Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lupita Nyong’o stuns at Eclipsed opening night afterparty

The 34 year old looked amazing in a green number at the opening night after-party of new Broadway play ‘Eclipsed’ at the John Golden Theatre in New York on Sunday..

Photo of Ese Oruru's abductor, Yunusa Dahiru handcuffed in court today

Yunusa Dahiru was today arraigned before a Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa on a five-count charge of abduction, illicit sex and unlawful canal knowledge among others. He pleaded not guilty and is now in police custody.

Photo: Nigerian Army's Chief of Training and Operations, Major Gen. Yusha'u Abubakar dies in a road accident

Chief of Training and Operations (Army), Major General Yusha’u Mahmood Abubakar and the Acting General Officer Commanding 3 Division Nigerian Army, Brigadier General MSA Aliyu were involved in a road traffic accident along Maiduguri-Damaturu road today, March 8.

According to a statement issued by the Acting Director Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman, Major General Yusha’u Abubakar died as a result of the incident, while Brigadier General Aliyu sustained injuries and is receiving treatment. Details will follow later.

Is this the most beautiful photo of Olajumoke yet?

Pic shared by make-up artist, Bimpe Onakoya. Stunning!

Buhari speaks on MTN fine, says the telecommunications inaction contributed to high Boko Haram casualties

President Buhari today made his first public statement about the N780 million fine the National Communications Commission NCC, slammed on MTN over the failure to deactivate 5.1 million unregistered sim cards. Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting South African president Jacob Zuma, Buhari said the slow registration of Nigerians on the MTN network led to the death of many Nigerians during Boko Haram attacks. He said many terrorist now use unregistered lines ..

“This is the first time I will be personally as a president making a public comment about it. The concern of the federal government is basically on the security and not the fine imposed on MTN. You know how the unregistered GSM are being used by terrorists. And between 2009 and today, at least 10,000 Nigerians were killed by Boko Haram. That was why NCC asked MTN, Glo and the rest of them to register GSM. Unfortunately, MTN was very, very slow and contributed to the casualties”he said

Piers Morgan's article on Kim K has been released...and it's epic!

Piers Morgan promised he would come after Kim K and he has delivered. In an article titled "You've still got a great body, Kim but if you’re really so successful, so secure and so rich why do you still feel the need to pose nude at 35?", the revered editor and former TV host, told some hard truths to the most famous of the Kardashian Klans. Read what he wrote after the cut...

‘My advice to those who think they have to take off their clothes to be a star,’ observed Mae West, ‘is once you’re boned, what’s left to create the illusion? Let ‘em wonder. I never believed in giving them too much of me.’
I thought of this when Kim Kardashian posted another internet-breaking nude selfie last night, showing off her voluptuous torso just three months after giving birth to her second child.
‘When you’re like, I have nothing to wear. LOL,’ she captioned the photo.
I chuckled, as I often do at Kim’s antics.
She’s a smart cookie who, like her rapper husband Kanye West, knows exactly how to set the world agog with apoplexy with a single tweet.

Of course, nudity has been a key part of her brand ever since she first burst into public consciousness via a leaked sex tape.
Since then, Kim’s ruthlessly exploited every crevice of her body in a way so spectacularly successful that it’s turned her into a multi-millionaire.
Until recently, I’ve had no problem with this. She works hard, has a keen eye for fashion and beauty lines, and has proven herself to be a skilled self-publicising marketer.
When she first broke the internet in 2014 by baring her champagne-dangling derriere for PAPER magazine, I defended her amid the inevitable ‘slut-shaming’ onslaught which instantly erupted.
I wrote then: ‘Kim doesn’t take drugs, get drunk, fall out of clubs, cheat on her man, or do any of the other insanely louche things that stars with far greater ‘talent’ often do. She’s good to her fans, and is by all accounts a good, loving daughter, sister, wife and now mom herself.’
My conclusion read: ‘Kim Kardashian-West’s laughing all the way to the bank. And all you lazy, snide, snobbish, patronising and hypocritical critics can go kiss her a*s – there’s plenty of room.’
But that was then.
After she tweeted her latest nude picture last night, I replied by saying: ‘I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim (a jokey reference to Kanye’s preposterous recent claims of financial hardship) ‘but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?’
She wasn’t amused.
‘Hey @PiersMorgan,’ she retorted, ‘never offer to buy a married woman clothes. That’s on some Ashley Madison type s**t. #forresearch’.
I got off lightly.
Minutes later she ripped into Oscar-winner Bette Midler, who had also mocked her photo by saying: ‘Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.’
‘Hey @BetteMidler,’ snapped Kim, ‘I know it’s past your bedtime but if you’re still up and reading this send nudes.’

Her next tweet to Bette was brutal: ‘I really didn’t want to bring up how you sent me a gift awhile back trying to be a fake friend then come at me..’
But Kim’s real venom was reserved for 19-year-old actress ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, who tweeted this response to the nude selfie: ‘I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies.’
‘Let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter,’ Kim sniped back, ‘since no one knows who she is. Your nylon cover is cute boo.’
All of this was a little odd since Kim’s usually very nice and polite on social media, in direct contrast to Kanye whose Twitter rants have grown steadily more insane and abusive in recent weeks.
In fact, the tone and wording of the tweets led me to suspect Mr West may have seized her phone, a fear exacerbated by another chest-beating exclamation which read, ‘Sorry I’m late to the party guys, I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account.’
Pure Kanye.
But until or if we hear otherwise, we must assume it really was Kim who’s now morphed into a bragging, taunting female version of her other half  
In one final act of Kimye defiance, she unleashed a second nude photo with the hashtag: ‘#liberated.
I’m not so sure any of this is very liberating.
In fact, I found it all a bit depressing.
Kim’s 35 now, and the mother of two very young children.
She still looks fantastic, and of course has every right to post as many naked pictures as she likes. It’s her body, her life.
But it’s hard to escape the creeping suspicion that this new frenzied and frankly rather desperate attempt to ‘break the internet’ is happening because other younger members of her family have been grabbing all the scantily-clad attention recently, notably half-sister 20-year-old Kendall ‘Instagram Queen’ Jenner.
Every supermodel, movie and pop sex symbol (with the exception of the increasingly grotesque and embarrassing Madonna) knows there comes a time when you have to hand the baton onto the next generation, however reluctantly.
Nobody is a better illustration of this than Cindy Crawford, who still commands huge attention as a model but has moved to a less-flesh business model with great style, dignity and commercial benefit.
It’s not so easy perhaps when your brand is so indelibly linked to your own nudity, but it’s essential if you don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming an ageing parody.
That moment of truth has arrived for Kim Kardashian.
As Chloƫ Grace Moretz so rightly said, does she really want young girls to think the only way to succeed in life is by flashing their naked flesh in tweets to the gawping, salivating world?
She can surely be a far more powerful role model to them, and indeed to her own daughter North, by now proving she can be just as successful in other less prurient ways?
The time has come for Kim to consider the unthinkable and actually start putting her clothes back on.

Some Nigerians want magic but change is what Buhari promised- Femi Adesina

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Buhari, Femi Adesina, was a guest on Radio Continental programme last week Friday March 4th where he spoke on the recent power drop, fuel scarcity and the dwindling hope of Nigerians in this administration.

In the interview, Femi asked Nigerians to be patient with Buhari as he promised them change and that the change will not be magical. Read excerpts after the cut...

Q: Fulani herdsmen have on several occasions been accused of ransacking places they pass through while they are herding their cattle. Nigerians are wondering and asking why there seems to be a very loud silence on the part of the federal government on the matter?
A: If anybody says there is a loud silence, it means that person has not been listening. At times, it is so very easy to say there has been silence, when that is not the case, because on this issue, last week in a major interview the President spoke on it. It was relayed on NTA for about two days running. He spoke on the Fulani herdsmen issue and a statement also came out from our office on the matter. So, if anybody says the President is silent or has been silent on the issue, it baffles me. The President spoke in an interview that was relayed on NTA and TVC, and he said it is a perennial problem, and something would be done about it. He talked about cattle grazing route, and he said between the federal government and the state governors, this matter would be looked at and tackled decisively. I also remember that Chief Audu Ogbe, the Agric Minister, has also indicated that quite soon, problem of herdsmen and farmers would be over in the country because they would do something about getting feed from Brazil for cattle rearers.
Q: How does the government intend to reach these herdsmen because they are not all in a place at the same time; the President has spoken as you said, but how do you get this information to filter across herdsmen so that they are aware?
A: That is the reason the President said it is going to be between the federal government and the state governors. The state governors are closer to these herdsmen, through the state and local governments, there is a way they would be reached. They are not spirits, they are humans and they operate in environments where people can reach them, and the President has said between the federal and the state governments, something can be done. In the past, there were grazing routes in the country, it is either we return to that, or there would be something else, but I know the issue would be dealt with.
Q: Nigerians are not happy about some things that we seem not to have gotten right. One of it is the issue of power supply. Service has deteriorated, yet people are made to cough out large sums of money monthly as tariffs. What is government policy direction to ensure constant and uninterrupted power supply? We seem to be hovering around on this issue of 2,000 megawatt, sometimes 3,000, sometimes it comes down to 1,000. We cannot over emphasize on the benefits of having constant supply. Is there any intention to review the contracts that the previous government entered?
A: On the issue of power, it seems Nigerians are their own problems. You can recall about four weeks ago, the power ministry came out to say that the megawatts we had was 5070, which is an all-time high in 16 years. A few days after, some people blew installations in Bayelsa, we lost about 1600 megawatts immediately. After that, installation was blown in Delta and we lost another 1,000 megawatts. What would the government do in that kind of circumstance? If the people who should be provided power are the ones sabotaging installations, they can’t turn round to say government is not providing power. Nigerians need to determine what they want. If South Africa has about 50,000 megawatts, it is because their own people are not sabotaging their installations, they are not going to blow up the lines. If Nigerians continue to blow up and sabotage, then they can’t come around to say that there is no power.
Q: Are you saying that government is helpless in terms of protecting this vital infrastructure, with the security agencies we have? Are we saying that we are helpless, so if they keep on blowing the pipelines, we can’t do anything about it?
A: Government is not helpless, and government should never be helpless. A government that is worth its’ salt should never be helpless, but there are so many things that the government can deploy attention to, and when the attention is focused on securing installation instead of what we can call other weightier matters of the law. It is just a waste of time. We are wasting our time as a country, because other countries don’t have that distraction, they don’t have to deploy troops to monitor installations, because nobody would sabotage installations since he knows the thing is for his own good. I think, in this country we need to get to a point where we should realize that when we do certain things, we are hurting ourselves and not the government.
Q: Now that we know the issue is there, what do we do to eliminate sabotage?
A: Government will do what it should do, but short of lining up soldiers from Lagos to everywhere, in fact it can’t stop. We Yorubas have a saying that you are never as smart as the person watching you, because he would find a time when you are distracted, when you are not alert and strike. That is what is happening. No matter the security that you put round these installations that cover several hundreds or thousands of kilometers, how do you monitor them and those who want to sabotage would not find a place where they can attack?
Q: Shouldn’t the government have a counter plan to make sure that these people do not have their way?
A: The government is not omnipotent or omniscient. The government cannot be everywhere at every time. That is the reason the onus is on Nigeria to see these installations as their own. When you blow up installations, who are you hurting? You are hurting the people and the society. That is what we should realize. Last week in Qatar, the president said vandalism is a disincentive to foreign investment, because potential investors hear and read all these things, that installations are sabotaged in Nigeria. So if investors refuse to come because of that, who gets hurt? It is not the government, it is the people. I think we need a lot more patriotism in that aspect.
Q: Is there no other source of getting power?
A: Don't forget that when the power ministry announced that we had 5070 megawatts recently, it also said that by December, another 2,000 megawatts would be added to it; giving us 7,070 megawatts. That brings a lot of hope, but that hope is dampened, when few days after, they begin to blow up installations, and you lose 3000 megawatts. Talking of alternative sources, a lot is in process. Because every country the president has visited, power has been an issue, and I know that a number of people have come up with alternatives, what they can do to help Nigeria, and talks are on-going. Very soon, I believe that those talks would yield results.
Q: What is the panacea to end recurring fuel queues, especially with the issue of building new refineries?
A: Let me try to put in perspective the fuel supply situation in the country. What caused the latest round of queues is that there is a breach in supply, which came from two ends. One, from the importation end and two, from the distribution end in the country. We have NNPC bringing in 70 per cent of fuel used in the country and the other 30 per cent is supposed to be provided by independent marketers. The independent marketers are not really doing much because of the differential in dollar rate currently. Before they can import, they expect government to do something in terms of dollar differential; but government is limited because we are not earning much dollar. The only way Nigerian government gets dollar is through sale of crude oil, and we know that price has gone continuously down, that is what caused the breach in supply, because everything is imported. We are not refining much most times; and added to that is the fact that Europe is in winter. During winter, you cannot predict importation as in other seasons of the year, because there are some parts of the world where the seas are virtually frozen and ships can’t sail. A ship that you could predict would arrive after 30 days during summer, would arrive at 40-45 days because of the vagaries of the weather. This is another thing that affected importation into the country. There is this third issue, which is very important because it links to what we have said earlier. All these ships that bring in fuel are insured internationally, and international insurers are refusing to insure ships going to Port-Harcourt and Warri because of the aggressiveness in the area. They follow all these things, all these pipelines that are vandalised and all of that, they follow. Therefore, those ships land in Lagos, and then you transport fuel by road to those areas. All these are complexities about our country that need to be looked at. I have said that Nigerians themselves must decide to address these complexities.
Q: What is government’s policy on new refineries?
A: You would recall that Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, who is NNPC GMD and minister of state for petroleum, has said that our existing refineries are not better than scraps, and that already has foreshadowed the fact that there would be a new policy for refineries.
Q: What is your answer on the issue of stipend of N5, 000 to the vulnerables or graduates because there seems to be contradiction. Is government paying because it is included in the budget?
Q: There are two things we need to isolate. There is this notion that government was meant to pay N5,000 for unemployed graduates. That was the popular notion and that was what the President corrected, that instead of paying N5,000 to unemployed graduates, he would rather provide infrastructure, he would rather give them enabling environment to be useful than giving out dole to them. But there is one that is already captured in the budget, it is called the conditional cash transfer, which is going to be given to the poorest of the poor.
Q: Nigerians are complaining about many things. Is the government aware?
A: I think Nigerians have always complained, and we should learn to stop complaining and believe more. If you have elected a government because you believe it can bring change;(because these complains started from the first month), and you have not allowed them to isolate what the problems are, and articulate what the solutions would be, and you begin to have all these complaints, I think it is not natural. What government needs at a time like this, is cooperation and support. The President said this at an interview last week. He said things deteriorated over 16 years that PDP was in power, this is the ninth month of this government, and you want everything to have changed. It is not real. There must be realistic expectation, and realistic expectation will demand that people are patient, supportive, and encourage the government. This is a government that is working for the people. Somebody said two days ago that this is a government that is "pro-poor", which is true. Then, all these complaints would not do anybody any good. Rather than complaining, let us cooperate, support and encourage.
The promised change would come. Don't forget that our President said it would take a minimum of 18 months to revive the economy. Nigerians don’t listen to something like that, they want magic immediately. It doesn’t happen that way. This change will come, but it would follow a process, and it would be enduring.

Press statement from Barr. Emeka Etiaba, SAN, counsel to Olisa Metuh

Read the press statement below...
Misleading and Malicious Reports Against Chief Olisah Metuh
Our attention has been drawn to mischievous and misleading pictures and stories in the Punch newspapers, claiming that our client, Chief Olisah Metuh, was in the Federal High Court Abuja on Monday, March 7, 2016 “to show support” for the former Chief of Defence Staff, retired Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh.
This is false, mischievous and contrived to mislead the public and undermine the reputation of our client. Let us state, for the record, that Chief Metuh was in court on the day in question, being the adjourned date for the civil suit he filed against his unlawful detention by the EFCC. It was purely coincidental that the former CDS was also being arraigned in the same courtroom on that day. This explains our client's presence in the same courtroom with the former CDS.

Our client was in court with his lawyers and his case was heard in the open court, as witnessed by the public and journalists, including the Punch reporter and photo-journalist, wherein Justice Abang deferred the judgment to Wednesday March 9, 2016. It is therefore baffling and disappointing that the Punch correspondent, being fully aware of the foregoing facts, went beyond his brief and the ethics of his profession to invent and publish distortions against our client.

We are persuaded that this is a deliberate delivery by a procured agent, designed to cause harm to our client and misrepresent him in the minds of the public. We invite Nigerians to recall, consistent with a pattern of fabrications against our client, that the EFCC later recanted its earlier false claim that Chief Metuh ate his written statement at the EFCC office.

We also invite Nigerians to note the mischief directed at the person of Chief Metuh, using a section of the media, in the bid to paint him in bad light and possibly derail the course of justice. But this is in vain, as the matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction.

Finally, we urge the media to please end the unnecessary sensationalization of issues and ensure that facts are cross-checked before publication.

Signed: Barr. Emeka Etiaba (SAN)
Counsel to Chief Olisa Metuh

Cassie and Diddy hold hands in LA

The couple, who broke up briefly after Diddy strayed with his baby mama, Kim Porter, looked amazing as they arrived holding hands at ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles on Monday. More photos after the cut...

Photo credit: Sandra Rose

Cassie and Diddy hold hands in LA

The couple, who broke up briefly after Diddy strayed with his baby mama, Kim Porter, looked amazing as they arrived holding hands at ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles on Monday. More photos after the cut...

Photo credit: Sandra Rose

Rivers State Commissioner of Police confirms the killing & burning of Ofinjite Amachree and other recent murders

On Saturday, March 5, Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Omoku, Mr Frankline Obi, his wife, Iheoma and their 18-year-old son were murdered by suspected gunmen. Yesterday, Ofnjite Amachree was brutally beaten, hacked to death and burnt in Buguma Town, in Asari-Toru Local Government Area. Below is the statement issued today by the Rivers State Police Command:

                               Gentlemen of the Press.
It is on sad note I formally welcome you to this impromptu briefing to clarify some issues given the fact that some days ago there was a spike in violent crimes particularly wanton killings of innocent citizens.
2. You would recall that on Saturday 05/03/2015 at Omoku, one Frank Obi together with his wife and son were brutally murdered in their sleep. Similarly, on Monday 07/03/2016 at Buguma, one Ofinjite Amachree was also killed and his dead body set ablaze.
3. I’m deeply saddened by these tragic and senseless killings while my heart and sincere condolence goes to the bereaved families. We must realize that violence is never and will never be a solution to any problem(s).
4. While investigation is ongoing on the cases, let me at this juncture inform you that the Command will stop at nothing to bring to book the perpetrators of not only these recent killings but all similar incidents. Presently, we have in our custody one Anthony Ugoh, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Frank Obi and two other members of his family. We have also arrested one Ndubisi Tochi on the allegations of the killing of Ofinjite Amachree. Both suspects are now undergoing interrogations and are given us useful information that will ultimately lead to the arrest of their accomplices. We will at the appropriate time after we are done with our investigation parade the suspects before you.
5. Let me for the umpteenth time appeal for the continued and sustained support and cooperation of the members of the public by way of credible and timely information to enable us discharge our constitutional mandate of protection of life and property. Be assured that any information volunteered will forever remain confidential.

6. It is also pertinent to inform you that I have placed all officers and men of the Command on red alert purposely to allay the fears of the members of the public and of course to promptly nip in the bud any security breach. Peace loving members of the public are hereby enjoined to go about their lawful business without any fear of molestation, please.

Keep your $1m, we won’t collaborate with DSS to unseat Fayose – Ekiti lawmakers

Read the press statement below...
Members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly have raised the alarm over plot to coerce them into impeaching Governor Ayodele Fayose, saying a sum of $1 million was being promised some of the members that will be ready to be part of the impeachment plot.
The Assembly members, who vowed not to collaborate with anyone to truncate the government of Governor Fayose, added that; they were prepared to spend the rest of their tenure in DSS cell, instead of joining people that they roundly defeated in five straight elections to cause another political instability in Ekiti State.

 Addressing the press on Tuesday, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Hon Gboyega Aribisogan disclosed that "In the last four days, eight of our members had been visited by some men, who claimed to be officials of the DSS. "Our members were told that their names were among those to be arrested and they must 'cooperate' if they do not want their bank accounts frozen and be kept in DSS detention indefinitely."

The lawmakers said the 2006 experience, in which Assembly members in Ekiti State were hounded in EFCC detention and made to sign impeachment of Governor Fayose on the table of the EFCC Chairman will never be repeated in the State. Aribisogan, who was flanked by 12 other members of the House of Assembly said; "We are here to inform the public through your various medium the open involvement of men of the Department of State Service (DSS) from Abuja in the plot to unseat our State Governor, Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose.

 "The last Friday invasion of the State House of Assembly by armed men of the DSS in which four of our members were abducted, has been established to be a prelude to the clandestine plot to coerce members of the House of Assembly to impeach Governor Fayose.

"As at today, even Hon Afolabi Akanni that we were able to confirm was with the DSS in Abuja is being held incommunicado. No one has been given access to him, not even his lawyers and doctors. We do not have any information as to the whereabouts of the other three.

"We are aware of the plot to arrest no fewer than 18 of our members with a view to forcing them to sign impeachment notice against Governor Fayose. "The plot is being hatched by the same elements who masterminded the impeachment of Governor Fayose in 2006, which was eventually declared illegal by the Supreme Court and they are boasting of support of the DSS and the Presidency.

"In the last four days, eight of our member had been visited by some men, who claimed to be officials of the DSS. Our members were told that their names were among those to be arrested and they must “cooperate” if they do not want their bank accounts frozen and be kept in DSS detention indefinitely. "They went on to promise that proper arrangement had been made for the impeachment of the governor, with a sum of $1 million already earmarked for sharing among “cooperating” assembly members. "Also, our members were told that they will be provided with soft-landing in the APC if they cooperate. One of them revealed that they promised to make him the Speaker, and eventually the Acting Governor.

"We however wish to tell the plotters of evil against the government of Ayodele Fayose and by extension the people of Ekiti State that we, members of the State House of Assembly are not interested in their evil plot.

"We are prepared to spend the rest of our tenure in DSS cell, instead of joining people that we roundly defeated in five straight elections to cause another political instability in Ekiti State.

"These agents of destabilisation should be reminded of the 2006 episode, which was responsible for Ekiti State having six governors in three years!

"Most importantly, Governor Fayose is our benefactor. He is our leader on whose political strength we are members of the State House of Assembly. We can even be called his stooges, we don’t mind. We will never do anything to jeopardise his interest and be extension, interests of Ekiti people.

"We therefore wish to state unequivocally that we are not interested in any $1 million. "We won’t because of any blood money join forces with enemies of our State, who are desirous of destabilising the State just because they lost power."

Piers Morgan believes Kim K's twitter rants was written by Kanye

Yesterday, Kim K came for all the celebs that criticized her nude pic she posted on IG. It's unlike Kim to clap back so many think her husband sent out those tweets. Do you really believe it was Kanye?

Photo of Ese Oruru's abductor, Yunusa Dahiru handcuffed in court today

Yunusa Dahiru was today arraigned before a Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa on a five-count charge of abduction, illicit sex and unlawful canal knowledge among others. He pleaded not guilty and is now in police custody. Photo credit: Sahara Reporters

Pics: Actor Charles Okocha holds Thanksgiving service for surviving accidental shooting

Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, who was hit by 6 stray bullets in December last year but survived, shared photos of him and his family during a church thanksgiving service on Sunday. The actor broke down in tears as he went down on his knees, thanking God for a second chance at life. More photos after the cut.

A company installs double bed in the middle of the office after staff made request

A company has installed a double bed in the middle of the office after staff made requests for a designated sleep zone.
HR consultancy firm BrightHR in Manchester often asks staff for advice on how to make the working environment more enjoyable, and employees took the opportunity to request for a bed to be installed.
Management initially believed the requests for a sleep zone were a joke, but after doing some research into how bed rest can increase productivity they decided to create a designated area for napping.
Communications manager Sheryl Cookson believes the new addition to the workplace has encouraged staff to become more productive.
Sheryl said: "We have feedback forms in the office and we ask people to give their opinions about how we can make the office better.
"We had a lot of requests for napping rooms and spaces. It seemed to be a very popular request.
"We thought people were just joking at first, but then we went away and started researching into it and realised it could be beneficial for the employees.
"We had the bed delivered whilst we were having a formal presentation with our partners and it caused a real stir.
"The bed arrived and they looked as if to say 'this company is bonkers.'
"People were asking: 'can we really have a nap?' Staff liked the fact that they had been listened to.
"We furnished it like a typical bedroom - it looks like Ikea. It has softer lighting and lamps and a bedside cabinet."
But Sheryl insists staff have used the sleep zone as a creative-thinking space as opposed to a place to ease off a weekday hangover.
Sheryl said: "People use the bed for different things. I have seen people having meetings on it lying down.
"I have seen a group of five or six people sitting on it like a big office table. It looked like a sleepover.
"I have seen people lying down but I haven't seen somebody under the covers and snoring yet.
"I'm sure some people might have turned up and used it when they have had a hangover but I haven't been told about it."
Staff at BrightHR are now taking part in a pioneering new study to test the power of napping on the job.
Working with leading bed makers Silentnight and their resident sleep expert, BrightHR is one of the first UK companies to trial the benefits of power naps.
Silentnight sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, said: "When we sleep the levels of stress hormones that are produced drop off - adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol levels become less intense.
"Therefore if we can rest and nap during the working day we are constantly keeping these tricky levels at bay.
"A power nap can leave you feeling completely energised and your eyes will be refreshed, if we are working with computers or an office environment this can stop people becoming sluggish at their desks and in turn more productive.
"A tranquil napping space can boost wellbeing, ensuring a happier, less stressed workforce and will increase productivity by refreshing the mind."
And Sheryl agrees that the bed has increased productivity in the office.
Sheryl said: "People have been more relaxed since the arrival of the bed. If I am feeling really tired at work I take few minutes' rest and I feel refreshed straightaway. There is definitely a benefit.
"We are keeping the bed indefinitely."
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Woman woke up from Coma to accuse 'Hero' Boyfriend of being responsible

Liu Fenghe boyfriend of Lin Yingyin
© Sky news Liu Fenghe boyfriend of Lin Yingyin

A man portrayed in Chinese media as a hero for caring for his girlfriend while she was in an eight-month coma has been accused by her of being responsible for her injuries.
Liu Fenghe, 24, from Liaoning province, promised to take care of 20-year-old Lin Yingying after a serious accident left her paralysed in a vegetative state in 2014.

He reportedly spent 200,000 yuan (£21,000) on medical treatment for her and pledged to take care of her for the rest of his life, before her family took her home from hospital last February after they were reportedly unhappy he was visiting her in hospital.

She regained consciousness last May and alleges Mr Fenghe beat her up after she accidentally burnt some bread in the bakery business they ran together.

Ms Yingying claimed her boyfriend had grabbed a heavy rolling pin and hit her on the head with it. She said he had abused her before but she had been too frightened to tell anyone.
Ms Yingying's family have referred the matter to the police.

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Photos: Woman suffers horrific injuries after ex smashes speakers into her head in six-hour attack

Police have revealed pictures of the brutal attack suffered by a woman who had her head smashed into the wall and by speakers by her ex-lover Paul Hopkins. Despite the physical and psychological trauma she experienced, the woman says she still loves him.

Sabrina, who lives in Oxfordshire, feared for her life as her partner raised a stereo speaker to smash on her skull after a six-hour attack.

She recalls: “I screamed at him. I said, ‘Please stop, you’re going to kill me’. He said: ‘I don’t care, I don’t care, because I hate you.’

“I’ve never been so frightened and I honestly thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to kill me.
“I can’t even begin to explain what it felt like, it’s almost resigning yourself to the fact that, ‘This is it, you’re going to die, that’s it I’m going to die’.

“And then I got to the point when he was beating me that I just thought please let this be the last one so that it does kill me and it stops, I don’t want to feel it any more.”

In the midst of it all, she managed to dial 999, and hid the phone under the pillow with the hope that the police will understand and they did. They raced to the house minutes later wearing body-worn cameras and what they saw shocked them.

“If the police hadn’t come when they did, he would have done, he was still going then.”
She tells them: “This is where he’s had me on the bed and smashed my head in, that’s my blood there and there’s a hand print where I’ve tried to drag myself away.
“There’s a few spots of it on the bottom bit there, there’s blood all sprayed up the wall , there’s spots everywhere.”

The man was later sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for actual body harm, but served just a year in prison.

Sabrina says she still loves him. “I thought I was going to hate him but I don’t. I still love him. My world turned upside down. Him not being here feels weird, I can’t get used to it and my mind still remembers the nice parts of him . it’s weird. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde.”

Source: UK Sun

Your Beautiful Self

This is an article written by Charly Boy...
My people, life ain't easy but it's beautiful when you're true to yourself. When you walk around without a chip on your shoulders, life's challenges and pressures become a bit lighter.
When your ego is insignificantly low, the only reason would be because you're true to yourself. When you make no apologies for who you are but at the same time stay meek and humble, you are your true self.
My life's journey so far has brought me face to face with the realisation that my true self helps me deal with the painful boomeranging of some of my expectations when they fall flat.
So if you're looking for yourself and asking everyone except yourself the direction to your real self, well sorry my dear, you miss road. Most people are other people, their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
In being my TRUE SELF, I keep creating new chapters in my life journey, never stop re-inventing and perfecting myself even as I insist on remaining a student for and of life. Along the way I discover that there are many heavens on earth waiting for one to discover. So as difficult as it is most of the time, I keep seeking out people with beautiful souls, hearts and minds; not those with just beautiful style and bodies.
Like all creatures in the wild, we were designed to keep moving.
When a snake sheds its skin, it becomes a more refined creature. I have never ever stopped refining and re-defining myself, most times I am hard on me but have NEVER let who I have finally become go to my head.
My people, we are all beautiful instruments of God.
This wonderful Artiste called God, created many notes in music so we are not stuck playing the same song. This is why I have lived my life musically. Some times I have literally sang off key, but I keep changing the keys, tones, pitch, and volume of each of the songs I create along my journey and play on. Who born dem to stop me!!
Make your own book of life a musical, never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colorful legacy. Never allow anybody to be the composer of your own destiny. Take control of your life, and never allow limitations (implanted by society) tell you how your music is supposed to sound — or how your book is supposed to be written.
When in the dark, fear not, for light itself doesn’t always bring good!
God has given us one face, now we should not go out and make ourselves another. All we need do is daily beautifying the lovely face we have been given, and that takes process. Let the world know you for who you are not who you think they want you to be.
Can you feel me?
It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.          When you treat yourself kindly and respect the uniqueness of those around you, you will be giving this world an amazing gift… YOU!
Na so I see the matter.

Photo: India's first test tube baby delivered of her own baby by the same team who brought her into the world 30 years ago

India's first test tube baby, Harsha Chavda delivered her own baby with the help of the same team who brought her into the world in 1986.
Dr. Indira Hinduja, a Mumbai-based gynecologist/obstetrician is best known for her pioneering work in bringing India's first test tube baby into the world in 1986. Baby Harsha Chavda is now 30, married to a businessman Divyapal Shah and works as an accountant in Mumbai
On Monday March 7, Dr Indira Hinduja delivered Harsha's baby. The healthy newborn, conceived naturally, weighed 3.18 kilos. "Both mother and baby are doing great," said a happy Dr Hinduja.
The team that performed the C-Section on Harsha and delivered the baby today is the same team that delivered her mother Harsha back in 1986. One of the team members, Dr Kusum Zaveri, who is a part of both teams, said,
"Harsha has been in touch with us all her life. We meet and interact with her on a regular basis. It is but natural that she chose us to help deliver her baby."
"It is hard to believe that we have delivered more than 15,000 test tube babies since that day when we first delivered Harsha," said Dr Hinduja. "I still remember the day she was born—it was August 6, 1986, at 4.10 pm, at KEM Hospital. Her parents were on top of the world and so were we," she fondly recalled.
"The Test Tube baby technique though in practice in the western world was not established in India until we found success in 1986 with Harsha's birth. We had to take so many permissions—from the Ethics committee of KEM Hospital, the ICMR, etc," said Dr Hinduja.
"Harsha's mother, Maniben, had suffered from tuberculosis, which had permanently damaged her fallopian tubes. She was desperate to have a baby, and when we explained the new technique to her, she agreed to it immediately. We did the procedure and spent the next few days praying that it would be successful,"
"Coincidentally, Maniben's pregnancy test came positive on my birthday. There was an international conference going on at KEM—a senior doctor interrupted it to announce the big news of the pregnancy. And when the delivery finally happened, there was media frenzy. Everyone rushed to KEM Hospital to congratulate us," she added.
Harsha's pregnancy, on the other hand, was smooth and uneventful. "There is no reason why test tube babies cannot conceive normally. In Harsha's case, we had to do a C-Section because it indicated a breach presentation," explained Dr Hinduja.
Dr Hinduja and Harsha have developed a close bond over the years and have been present in each other's lives; from Harsha's childhood to wedding in 2015 and all through her pregnancy and delivery.
been present in each other's lives ticking off landmark events, whether it is Harsha's wedding a year ago to businessman Divyapal Shah or her pregnancy.
"Harsha will always be special to us," said the doctor

Fierce Denrele Edun! (photo)

Love this pic..

Ibinabo Fiberesima replies critics who attacked her for wearing ankara to AMVCA 2016

She replied her haters via her Facebook wall this morning. See what she wrote after the cut...

Photo of the APC member brutally beaten & burnt to death in Rivers State

According to PM News, Ofinjite Amachree, (pictured above) a member of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Buguma, Asari-Toru council, was allegedly brutally beaten by thugs PDP before being set on fire. See his charred remains after the cut...

Allegedly...this is his burnt body

Another first for Bet9ja: Bet9ja supports Nigerian as he breaks Guinness world record

As if giving away N36 million in a ground shattering payout the previous week was not enough, Bet9ja help set a world record yesterday as they supported Nigerian footballer Harrison Chinedu’s dream in his bid to break the Guinness World record of “farthest distance walked with a ball on the head”.

The ball juggler eventually broke the record yesterday as he set out from the Redeemed Camp grounds on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, along with various media houses and representatives from the sports ministry at about 8am in the morning.

His journey took him through the central district of Lagos and eventually ended at the National stadium in Surulere, after which he still required to run around the stadium a total of 22 laps to break and set a new record.

Bet9ja Brand Custodian, Mr. Tunji Meshioye, had this to say:
“This is what Bet9ja is all about. Supporting and rewarding the passion of our own homegrown talent. It takes a lot of passion and commitment for Chinedu to achieve what he has achieved today and we are delighted to be part of this historic moment.”
With his new record of 48.04km, Harrison Chinedu successfully broke the previous record set of 45. 64km that was set in 2014 by Indian soldier NaibSubedar Azad Singh.

Pictures from the historic moment are below: