Tuesday, 22 March 2016

You won't believe these gruesome injuries are special effects

Zoe Armstrong from New Zealand first started creating special effects as a hobby she indulged in her spare time. Now the Theatre student is so good at her craft, you can't tell her creations from the real thing.

She said:
"I was always fascinated by gore and how they did zombies, wounds and fight scene make-up in movies, and I often spent my days during art classes using newspaper and old paint to make myself have a zombie hand."
Her theatre tech lecturer was instrumental in helping Zoe take her passion further by buying her her first special effects make-up kit.

She says she learns by watching YouTube plenty videos of professional artists, now she is so good she can create a gunshot wound in under dive minutes.

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Source : MirrorUK

'She doesn't have stamina, He engages in bigotry & bullying'- Trump, Clinton and Ted Cruz trade insults at each other

U.S Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Ted Cruz blasted each other on Monday night during an exclusive on-air interview with CNN. Although the trio weren't sat face to face, they still had a go at each other while interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer at the Aipac stage.

Hilary Clinton, launched her most direct attack yet on Donald Trump, accusing him of “bigotry and bluster and bullying” and inciting violence at all his campaign rallies.

While Texas senator Ted Cruz said even though he understands Trump's widespread support, his campaign is based on lies and he together with Clinton have traded influence in Washington.

While Trump offered a more subtle attack on rival Hilary Clinton saying she 'lacked stamina' to become president of America. Trump said, “I think she doesn’t have the stamina. You watch her life. You watch how she’ll go away three or four days; she’ll come back. Look, we’ve got to beat China in trade. We’ve got to beat Isis. We’ve got so many problems in this country; I say she does not have the stamina to be a good president ... doesn’t have the energy, she doesn’t have it. Doesn’t have the strength to be president, in my opinion.”

Republican candidate Ted Cruz said, “The lie behind Donald’s campaign is that he will stand up to Washington. He is the system. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flip sides of the same coin. Donald Trump has made billions buying influence in Washington. Hillary Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington.” Cruz predicted that he would beat Trump in a head-to-head battle if the Republican convention were to be contested.

Clinton, said “I think it’s important to listen to what he says,” she said. “You have to take him at his word so to speak. He has been engaging in bigotry and bluster and bullying. “And I think when it comes to understanding what he would do as president there are serious questions that have been raised in this campaign. Should he be the nominee we’ll have to address them.”

Asked if she believes Trump really is a bully, Clinton replied: “Well, I think his behaviour certainly qualifies for that. I think his incitement of violence, his constant urging on of his supporters in large numbers to go after protesters, his saying I want to punch people in the face and telling somebody who did punch somebody I will pay your legal bills, i think that raises very serious questions.”

She recounted some of Trumps' comments from the past few months, ranging from “calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, saying John McCain was not a war hero, being reluctant to denounce the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke. And the list goes on.”

Source: CNN/UK Guardian 

Photo: Newborn baby found abandoned in Garin Kontagora, Niger

The newborn baby was found abandoned this morning in Garin Kontagora in Niger State. Source: Rariya

Photos: Man, 62 takes 18yr old girl as bride..and she looks happy

The post shared on Facebook today was written in Malay so could only gather that the man identified as Ismail Lambak, 62 just got married to an 18-year-old girl in Malaysia.

'Those who steal must be punished & made to pay for what they do' - Okonjo-Iweala

Former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, says the fight against corruption should entail punishing those who have been found guilty of stealing and then also making sure they pay for the crime they committed. She said this while speaking at the Africa CEO forum holding in Cote d'Ivoire yesterday March 21st

“We have to fight corruption in two ways; one is by punishing those who steal, and making sure they pay for what they do. But we also must plug all the holes by building institutions and systems that prevent corruption in the first place. If you have a financial system for running your financial accounts that is not computerized, that is not technologically based, you’re still transferring cash, as we were doing in my country up until 2003, 2004, then you’re opening up the place to a lot of people leaking”she said

Britain braces for 10 simultaneous terror attacks across the country

Britain's anti-terror security has been ramped up amid fears the country could face as many as ten simultaneous ISIS attacks. Officers of the Metropolitan police and SAS troops have been put on standby in the event of a Paris-style attack and the National Crime Agency has ordered a crackdown on firearms.

Despite multiple threats from terrorists in Syria, an unnamed government minister said the UK was well prepared for such an attack.

He said: "We used to plan for three simultaneous attacks but Paris has shown that you need to be ready for more than that. We are ready if someone tries with seven, eight, nine, ten."

"Give my enemies dry breast, Oh God!", a church crusade banner in PH reads

Lol. And people will attend...

Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney sued over beauty line

The stunning sisters have been slammed with $200m lawsuit over their beauty line. TMZ reports below
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney could be on the hook for more than $200 million for not tweeting about their own makeup line ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Hillair Capital Management claims it ponied up more than $10 million to save the Kardashian sisters' struggling cosmetics line, "Kardashian Beauty" ... after their former business partner went belly up.
As we previously reported, the Kardashians originally partnered up with a company called Boldface in 2012, launching a makeup line called "Khroma Beauty."

Problem was ... a year later, a judge blocked the company from using the name "Khroma." The girls changed the name to "Kardashian Beauty," but Boldface started tanking.

A savior stepped in ... Hillair Capital Management, buying out Boldface and sinking $10 mil into the business. Hillair now claims the Kardashian girls didn't hold up their end of the bargain by blasting out the virtues of "Kardashian Beauty" to their millions of followers.

Hillair wants its $10 mil back plus what they would have made ... up to $180 mil

Vendors sell bags of fresh air in China to combat air pollution

You know how they say the best things in life are free? Well, some people may soon have to pay for the very air they breathe. A practice that is already commonplace in China's Southern Guangdong province. Chinese residents and tourists visit the airy mountainsides to escape the choking pollution of the city, while there, they can buy bags of fresh air from vendors.

Many tourists hiking the mountain trail shared on social media their surprise at signs reading "purchase clean air to purchase a healthy life" and "Unpolluted air - big bags for 30 renminbi (£3) and small bags for 10 renminbi (£1)." The villagers made quick bucks as tourists bought bags of the stuff, they even put flowers in the bags to make the air smell even better.

Some internet users have suggested the villagers will make even more money if they exported the air to the cities.

Photo: Prophetess’ arrested for abducting, duping man of N3m in Lagos

A self-acclaimed prophetess named Victoria Okere of the New Revelation Church in Ogba Oke Ira area of Lagos state, has been arrested by the state police command for allegedly abducting a man identified as Wisdom Aworegbe and defrauding him of N3,000,000.

According to The Tribune, the accused was arrested by policemen attached to Ikeja divisional police station, after a complaint was lodged by relatives of the victim. According to the family members, the victim was about to connive with Wisdom to sell a property belonging to his sister to the prophetess when trouble started.

A police source who spoke anonymously said
“What the man’s relatives told us was that the woman abducted him and collected N3,000,000 from him, within a month".
Lagos state police spokesperon, Dolapo Badmos while confirming the arrest, said that the duo were perfecting plans to sell the house, when policemen arrested them. They have both been arrested. She also said that the case was still under investigation.

Rihanna reacts to 'feud' with Beyonce, calls it 'nonsense'

Rihanna, whose album 'Anti' is currently topping the Billboard charts has finally reacted to reports of a possible feud between herself and Beyonce, calling it 'nonsense'.
 'Nonsense!', Rihanna told Vogue. "Here's the deal' "They just get so excited to feast on something that's negative. Something that's competitive. Something that's, you know, a rivalry. And that's just not what I wake up to. Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that."
Meanwhile Beyonce's life-long friend Kelly Rowland also says there is no feud between both stars.
“They are two women who support each other,” Rowland said to SXSW. “The rest of the world starts the rivalry. They are very secure women.”

Man pours hot water on step-son after catching him with a man at their home

21 year old Anthony Gooden was attacked by his step father, 48-year-old Martin Blackwell, after Blackwell caught him at their home with another man. Anthony who is openly gay had been warned by Blackwell not to bring men to the home he shared with his wife, who is Anthony's mother. Blackwell is said to be anti-gay and had warned Anthony severally to not bring any gay activity to his home.

A stubborn Anthony last week invited a male companion to spend the night with him and when Martin found out, he reportedly entered the room and poured scalding hot water on the couple. "Get out of my house with all that gay,” Blackwell allegedly said.

Martin and his partner suffered from second- and third-degree burns. The partner that required skin to be moved from his thigh to his back over 10 days in the hospital.

Anthony is recuperating in hospital. Martin has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Kourtney K goes to watch Justin Bieber's concert, Khloe shades her for going

Kourtney Kardashian dressed up sexy to watch Justin Bieber, her rumoured beau's
Purpose World Tour in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday night as sister her sister, Khloe makes fun of her for going. Khloe's fun shade and more photos after the cut...

Tyga spotted shopping with a pretty female that's not Kylie Jenner

Tyga and Kylie on Saturday for Rob's birthday party

Photos: NEMA Yobe Coordination Office distributes kits to mothers of newborn babies at Bukar Ali and Kasaisa IDP camps.

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Yobe Coordination Office conducted assessment of the population and feeding of IDPs at Bukar Ali and Kasaisa camps on the 19th and 21 of March. Baby kits were also distributed to mothers of newborn babies. More photos after the cut...

Source: NEMA Yobe Coordination Office/Facebook

This woman was called a racist because of her yard lantern so she decided to set them straight with its origin

Lawn ornaments have always been a popular expression of culture in the US, whether they be plastic pink flamingos, ceramic gnomes, or stone frogs and lizards.  A Connecticut woman, Sandra Dee McNair is one of those people who owns a lawn ornament, a black footman or jockey. She said people often called her racist or insensitive for owning the ornament so she took to her facebook page to set people straight. See the photo of the ornament and ehat she wrote on FB below:

“I often get asked about my lantern footman sitting in my front yard. I’ve had black people say you shouldn’t have that out that way “it makes people think you are a racist” I laugh, or “its offensive to white people” again I laugh and then explain what the significance of the lantern footman really is.
I’m really amazed at how a lot of people don’t know the real meaning behind these statues, so they vandalize them, bitch about them being racist, etc.
The image of a black ‘footman’ with a lantern signified the home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. These are largely a northern thing, and weren’t commonly found in the South until after WWII when northerners moved there and brought this custom with them.
The clothing of the statue was also coded. A striped jockey’s shirt meant that this was a place to swap horses, while a footman in a tailed coat meant overnight lodgings/food, and a blue sailor’s waistcoat meant the homeowner could take you to a port and get you on a ship to Canada.
I always laugh when I hear black folks talk about how racist these are, because honestly, the cats who had them were likely the LEAST racist. Later, these came back into popularity after WWII, and they were again coded to show the white homeowners supported early civil rights efforts, weren’t Klan, etc.”
According to US history:
When used as a symbol on the Underground Railroad, a green scarf tied around the statue’s neck meant “come in,” while a red scarf meant that the house was being watched and to keep going.

The “jockey” is a reference to Jocko Graves, an African-American youth who served with General George Washington at the time that he crossed the Delaware. The General thought him too young to take along, so he left him on the Pennsylvania side to tend to the horses and to keep a light on the bank for their return. But the boy froze to death on the river bank during the night, the lantern still in his hand. The General was moved by the boy’s devotion, and had a statue sculpted and installed at his Mount Vernon estate. He called the sculpture “The Faithful Groomsman.”

Man strangles pregnant ex-girlfriend to death after she reports him to taxman

24 year old Matthew Smith strangled his pregnant ex girlfriend and mother of his 2 children, Isobel 'Becky' Parker, 23, in the bathroom of her home in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, after discovering his tax credits had been stopped because he thought she reported him to the taxman.

After he killed her with cable ties wound tightly around her neck, he sent a text message to her younger sister, which read: "By the time you get there it will be too late."
When Sarah asked him where he was, he replied: "We all know it is too late for that."
Out of fear for Becky's safety, her distraught sister ran to her home only to find Becky strangled to death in the tub.
Police were called and Smith was arrested on the suspicion of murder. Smith admitted to killing Becky, who was six months' pregnant with another man's baby. But said he was out of his mind when he did it.
During the trial, the jury heard how Becky, a former restaurant worker, had been in a relationship with Smith for at least six years but had left him after she met someone else. Smith took the break very badly but got around to accepting that Becky had moved on. She got pregnant almost immediately after meeting the man last year.

Just over two weeks before her death, Becky had contacted the taxman to report a change in circumstances within the household and to tell them that Smith had moved out.
As a result, it was calculated that Smith had been overpaid by £1,527.21 in tax credits - which needed to be repaid - since he left the family home just after Christmas in 2014.
The prosecutor, Mr Caudle told the court:
"According to Shane Anderson [Becky's new boyfriend], the defendant was always trying to get Becky to go out with him and his family despite her telling him repeatedly that the relationship was over and there was no more him and her.
"In Shane's view, the defendant did not want to see Becky happy and was very jealous."
Mr Caudle added: "He [Smith] tightened cable ties to her neck to a degree that they could not be seen and he murdered her.
"Maybe because of jealousy that she was pregnant with a new boyfriend, maybe that combined with she had told taxman he was no longer around and he no longer had tax credits, we don't know."

Smith was sentenced to life in prison but he showed no emotion when they handed the sentence to him.

UK Mirror