Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Woman charged after video shows her engaged in oral sex with two dogs

Miranda Johns, 21, from Florida, has been charged with three counts of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal after police were presented with video footage allegedly showing her engaged in oral sex with two dogs.

Police weren't even looking for the tape, it turned up as they were investigating allegations of sexual assault she had made against a man.

The man is then believed to have produced a recording showing Johns with a pair of dogs. The man was being interviewed on suspicion of sexual battery which he denied and instead showed officers videos of the doggy encounter the lady had sent him.

Johns has been released on £4000 bail.

Very graphic pic: 9 year old Malawi 'Albino' boy becomes the latest victim of the murderous 'Albino hunters'

Criminal gangs nicknamed "albino hunters" and armed with machetes, knives and axes are striking fear into people living with albinism in Malawi, abducting and often killing their victims in broad daylight and in the dead of night, prompting police to announce a shoot-to-kill policy.
The latest victim of the brutal attacks is a nine-year old boy with albinism from Malawi's eastern district of Machinga. His mother Edna Cedrick tried to rescue her son Brian when two attackers abducted him early in March 2016.
A police officer from Machinga district, Isaac Ndala, confirmed the abduction, adding that the kidnappers injured the boy's mother. The abduction happened while her husband was away on a fishing errand at the nearby Lake Chilwa.

According to South Malawi News, the mutilated body of the boy has been found. His head and other parts of his body were cut off (pictured). Police have arrested a 22-year-old man for taking part in the gruesome murder.
The audacious kidnapping is not an isolated case, as abductions, attempted killings and brutal murders have prompted some police authorities to brand albinos an "endangered species" in Malawi.
According to the police, by now about 50 criminal offences have been committed against albinos and the number might even be higher than as some incidents may not have been reported to police.
"The latest statistics we have are of last year, 2015," Malawi police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa told News24.
"Over 30 criminal cases were reported that included killings, abductions, and being found with bones of persons with albinism. Just imagine, there are even some daredevils who go to cemeteries to dig graves where people with albinism were buried. All that is done in the name of hunting for the body parts or bones of albinos," he said.
Sources: News 25 and South Malawi News

Egypt arrive Nigeria today as coach Samson Siasia insists 'I don't fear them'

The Pharaohs of Egypt will fly direct into Kaduna on Wednesday from Cairo, two days before the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying fixture against Nigeria on Friday, March 25, according to a report by ThisDay.

The first of the two Group G fixtures between the Nigeria and Egypt will take place at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on Friday.

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) sources revealed Monday that the Egyptians have already informed the Glass House in Abuja that they will be flying in aboard their national carrier, Egypt Air.

Egypt possesses European football stars like Mohamed Salah of AS Roma, Arsenal's Mohamed Elneny, Mahmoud Trezeguet of Anderlecht, Ahmed Hassan Kouka of Sporting Braga Portugal but Super Eagles coach Samson Siasia believes his players have what it takes to defeat the Pharaohs on Friday.
"Trust me, there will be no sentiment in selecting the team against Egypt on Friday. We have about seven training sessions for every player to show their readiness to play the game. I have invited them based on their current form in their clubs, now is the time for them to show Nigerians that what we see them do in Europe is real," Siasia told
"I am thrilled by their various club performance and if they reproduce such forms here in Nigeria colour, I see no reason why Egypt will not be beaten soundly on Friday. The job demands total commitment from every player and official and with God on our side, we shall triumph over the two legs." "The response of players to camp, I must say was encouraging and it gives me the confidence that we are going to have a very good game on Friday. We don't fear Egypt. In fact, they should fear us because we won't give them any breathing space in Kaduna and Alexandria,"

Project Smile Fun Day Out with Dr Sid to Celebrate World Oral Health Day

The Project Smile Team and some of the beneficiaries of the Project Smile Makeover Competition paid a visit to Dr Sid, who is a Project Smile Celebrity Judge (don’t forget he is also a dentist) to mark this World Oral Health Day 2016 which holds on the 20th of March yearly.

The theme for WOHD 2016 is “It all starts here, healthy mouth, healthy body”. Project Smile is Nigeria’s foremost CSR dental makeover initiative by Dr Amy Traore-Shumbusho of Smile 360 Dental Specialists and is supported by Oral-B.

The CSR- initiative seeks to impact the lives of those individuals unlucky to be affected by dental flaws that has had them stigmatized all their lives. These flaws range from over-crowded, protruding and discoloured teeth to far more complex cases. This scheme seeks to give free treatments to such deserving individuals a chance in a life time to correct this and have the perfect teeth.

Buhari never rejected joining the Islamic States Coalition against Terrorism- Shehu Garba

In an article titled "The Smell of Trivia" which he shared on his Facebook wall, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba, says President Buhari never rejected joining the Islamic States Coalition against Terrorism.

Garba in his article said the backlash after Nigeria joined the coalition is uncalled for as Buhari during his meeting with Saudi Arabia's king only said "Even if we are not a part of it, we support you". Read his article after the cut..

A good number of the reactions to President Muhammadu Buhari’s announcement that Nigeria has joined the Islamic Coalition Against Terrorism, show quite clearly that many Nigerians do not fully understand the president’s motives for this decision.

With the rise of the Boko Haram Terrorist group of the past few years, Nigeria faces a threat such as no other in its entire history and existence. Desperate times require desperate, unusual, measures. The girls in Gwoza who were raped by militants do not care where the help comes from as far as they will eventually be able to move about freely without fear of being kidnapped and used as sex slaves.

The mothers in Bama whose sons were slaughtered before their eyes do not worry whether Boko Haram is defeated by a Christian or Muslim coalition. The hundreds of thousands in IDP camps are concerned simply about when they can safely return to their homes and resume their normal lives. For these ones most hard hit by the Boko Haram terrorists, whether the help they so desperately need comes from the United States of America or from Saudi Arabia does not matter.

One of the main thrusts of President Buhari’s campaign was the war on terror. He promised that his administration would bring an end to Boko Haram, and set about doing just that as soon as he was elected, travelling to different countries and meeting with various heads of state to discuss the way forward on the issue.

At the time, no Nigerian worried that President Buhari was seeking help from the West. No one worried about the ideology of those willing and able to help our country to defeat terror. Nigerians were simply united with their President in a determination to bring Boko Haram to an end so that our brothers and sisters in the northeast can resume their normal lives.

It is on account of these people and their desperate situation, and on the basis of national interest only, that President Buhari accepted the offer, with both hands, of assistance from G7 countries at the commencement of his administration. Religion was not a consideration then.

It is also not a consideration now that he has made the decision to embrace help in fighting terror from the Middle-East. The safety of Nigerians and the total annihilation of Boko Haram is of more importance than the unfounded worries of Nigeria’s so-called Islamisation.

Those efforts by President Buhari led to several gains, including the technical defeat of Boko Haram by the end of 2015 as he had promised during the election campaigns. Once again, our Commander-in-Chief has sought help where he believes our country will benefit and the religious affiliation or ideology of our benefactors should not be the paramount consideration.

It is simply one of those cases where the enemies of our enemy has become our enemy. The enemy of terrorists all around the globe is our friend. The fears that our country’s membership in this coalition will draw Islamic State, ISIS’s attention to Nigeria are too late.

As the President has repeatedly maintained, it is Boko Haram that proclaimed allegiance to ISIS, thereby dragging us into the global terrorism network. By pledging allegiance to ISIS, the terrorists already drew the international terror group’s attention to this part of the world. ISIS proudly and openly accepted this proclamation of allegiance.

They have their sights set on us already. Terrorism is heathen and knows no religion. It can only be defeated by the unity of entire humanity. Criticism of the membership of this alliance only shows our disarray and a lack of unity against terror and will only make the terrorists happy.

The fears of so-called Islamisation are strange and unfounded, and meant only to feed the fear and suspicions existing among Nigerians. With a precedent as shown above, it will be unkind and uncharitable of anyone to accuse President Buhari of executing deception. In an unusually harsh commentary, this country's most respected newspaper

The Punch on Sunday succeeded in exactly doing this. Read this: "The presidency’s doublespeak on Nigeria’s membership of the Saudi Arabia-led anti-terror Islamic coalition is unfortunate in the extreme.

In the beginning, an aide to the president on media and publicity issued a statement to the effect that the president had declined Nigeria’s membership of the coalition and therefore did not attend its meeting while on a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia.

But barely two weeks after, President Muhammadu Buhari himself confirmed Nigeria’s membership of the coalition in an interview with a foreign television station, Al- Jazeera. Buhari, who never tabled such a sensitive matter before the National Assembly, said there are terrorists in Nigeria who have claimed to be Muslims.

So, according to the him, “We are part of it because we have got terrorists in Nigeria who claim that they are Islamic.

So, if there is an Islamic coalition to fight terrorism, Nigeria will be part of it because we are casualties of Islamic terrorism. "This explanation is simplistic, to say the least and does not do any good to expected political astuteness of President Buhari. In the main, membership of any such coalition is unacceptable for it offends the sensibilities of Nigerians in their diverse inclinations and should be reversed." Sensibilities offended?

Can anyone face the more than two million unhoused, mostly Muslim refugees displaced by terror now being fed, almost exclusively by Christian charities that it is offensive them, or that it matters to them who, between Christians and Muslims is supplying the next meal? The one who raised a tent over their heads?

 Let me say that the presidential aide in question is no other than myself. Although I write statements emanating from the Presidency, I don't choose what headline writers will use to caption those stories. To that extent, it is untrue of anyone to say the President had ab initio rejected a membership of the coalition against terror.

What the President said, to paraphrase him, was that "we may not be with you, but we will support you in every possible way we can." This does not presuppose rejection. Even if it was one, nothing says that a government cannot move or adjust its position based on new, superior facts as we individuals do in our daily lives.

That some of the criticism against the President is coming from opposition Senators is even more absurd, showing a lack of judgement and discrimination- or even worse. It holds up a mirror to the PDP's cluelessness and total absence of strategy to defeat Boko Haram terrorism.

The party's projection of itself as better than the APC in this regard is hobbled by their own record of indecision and serial abdication on Chibok girls as disclosed by Ambassador Packock and greed, corruption and a general incapacity to drive the anti terror war.

A set of politicians who failed to confront or attack terrorism while in power have no right to challenge President Buhari's hounding of them. To global acclaim. Trivia smells. There is a need for a new fragrance in the air.

Photo: Kwankwaso: "I heard that you came noisily and left quietly: Amaechi: Lie! I finished them! #claps

Some Facebook users have been coming up with possible topic of discussion between the transport Minister and former Governor of Kano State. Above is our own version...Lol

Graphic photos: Military officers daughter stabbed to death over Ipad in Bayelsa

Rachel Oduru, the daughter of a military officer, Capt. Dailyman Oduru was stabbed to death over an Ipad in Bayelsa state. According to her father who broke the news on his facebook wall, Rachel was a 100 level Arts student of the Niger Delta University who was due to matriculate this Saturday March 26th. Some unknown persons broke into her room and demanded for her Ipad. When they did not see it, they stabbed her. She bled to death. He has been quite distraught. Continue...

"I might just be the luckiest girl in the world"- Omotola writes as she and hubby celebrate 20th wedding anniversary

Actress Omotola Jade-Ekeinde and her husband, Mathew, are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary today March 23rd. She shared these photos on her Instagram page this morning and wrote "And... #happyanniversary to us. It is a pleasure experiencing life with you. I might just be the luckiest girl in the World ! Our #20yearsmarriageanniversary #march23rd #thecaptainandI"

Ok, wich one is this one again

Hearing about this for the first this a reality in some parts of Nigeria or they are just trying to scare people?

Euro 2016 matches this summer 'could be played behind closed doors without spectators because of terrorism' - UEFA

UEFA bosses are considering closing stadiums from fans this summer in France as the world is still coming to terms from the shock of the Paris Terror attack in the Stade de France last year and most recently the Brussels airport attack that gulped 34 lives.

The EURO 2016 Tournament which is the biggest football tournament for European nations, will be held across 10 stadiums in 10 cities in France with the capacity of the smallest stadium being 33,000 while the largest being 81,000 (Stade de France) making it an easy target for terrorists attack.

With the tournament barely 3 months away, UEFA executive committee vice-president Giancarlo Abete has admitted the best option could be to play the matches behind closed doors.
'Euro 2016 is the kind of event we can't delay or postpone.' Abete told French radio station Radio 24. We can't exclude the possibility of playing behind closed doors as we cannot exclude terrorism.'
In a statement, UEFA said:
'We will continue their joint work and will regularly monitor the level of risk for the tournament and their respective organisational plans. 'For over three years now, EURO 2016 SAS has been working closely with the relevant authorities to develop the most appropriate mechanisms in order to guarantee a safe and secure tournament and all necessary measures are being taken to ensure that is the case for all involved.' France's interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve was keen to stress adequate security measures have been put in place.
'The events in Brussels remind us of the very high level of security which is necessary to ensure Euro 2016 is successful,' said Cazeneuve, who at a press conference said the government would contribute £1.5million for CCTV projects to cover fan zones during the tournament.
'Euro 2016 must combine sportsmanship, festivity and security for the teams, coaches and fan. It is 80 days to the start of Euro 2016 and the organisers, cities and state services are fully mobilised. 'Euro 2016 should be a celebration but collective security is an obligation for everyone alongside the government.'

VP Yemi Osinbajo tweets on some of the resolutions from National Economic Council Retreat

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo took to his twitter handle to share some of the resolutions reached by himself and members of the National Economic Council after their two day retreat which ended in Abuja yesterday March 22nd. See more of his tweets after the cut...

Read from bottom up...

Bishop Oyedepo's daughter, Love, writes loving words to husband as they celebrate 3rd wedding anniversay

Love Oyedepo Ogah, the first daughter of Bishop David Oyedepo and her husband, Stephen Ogah celebrates their third wedding anniversary today. The couple got married on March 23 at 2013 at Canaan land. Love has only glowing words for her husband on the Facebook post she shared along with their wedding photo...

"Ecclesiastes 4:9 (KJV) Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. 3 years ago, I walked πŸ‘£ into My ‘Better’ season I am sooo thankful to GOD that I didn’t make a mistake πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ». I truly am married to the ‘BEST’ man for Me. Sweets, thank You πŸ‘πŸ½ for teaching Me, Showing Me, and Loving Me unconditionally. I am truly a much better person today because you continue to love 😍 Me into purpose and destiny fulfillment. I am soooooo thankful that I get to do life, and purpose with you Sweets Ogah Stephen. I know that the best is truly yet to come for us 🌈 Love You plenty plenty FOREVER πŸ’‹πŸ’‘ For those believing GOD for their own ‘Better’ season. I pray πŸ™πŸ½for you sincerely that you won’t miss out of GOD’S best for you. You will indeed be blessed with marriage GOD’S way, and you will enjoy your marriage. The GOD who brought Us into Our better season is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and trust Me, He desires the best for you. So be encouraged knowing that as your father, GOD has your back, and He will match you with His choice for you. Be anxious for nothing, He has you covered (Philippians 4:6)

Actress Chinyere Wilfred shares new photos to celebrate her birthday today

Nollywood actress Chinyere Wilfred shared these photos on her IG page to celebrate her birthday which is today March 23rd. Happy birthday to her. Continue to see more photos...

Photos: Footballer Samir Nasri's $330k lamborghini impounded by police

Remember Manchester City footballer Samir Nasri's $330k Lamborghini Aventador which he showed off last weekend? It's now been seized by Greater Manchester Police for having illegal registration documents.

The 28-year-old Manchester City midfielder was seen leaning against the wall after being pulled over by police. His $330,000 supercar was not registered in Britain.

Nasri was pictured on Wilson Street in the Beswick area of the city, not far from from his club's multi-million pound training complex, before being picked up by a club chauffeur.

Brussels attack: Third man in surveilance photo sought by Belgian police

Police say they are looking for the man on the right in connection with the Brussels attack.
In grainy images from surveillance footage, a man wearing light-colored clothes and a hat pushing a baggage cart through the airport was seen with the other two suicide bombers and is now being sought by the Belgian police. All three men were shown walking side by side.
Two of the men, wearing black in surveillance images, are believed to be the suicide bombers who died in the two explosions at the Brussels airport and another at a busy metro station in the Belgian capital Tuesday that killed at least 30 people and wounded 230 others.
They are so to have each had a 'dead man switch' inside their black gloves. With the switch, even if they had been discovered and gotten shot, the bomb would have still gone off.
According to reports, the man in the light coloured clothes was supposed to make sure the other two carried out their evil deed.
Investigators believe the one in the light-colored clothing planted a bomb at the airport, then left but the bomb didn't go off. Authorities called him a wanted man and asked for the public's help tracking him down.

A break in the investigation may have come from a taxi driver who said he took the suspects to the airport.
The driver contacted authorities after seeing surveillance video of the three men and gave them the address where he picked the men up, according to two U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.
That information prompted authorities to raid a residence after the attacks, the officials said.
Investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag during a house search in the northeast Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek., Belgium's federal prosecutor said in a statement. 

Photos: Governor Wike, others celebrate PDP's victory at Rivers State re-run election

Following the People Democratic Party(PDP) landslide victory at the National and State Assemblies re-run elections in Rivers States, Governor Nyesom led other party members, supporters and officials in a thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday, March 22 at the government house. More photos after the cut...