in the terror attack while they sustained varying degree of injuries. According to Hassan Istiila who shared the photos, Mohammed is set to undergo surgery.

BRed shows off wads of cash on Instagram

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Photos: Buhari receives outgoing President of ECOWAS commission

President Buhari received the outgoing President of ECOWAS Commission, Ambassador Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, in the State house today March 1st...

Shoe company donates 10,000 pairs of shoes to Ghana in honour of 'Beast of no Nation' star, Abraham Attah

Toms shoes have pledged to donate 10,000 pairs of shoes to poor Ghanaian children in honour of child actor Abraham Attah after he wore a pair of Toms shoes to make a speech at the Oscars. The child star acted in his first film 'Beast of no nations' where he starred alongside Idris Elba and has become a hit and sensation in his native Ghana. Toms posted on Instagram,

“We’re so grateful for Abraham Attah’s choice to wear #TomsShoes on the red carpet last night. We’re excited to give 10,000 pairs of shoes on his behalf to children of need in his home country of Ghana. Giving looks good on you, Abraham!”

Abducted Bayelsa girl arrives Abuja, IGP to address a press conference

14 year old Ese Oruru who was abducted from her parents home in Bayelsa by her lover, has arrived Abuja. She and her abductor, Yinusa, are currently at the Police Headquarters. Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, will later today address a press conference over the matter.

Choi! Freeze compares lady who insulted him on IG to Ursula

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Moscow nanny beheaded 4yr old girl because she was angry her husband had taken another wife

38 year old mother of three, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova yesterday showed police the flat in Moscow, Russia where she killed 4 year old Nastya Meshcheryakova (bottom right), after which she was seen walking the streets of Moscow brandishing the dead girl's head for an hour before she was arrested. It was claimed that she was extremely angry that her husband had taken another wife in another country while she was working in Russia but she told police she was haunted by 'voices' in her head.

A police source said the woman, a citizen of Uzbekistan showed police where she'd committed the crime. It's believed that she'd strangled the girl before using a kitchen knife to behead her.

A police source also said the nanny had become 'almost a member of the family' of the young girl she murdered and was caring for her all day while the mother and father worked. The parents are said to be beyond devastated.
The child's parents...

Court orders Obasanjo, Yar'Adua, Jonathan's government to account for stolen funds

A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos has ordered former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former president Goodluck Jonathan and late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua's government to account for all the loots they recovered during their administrations, Vanguard reports.

Delivering judgement in a Freedom of Information suit filed by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) today March 1st, the presiding judge, Justice M.B. Idris, ruled that successive governments since the return of democracy in 1999 “breached the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability for failing to disclose details about the spending of recovered stolen public funds, including on a dedicated website.”

He thereafter ordered that President Buhari “ensures that his government, and the governments of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, and former President Goodluck Jonathan account fully for all recovered loot.”.

Details ordered by the court to be made public include: information on the total amount of recovered stolen public assets by each government; the amount of recovered stolen public assets spent by each government as well as the objects of such spending and the projects on which such funds were spent.

Photos: Actress Ufuoma McDermott wants to know if her daughter looks like North West

The actress shared photos of her daughter, Kesiana and those of Kim and Kanye's daughter North West, asking if there is any resemblance between the adorable duo."Do Kesiana and North West look alike?...the last pic got me staring hard" - What do you guys think?

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Comedian Ali Baba gives tips on how to make it in showbiz

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Photo: Young unmarried couple publicly caned for spending time alone

18 people were publicly caned today Tuesday, March 1 for breaking Islamic law in Indonesia's Aceh province. Among them was a young unmarried couple who were caught spending time alone together. The punishment was meted out by a hooded man with a rattan cane on a stage next to the mosque in Banda Aceh, before a large, enthusiastic cheering crowd.
According to AP, the young couple aged 19 and 21 were given eight strokes each after they were found spending time alone together, which is against the law for unmarried Muslim couples in the province.
While authorities did not disclose the offenses committed by the others, six young men were also caned 40 times each after they were caught drinking alcohol, which violates Islamic law, at a birthday party in a hotel room.
Public caning happens on a regular basis in Aceh, the only province in the world's most populous Muslim-majority country to implement Islamic syariah law, but is less common for women.
Aceh began implementing shariah law after being granted special autonomy in 2001, an effort by the central government in Jakarta to quell a long-running separatist insurgency.

Manopoly student who was brutalized by security at the school tells his story (photos)

Some days ago, I brought you a story about a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic who was brutalized by the school security. There were different versions of what led to the assault but below is the account of John, the Mass Comm.HND 2 student who was brutalized.
"Here's what happened. My name is John. On that fateful day, my group members for eed project and I went to  see our project  supervisor.  After seeing him we headed to the bus shed where we get vehicles to convey us home. I saw a cab, as I  tried entering, I  was blocked by a student who came down from the same cab, I asked for the reason for the obstruction,  he said he was talking with the driver.

I  advised him to go to the driver side to talk to him, he didn't respond. His friend came out from the other side of the door and started using foul language on me, I got angry but I understood the implications of fighting in school,  so I ignored him. I was tired and I wanted to get home quickly; it's always a struggle to get vehicles home in the evening.
I was able to make my way into the cab by going under his arm. Before the cab moved. The guy who was obstructing me came to window side and started using threatening words. I felt uncomfortable. I came down and told him I'll hold him responsible if any thing bad should happen to me. At that point he started moving closer to me, he was trying to put on a ring which I believe were charms because his friend had threatened  to hit my group members with charm, as he was getting very close I pushed him back. I never knew the school security were standing around that premises watching us the whole time and immediately they saw me push him, they didn't ask me anything they decended on me, hitting me with guns and firewoods. They asked me to enter into their vehicle, which I obeyed. They continued hitting me until we got to their security unit of the school. They asked me to come down and lay down on the floor and they got another big stick to hit me, so big that they had to use both hand 2 hold it. They continued hitting me with the stick and gun to the extent that the gun they were hitting me with got spoilt and the sticks also got broken in which they changed it simultaneously and it was like they were going to kill me that day.

They accused me of several things; they said I was  a cultist, that I was not a student and that I was disturbing the peace of the school. I was able to defend myself in all these false accusations. They asked me to stand up and write a statement of what happened which I did, afterwards, they asked me to explain the event verbally to the administrative staffs at the security base. They were all quiet after I was done talking, they pleaded with me and asked me to forget all that had happened. They returned my phone that was seized initially and asked me to go.

I was wondering why they didn't touch the guy who was obstructing my way into the cab. I got to find out that he's one of them. They call themselves (security) OPC and the guy is a student OPC, that is why they didn't touch him. 

It is not the first time they have  brutalised students in this manner. They have been doing it and getting away with it but I thank God for my classmates who stood by me to say no to this and are making effort to let the world know what is going on. 

I am into security too and I  believe the ethics of the job is to make peace and and hand over people with serious cases to the police, not to take laws into thier hands by beating up people.
These guys are illiterates, they are always high on drugs, and they are bullies. I have never had a reason to fight anybody in school, I  have never wrong them before, I'm not a cultist, I am not a trouble maker. I have proves to all ofthese. 
Two days after this incident happened, the school had it matriculation ceremony. The Association Of Mass communication  Student's General Secretary was sent on an assignment to cover the matriculation of the newly admitted  students for a forthcoming magazine that will be produced by the student in print class of HND2 masscomm. The Gen sec. and his crew were  taking shots and recording. All of a sudden, the assistant CSO spotted him and said 'you are a stallite!' he didn't demand for an explanation from him, the assistant CSO held him by the trousers and slapped him before asking what he came for.... we don't feel safe anymore in mapoly".

Read Banky W's heartwarming birthday message to his mum

The singers beautiful mum is a year older today. He took to his Instagram page to wish her a happy birthday, writing
"To my prayer warrior and guidance counselor, my confidant and role model... Happy birthday to Momma W - easily the strongest, most caring and most beautiful.. easily the best woman I know - May God continue to strengthen, bless and uplift you. May you continue to go from Glory to Glory. May my future wife be like you, and my future daughter be blessed and lucky enough to learn from you. Until forever and a day, more than words can properly say, I love you".

Photo: Lola Maja-Okojevoh is all praises after meeting Ciara

Make-up artist and beauty therapist, Lola Maja-Okojevoh has positive words for Ciara after meeting her over the weekend. The mother of two shared a photo she took with the American singer writing:
"After all the hard work.. Her smile made it all worth it. She literally lights up the room. When you're beautiful inside and out, you don't need to demand respect, you command it. Others recognise your worth and want to be a part of your dream. @Ciara is literally amazing. She made everyone around her feel comfortable. One day I'll do her makeup lol.. I had such a blast ‪#‎LLAM3‬ .. Hard work won't kill you it only makes you more determined to raise the bar"

Jennifer Hudson shaves off her hair...see what she looks like now

The 34 year old mother of one unveiled a shaved head as she was pictured heading to her Broadway play in New York City on Sunday. 

Photos: Ice Prince celebrates son's 4th birthday in school

Rapper, Ice Prince, celebrated his son, Jamal's 4th birthday in school today. Happy birthday to him. See more photos after the cut...