Wednesday, 16 March 2016

'Women empowerment is not a threat' - Uche Jombo reacts to Senators vote against Gender Equality bill

Yesterday members of the Nigerian Senate voted against the Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill. Uche Jombo-Rodriguez took to her Instagram page to react to this sad development. What she wrote after the cut...

Neyo and wife Crystal Renay welcome baby boy

Singer Neyo and his wife Crystal Renay welcomed a baby boy last night. This will be Neyo's third child but their first child together.

Video: Blac Chyna puts baby rumours to rest by showing off her flat tummy

There have been rumours that Blac Chyna is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Rob Kardashian. She took to her snapchat to share a photo of her tummy. She said..."just finished doing my body wrap..". Watch video after the cut...
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15yr old Patience Paul narrates how she was abducted & sexually abused for 7 months in Sokoto

Patience Paul, the 15 year old Benue state born girl who was abducted on August 12th last year and forced into Marriage in Sokoto state where she resides with her family, has narrated how she was abducted and sexually abused by her abductor for 7 months. Patience was freed on March 4th after the Sokoto state governor, Aminu Tambuwal, intervened in her case.

Speaking in an Interview with Leadership, Patience who is a primary six pupil, said her abductor and some Hisbah (Sharia police) personnel took her to an Imam in Runjin Sambo area of Sokoto with a claim that she wanted to convert to Islam.
“I was sent to buy biscuits and on my way I saw him (her abductor) and he persuaded me to come to his bungalow.”she said Patience said she was not forced into marriage but that her abductor turned her into a sex slave at the house of the Sarkin Baki. “Yes, he was forcefully making love to me any time he wanted. They first took me to Sarkin Baki house, and kept me there for seven months before my parents came looking for me. They gave me something to drink, but I refused to take the drink, and they took me to one room and locked me inside the room. They forcefully made me to turn to Muslim and gave me another name, Aisha. Some people wanted to marry me, but the Sarkin Baki refused and said until I finish Islamic school before they marry me off".
Patience's abductor has been arrested and will soon be prosecuted.

Actress Kristen Stewart pictured kissing her new girlfriend (photos)

The Twilight actress who is now living as a lesbian was pictured kissing her new girlfriend, French singer SoKo in Paris. The 25-year-old actress and 30-year-old musician could not keep their lips off one another as they enjoyed a romantic stroll through Paris on Tuesday. See more photo after the cut

Mercy Johnson shares cute pics of playtime with her kids...

See more photos after the cut...

More pictures from comedian Bovi's mom's burial

See more photos after the cut...

Oh my! Check out the body on 50 year old actress, Elise Neal

Actress Elise Neal celebrated her 50th birthday on Monday March 14th and shared these photos to show off her amazing body at such an age. She also threw herself a birthday party in Miami. See the photos after the cut...

Signature role: She is best known for starring in sitcom The Hughleys from 1998 to 2002

Sahara Reporters & Sen. Akpabio blast each other on twitter after SR alleged that Akpabio had links with Lekki Gardens

Sahara Reporters and Senate minority leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio, slammed each other on twitter yesterday after the media house claimed that Akpabio had links with Lekki Gardens, the real estate company whose 5-storey building in Lekki collapsed on March 8th killing over 30 people.

Akpabio took to his twitter handle to refute the claim by Sahara Reporters and both parties engaged each other in a war of words for about an hour. Akpabio alleged that SR had been bought over by APC while SR accused him of embezzling Akwa Ibom state governments funds while he served as governor of the state for eight years. See the tweets after the cut...

Simon Cowell's son gives his father's ex-girlfriend's daughter a kiss

Simply put; Simon Cowell's son, Eric, two, gave a birthday kiss to a cute little girl named Coco, 1, whose mother is Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend, Terri Seymour. The two famously dated between 2002 and 2008, but have remained close since they broke up, to the extend that their kids are now friends.

Exclusive: Sister of late doctor killed in accident caused by Ibinabo Fiberesima writes, says Justice at last!

Biola Giwa-Adeyemi is late Dr Giwa's sister and she wanted to shed more light on the case between Ibinabo Fiberersima Vs Lagos State. Read what she sent in below...
First of all, the case was between Lagos state Government Vs Ibinabo Febresima but not Giwa Vs Ibinabo Febresima. On this faithful day of Feb 26th 2006 along the Lekki Epe Express way, my late brother Dr Giwa was driving with his brother and another family friend in his car coming from a meeting in Ajah, they were held up in a traffic around the evening time, when this tragic accident happened.
        Ibinabo was driving towards Lekki while the late Dr Giwa was coming from the other direction facing towards Island, just by shop-rite, when ibinabo's jeep flipped and lost control from her lane jumped over the culvert or pavement  that demarcate the road from the on coming vehicle. The speed that skipped and flipped a jeep  over the road demarcation will be considered "Reckless and Endangerment" because the VIO dept checked the jeep brakes, the engine and all the mechanical and electrical of the jeep but the result shows nothing wrong with the jeep and confirm that the accident as due to "OVER SPEEDING" in which the result was on record.
         After the accident, Ibinabo left the scene of the accident without checking for any survivors, she took the license plate and registration out of the car and fled from the scene, that was considered "HIT AND RUN". The people at the scene of the accident recognized her as Ibinabo Febresima, and stated she was drunk."Driving Under Influence" of whatever she had. The State Department of Transportation has to use the VIN number to locate the Owner of the jeep, in which the owner was Daniel Wilson. That was my very first time of hearing the name of Ibinabo Febresima.The Doctor died at the scene of the accident because the jeep was on top of the Honda accord driven by him and they couldn't save him on time because of the seat belt and the weight of the jeep, the brother and the other family friend in that car had survived. Did she know the state of mind and the emotional instability of the people involved in that accident up till now, Ibinabo has never been in a Comma.
          After all the evidences against her, with the result of the VIO by the State department of Transportation, The DPP office took over and charged her to court and she hired Festus Kiamo in which after reviewing the case he withdrew by saying he cannot represent her because it's a bad case.
          Doctor Giwa has a living mother for goodness sake, wife with 3 children's, Ibinabo deprived him from seeing his children graduate from university and getting married, also from being the one to bury his mother at her old age, "Whereas no one ever prayed that on the day of their children's success and happiness they should replaced them with someone else".
         Ibinabo was never remorseful, they brought her to meet with me shortly after my brother's death in GRA Ikeja before my return back to the USA, but her only concern then was to drop the charges against her. I told her that it's not my family Vs her but the State Vs her, that where I come from in USA that we do not interfere with the justice system, that they should do their job and advise her to apologize publicly to the masses and to the family and throw herself to the mercy of the court. She said and l quote "I CAN'T DO THAT, BECAUSE IS GOING TO DAMAGE MY CAREER" what an ego, she cannot apologize publicly, I feel like kicking her ass. She's worried about her stupid career, What happened to the career of the Doctor, who happened to be a 'MEDICAL DIRECTOR AND THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL REHABILITATION MEDICINE AT GENERAL HOSPITAL LAGOS.
         People say there is no justice in Nigeria, but it does once in awhile. The lower court magistrate O.A Isaac found her guilty with the option of 100,000.00 Naira, which is considered a judicial recklessness, 100k does not even buy an iPad, the life of someone does not worth more that 100k, so that people will take the liberty of committing crimes.  Later Justice Deborah Oluwayemi of the High court find her guilty and overturn the option of fine and gave her 5 yrs in prison, she spent 3 weeks and came out on bail to go to Court of Appeal, however, how can a convicted person came out on bail, here in USA you will be in jail and they will transport you to and from each time you have an hearing. Finally Appeal court found her guilty and sentence her to 5 years imprisoned.
          Let her face the wrath, it is said that you can run but can't hide, it's a law of Kama that catch up, This will serve as a deterrent to others. Who will believe after 10yrs she will still be slammed, The Family of the late Dr Giwa had moved on with our life's, She was forgiven, it was very difficult and painful, but God gave us especially his mother and children the fortitude to bear the loss.
           On behalf of our families and friends, we really thank the Lagos State Government, The attorney general Mr Sasore, DPP Mrs Odutola and colleagues, Justice Deborah Oluwayemi, Justice Jamilu Yammama Tukur, Justice U.I Udukwe-Anyawu and Justice Tijani Abubakar and everyone for their support, no evil shall befall anyone, as you all go out and come in, may God's grace and protection abide with each and everyone. 'JUSTICE AT LAST' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JUSTICE AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JUSTICE IS FINALLY DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!.

'Buhari lacks the capacity to rule Nigeria' - Professor Nwabueze

Professor Ben Nwabueze, a renowed Lawyer and President of the Patriots, a revered group of Elder statesmen in Nigeria, says President Buhari lacks the intellectual capacity to rule a complex country like Nigeria. Nwabueze said this in an interview with The Sun newspaper.
"I do not think that it is a question of not being prepared. Don't forget that the 2015 election was his fourth time of contesting, of making an attempt at being President. He tried to be president for 12 years. So, he had more than enough time to prepare himself if he had the capacity. So, it is not that he was not prepared. The fact is that he lacks the capacity to govern as the problems are beyond him.
Even if you give him 20 years to prepare, it would still be beyond his capacity. Nigeria is a very complex country. I have told you before, that we have 389 ethnic nationalities. The complexities and the issues involved in ruling such a country are huge. Leading such a complex country is an intellectual issue and Buhari does not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend what it means to govern the country"he said

Dear Rotimi Amaechi, Reno Omokri wants to know...