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Exclusive: Dencia accuses luxury shopper Pearl and one Abiola Akinlonu of stealing N40m from her

Read the press statement sent exclusively to LIB below...Pearl is the personal shopper who had issues with Tonto Dikeh in 2014. Read below...
 40 million naira + $15,000 Fraud, Conspiracy, Theft, Forgery and Identity Theft activities of Miss Chuks Pearl Nneamaka Ogonna and Mr.Akinlonu Abiola Mobolaji
To whom it may concern I will like to  provide a timeline of how this aforementioned pair conspired to steal the sum of approximately 40 million naira from me and my company,Whitenicious Inc.

In and around August 2014, I hired the aforementioned person -Pearl to represent my company as a salesperson in Nigeria and other neighboring countries. Her key responsibility was to sell and deliver products to clients who were unable to place online orders with credit or debit cards. Pearl was a fan who told me her family situation and I tried helping her by employing her.

Clients were instructed to deposit funds only to her bank account and some paid cash on delivery. In 2014 between August and the end of that year, she reported sales of 6,259,089.49 million Naira. In 2015,27.987,658.8 Million Naira and over 8.1 million naira so far in 2016. Collectively this amounts to over the sum of 40 million naira (estimated $200,000). The money was entrusted in her possession and an estimated 5 million naira was used for approved expenses and errands.

I entrusted Pearl with the money and fulfilled my promise to assist in arranging for her to come to my company headquarters in California for training. I had never met her in person till I visited Nigeria on business in 2015. I successfully arranged for a two year work visa and footed her expenses to fly out business class to California and also provided her with all the comforts and amenities I share with my loved ones including my cars and home, known as @pumpsberry @rodeodrng on Instagram most of her followers can testify to the lifestyle I provided for her,she attended the BET awards last year and all the pre events, this year she attended the Grammy awards in the USA February 15th,I personally on many occasions bought her expensive clothes and shoes such as Gucci,Cavaoilli , buscemi, louboutins and more.She was treated like a sister and I defended her relentlessly during her public disagreement with a Nigerian celebrity out of loyalty to her.MissChuks use to retail Replica high end designer clothes, shoes, bags and more, when she visited me in 2015, I sat her down and told her it wasn't a good look and instead put in money towards the business and buying authentic designer goods to resell.

Unknowingly to me, she and her boyfriend Akinlonu Abiola Mobolaji were stealing the money she was entrusted with. In addition to these embezzled funds, an additional $15,000 was advanced to her to secure a location for a proposed boutique where I intended to start a venture selling high end fashion items in Abuja. The texts also detail how she conspired to defraud an additional $8,000 which I didn't send.

   Everything was revealed and her criminal activities were unexpectedly exposed when I randomly was looking through her phone at 2AM March 2nd in an attempt to try to convince her boyfriend not to break up with her via text. I stumbled across the texts on her phone explaining in detail how she and her boyfriend Akinlonu Abiola Mobolaji conspired to steal my credit cards and banking information to attempt to buy cars. I had noticed some suspicious activities on my card prior to reading the texts and can only conclude she probably had something to do with it. I have asked my book keeper to initiate an audit to determine the exact amount stolen by this pair.

When I confronted her with my evidence she confessed to the allegations and still cannot adequately account for the money she was entrusted with. She claims she loaned her mother Mrs Eddienwachukwu Chinwe blessings Nonyelum N3M and boyfriend Akinlonu Abiola Mobolaji N10M and $13,000.Her own texts in her own words explain how she was buying bottles of expensive alcohol and living it up with my stolen funds despite my generosity and kindness towards her. She has betrayed my trust and squandered the life changing opportunity I provided her. There are millions of people who will have cherished a similar opportunity so I refuse to let this change who I am as a person. Everything I did for her was from the kindness of my heart and without expectations.

Despite the colossal betrayal, I still let her stay in my house and fed her. I was upset but never attacked her physically or verbally. I was more concerned about recovering my money, cutting my losses and having her return to her residence in Kaduna Nigeria. It was never my intent to let this situation develop into a public matter, I am not putting this out for the court of public opinions to judge us.My preference was to keep this situation as a private matter. I told her mom to buy her a ticket to return to Nigeria on the 5th of March ( see attached message) but her mom ignored that because she wanted to come to la, I didn't feel safe or comfortable with her at my house so I paid for her return ticket to Nigeria after her family didn't act on it.Her family was trying to put money together as they claimed ( see screenshot) Her Dad claimed their pastor said the boy Akinlonu Abiola Mobolaji used Juju on her but I dismissed that because more money was missing not just what she gave the boy ( see attached account information which excludes N8M from 2016 sales.

However, on Monday March 7th 2016, the police showed up at my residence in response to a  criminal complaint from Pearls mother who claimed I kidnapped her daughter. Kidnapping is a serious crime  which can result in decades in prison. Even worse, such a false evil allegation after what just happened to me was an unbearable insult. The police officers were shown evidence of a return ticket and I have videos of Pearl voluntarily confessing to stealing my money. I was asked to press charges against her here in California but declined. I know she will be jailed and deported and that will not get me my money.  The officers explained how her mothers intent was to have me arrested on Charges of attempted kidnapping so her daughter could leave scotch free but when they showed up and saw her walking my Dog outside.After questioning myself & Pearl,They didn't understand what the kidnapping story was about, they asked me if I wanted her arrested and told me the steps to take.My intentions are not for Pearl to go through the American prison system, her family doesn't have the money to even help themselves talk less of lawyers in the USA plus I already didn't feel safe with her being even in California as I didn't trust her at all.I told the Ventura county police that this case will be handled in Africa where Pearl will be arrested upon arrival, I presented them her air ticket and the petition for her arrest.My only interest at this point is the recovery of my money so I am sending out this release in an tempt to recover my stolen funds.

Frankly, I am utterly disappointed in her mothers malicious actions whom I also extended my generosity to as well..Pearl told me how her sister was constantly mocked because no one believed she knew me so I decided to spend over $5000 flying out to New York where she was visiting from December to January ( I landed January 6th 2015 ) to meet her family and gave her mother money after she pleaded she didn't have money to eat and move around, money to buy boxes and she had not bought anything for the kids and her husband.The same person is now claiming I kidnaped  her daughter.I have attached two links on YouTube with Pearl confessing to her hideous criminal behavior. It's clear as day she is not remorseful and I'm beyond disappointed at her mother's r(Mrs Eddienwachukwu Chinwe blessings Nonyelum) response. Before my trip to New York Pearl claimed her mom wasn't doing well in New York and asked me to send her $500 which I did, Keep in mind this is barely a month after my brother passed but I still found the space in my heart to help her mom.

Again I never wanted to make this a public issue but I was advised by my legal counsel and numerous law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation to issue a press release to avoid any possible extortion or slander to my reputation.
At this point, I have asked my attorney and applicable law enforcement agencies to assist in recovering my stolen funds.I will not make anymore comments on this regardless of what her family says.Everyone who works for me personally or my company enjoys the luxury I have put in place for me, most people have been in a bad situation before but it's worst when a family you helped decides to abuse of your kindness.I gave Pearl's mom the option of trying to get this boy to get the funds or let pearl get arrested and deal with her problems as an adult and her mom said they will come up with the money but the next thing that followed was the police at my door saying I kidnapped Pearl.I live in a gated community with security and Pearl was free to do what she wanted to do,Pearl packed her bags to leave and after we went through it we still found my property she stole and other things she had stolen from her previous trip to la in 2015. I trusted Miss Chuks with this money because we were going to use these funds down in Nigeria to setup Rodeodrng store and since I travelled often back and fourth to Africa I didn't think it was necessary I get the money from Nigeria to America.I should have known she had plans when she asked my house keeper Martha if I had Cameras around my house of which Martha told her We did.

 Conversation with pearl before she travelled 

Lekki Gardens releases statement on the collapse of one of their buildings

Read the press statement below...
The Management of Lekki Gardens has confirmed the unfortunate incident, Tuesday March 8th 2016 where a building collapsed at about 4a.m. in the morning, at one of its residential estate projects in Lekki. The building which was under construction was meant to house a number of apartment units.
Rescue work started immediately and so far 18 people have been reported dead and others injured. The exact cause of the incident is not known at this time. All of our incident response procedures have been initiated, our support services have been mobilized and relevant authorities have been advised. As regards the said building, investigations are being carried out to ascertain the cause of the collapse. In line with our usual safety standards, all sites are closed off by 6pm daily and it is mandatory that every worker leaves at that time.

The company is cooperating with the National Emergency Management Agency, Lagos State Government, Fire Service and Lagos State Police to speed up rescue efforts. Investigation is already underway to ascertain the identities of those affected as it is not company policy for site workers to take shelter in uncompleted buildings.

Lekki Gardens is a reputable residential property development company and has successfully completed and delivered over 6,000 units of houses across Lagos, Ogun, Rivers State and the Federal Capital territory, Abuja in the past 4 years and most of them already occupied. The Management and staff of Lekki Gardens sincerely sympathize with the families of those who lost their lives. The company will do all in its power to ensure that those injured are fully supported.

Signed Management, Lekki Gardens

Dr. Chris Okafor warns that a former minister & a governor may be next to die, if...

Dr. Chris Okafor warns that the remaining half of Prophecy number 8 on his 16-point 2016 prophecy will happen sooner than later, if prayers are not offered. He also warned that prophecy number 11 on his list was nearing fulfillment if the individual concerned does not seek the face of God immediately (reference to the current Kogi State Governor)


PROPHESIES FOR 2016 by Dr. Chris Okafor (Dec. 31, 2015)
See some of the prophecies that already came to pass (in brackets)

1. A more deadly sexually transmitted disease worse than HIV AIDS has been released from the kingdom of darkness. We need to be very prayerful and careful. (Zika Virus now a sexually transmitted disease and spreading fast)

2. I see more Disasters taking place this year. But God will preserve His children.
3. America and Europe must pray fervently in this year.
I see the rise of religious fundamentalism in Europe, and serious crisis with the US elections. If care is not taken, there may not be an election in America. I see Obama suddenly changing his mind to run for 3rd term, sparking off serious crisis. They must pray to avert all these.
4. Nigeria must pray for a former military head of state. Seems like the end of the road.
5. I see a calendar representing the entertainment industry- some prominent people have been marked with the circles on the calendar for death. We seriously need to pray for the entertainment industry.
6. I see Nigerian Football returning to Glory days.
7. I see Explosions in places that no one is expecting to see them, in Nigeria. We need to pray for the Southern part of Nigeria.
8. I see a former minister passing on this year and also a present minister going home. (March 6, 2016- Nigeria’s Minister of State for Labour, James Ocholi, wife, son, die in road crash)
9. We need to pray for Rivers and Akwa-Ibom States- that God should avert any crisis arising from election Re-runs that may eventually happen in those states. I see terrible bloodshed. But if we pray, the opposite will be the case.
10. Anyone who wants to retain political power this year must seek the face of God.
11. We need to pray for Kogi State. I see someone sworn in and later eliminated prematurely. Serious intervention needed.
12. Lots of families will experience generational blessings for the first time this year.
13. I see a country in Europe having to deal with a major crisis resulting from a fatal train crash with heavy casualties. (Feb. 9, 2016- At least 10 people were killed and scores more injured, police say, after two passenger trains collided in the German state of Bavaria.)
14. Lots and lots of barren women will rejoice this year; because God has released unto them fruitfulness beyond measure.
15. Our men in uniform, especially the Police Force and the Nigerian Military must embark on serious prayers… there will be some serious shaking this year, in those two divisions.
16. Terror attack will increase in Nigeria but solution will arise between the 7th and 8th month of this year- 2016.

“For the Lord God does nothing without revealing the secrets to His servants, the prophets" - Amos 3 vs 7

Most women are like Kim Kardashian...the only difference is Kim gets paid- OAP Freeze

OAP Freeze wrote this post he shared on his Instagram page in defence of Kim K and the backlash she has received in the last three days over her nude picture. Read the interesting piece below...
A very close 'married' friend of mine came around the other day asking me for help. He is into construction and due to the dwindling financial situation in the country he hasn't sold a house in almost 1 year. 
So he hands over his iPhone to me to show me some of the his properties asking me to scroll through his gallery. After scrolling through about about 25 pictures of houses I stumbled upon a naked 'kpekus'. I tried to quickly scroll away, but before I could my eyes swallowed another and another and another. There were an assortment of pictures of different 'bits' and 'pieces' of a woman's naked body without showing her face. A bit embarrassed, I handed his phone over to him. Without a hint of shame, he explained to me that that was his separated account manager he has been 'shagging' for a while. According to him, she has a son and she is hot!!!! As I write this, my mind's eye, I still clearly sees the expression of excitement in his eyes as he described every detail of her body (the remaining 20% I missed in the pictures) he even offered to bring her over to Chocolat Royale so I could meet his 'trophy'. 2 days later, I stepped out of a meeting in the office only to see about 16 missed calls of which 13 were from my friend. I returned his call and he complained about me not picking my phone that he was at Chocolat Royale with his 'babe' and he wanted me to meet her. So I rushed out of my office to Royale to meet them. She was sitting with her back towards the door when I walked in and I mentally tried to match the pieces I had seen on my guys phone to that of the lady in front of me and when she turned around to greet me with a smile that faded immediately she set her eyes on me! My friend must have told her he had a surprise for her or not even told her at all trying to surprise her because I guarantee that if this woman knew she was coming to meet 'freeze' she would never have agreed as she is the wife of one of my schoolmates who resides in Yankee. 

Here I am, staring at my friend's wife sitting next to my other friend, who I know is an absolute freak. I know he must have dissected her body and used it to its maximum potential. My friend also never uses protection because he is quite 'endowed' and finds it uncomfortable. He is married and has a string of girlfriends. His wife may or may not have an affair and his girls are mainly university students he is 'taking care of'. Experience has shown me that most university girls dating rich men, usually have one or two 'school boyfriends' who cater to their school needs i.e. Club parties, academic issues etc. My fear for my pastor friend is that he now comes home from America once or 2ce a year and dips into a grimy pool of illnesses and issues both physical and spiritual, shared by at least 20 and as many as 50 other people, because as the saying goes, "you have slept with everyone your partner has slept with".
I am still in a serious dilemma right now, do I tell my friend or do I hold my tongue and 'save their marriage'? Anyway back to the main issue........
There are many differences between Kim Kardashian and my pastor friend's wife. One is Kanye knows his woman, this includes her abilities, shortfalls etc while my pastor friend 'thinks' he knows his wife. He is probably worshiping in the church of 'assumption' right now, thinking his wife is a good, decent girl.
The second issue is while his 'decent' wife only earns peanuts for her nudes and requires him sending her a monthly allowance from the US, Kim just paid Kanye's $53million debt.
Rewind to about a month ago when I put up a post saying I would want to have a Kimye relationship with bae he called me up, telling me, in his own words, "to stop glorifying a morally bankrupt woman and her sinful relationship". My question now, is his own relationship less sinful & more morally upright? 

Over to Piers Morgan who accused Kim of being 'desperate'. Piers your last real job was in 2004 since then you have been hustling like a 2 dollar hooker. You failed in your 'attempt' to take over from Larry King & you call her desperate?

Aww...CNN features Nigerian hyperrealism artist, Oresegun Olumide

A day after his works went viral, CNN has done a piece on Nigerian hyperrealism artist, Oresegun Olumide. Read the piece here..

Actress Rukky Sanda stuns in pink


Ronke Oshodi-Oke replies trolls who bashed her for wrong spelling on Instagram

After posting a Happy Birthday message to her son on Instagram yesterday, some of her followers bashed her for some of her wrong spellings. Today she replied them with the post above. Continue

Woman shows horrific injuries after bear ripped her face off, says the movie Revenant's depiction of a bare attack is absurd

An America woman who survived a real bear attack has called the depiction of a bear attack in movie, The Revenant as “risibly faked” and absurd. The 68 year old woman said she found the scenes laughable as a bear attack isn't that easy to deal with. She then revealed graphic photos from her own attack to prove that the scene didn't make sense .

Allena Hansen was mauled by a bear on her Californian ranch back in 2008 - losing her nose, ears and 14 teeth.

Comparing her horrific injuries to Leo’s superficial facial scratches, she laughed at the “absurdity” of the Oscar-nominated movie.

The survivor said she had to endure dozens of surgeries and years of rehab as a result of the attack.
When she was attacked, Allena managed to fight the bear off with the help of her two large dogs - and by poking the bear’s eye with her thumb nail.

Allena said that Leo’s scene struck her as “risibly faked” and was also amused by the scene where Leo’s character gallops off a cliff edge – killing his horse but not him.

She added:
“Having gone off a cliff or two on horseback, I can assure you that: 1. Leo can’t ride for s*** and 2. Appaloosas [the breed of horse he rode] are a lot smarter than that.”

Source - TheSunUK

Photos from accident on 3rd Mainland Bridge this evening

A female passenger was left severely injured after the vehicle she was traveling in somersaulted on 3rd Mainland bride this evening...


Snoop Dogg shares a pic of himself with his grandson

Grandpapa Snoop! Lil man is adorable!

Amber Rose invites Kim for her 'Slutwalk' event, Kim & Khloe respond

Amber Rose is still defending Kim's nude photos and has invited both Kim & her sisters to her 'SlutWalk' event ). For those who don't know what a SlutWalk is, it's a worldwide movement against victim-blaming, survivor-shaming, and rape culture which originated in Toronto in 2011.

Photo: See this unusual obituary of a young man...

The obituary named the deceased alleged murderers. Photo credit: @K3hinde

Photos: Newborn baby rescued from a hotel toilet

A newborn baby was found stuck face down in a toilet in an undisclosed hotel in China. How this baby survived is beyond me...but then God is a God of miracles. See the photos after the cut...

NNPC reorganised, not unbundled – Kachikwu says

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC, Ibe Kachikwu, says the oil corporation is only being reorganized and not unbundled. He said this while speaking with State House Correspondence after the Federal Executive Council meeting today March 9th.

"We have not unbundled NNPC. We had a press conference yesterday where I explained this. What we have simply done is reorganisation. We have five business entities focus on business: Upstream, Downstream, Refineries, Gas and Power that are there before. There is also Ventures that captures all our little companies that were not having proper stewardship. They are run by individuals who report to the GMD. The NNPC is still a whole. There is nothing new that has happened. I have tried to explain this and I am sure the NNPC workers are members of the family, they will understand. We are going to have a meeting, and they will be made to understand. Perhaps the engagement has not been good enough. NNPC has not been unbundled in the sense of breaking up NNPC into distinct institutions. I am concerned. I don’t want the industry shut down. I am sure we are going to resolve the issues very soon,” he said

Man gets funny letter from neighbours over loud sex

One young man who has been getting it so good he let his neighbours know by his loud huffing and puffing got a letter from said neighbours over what they consider a disturbance. It wasn't the usual biting, neighbour complaint though, they filled the envelope with condoms and signed off with "always enjoy the sex". With neighbours like these.... Lol

Niger election: Hama Amadou quits run-off

Niger's opposition leader Hama Amadou and former Prime Minister Seini Oumarou at a march in Niamey on 15 June 2014.Hama Amadou and his ally, former Prime Minister Seini Oumarou (r) accuse the government of fraud

Niger's jailed opposition leader Hama Amadou has withdrawn from this month's presidential run-off.
Mr Amadou campaigned from prison where he is being held on baby trafficking charges, which he denies, arguing they are politically motivated.
The Copa opposition coalition accused the government of fraud and "unfair treatment between the two candidates."
The government rejects the accusations and says the run-off will proceed as planned on 20 March.
The court ruling on whether Mr Amadou's trial is to go ahead on 23 March has yet to be decided.
President Mahamadou Issoufou gained 48% of the first round vote in February, with Mr Amadou, jailed since November, taking 17%.
Copa's Seini Oumarou is pushing for all their coalition representatives to pull out from the national electoral commission.
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