Saturday, 27 August 2016

Budget padding scandal: Jibrin discloses how Dogara, Gbajabiamila, others allegedly received over N10bn in allowances

Sacked Chairman of the House of Representatives committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin has released another statement disclosing how Speaker Yakubu Dogara, House leader Femi Gbajabiamila and others who have been in the House of Reps before this present administration have received well over N 10 billion in allowances. 
According to him, the allowances are supposed to be what is referred to as "office running cost" but the lawmakers convert it into personal funds which they use to buy choice houses and cars and live luxurious lifestyle which they couldn't afford before they came into the green chamber.  He says if the 10 Principal Officers of the House of Representatives are named and shamed,  it will force reform in the House of Representatives. He insists that the House of Representatives is highly involved in sharp practices. Read his statement below

In line with my resolve to continue to expose individual and systemic corruption in the House of Representatives, I will today commence the disclosure of what many Nigerians believe is almost impossible to reveal or are not even aware of – the allowances of Members of the House.
Recall that in the last one month, I have exposed 2016 budget fraud perpetrated by Speaker Dogara, Lasun, Doguwa and Ogor. I have also exposed the mismanagement and non-disclosure of the internal budget of the House, just as I exposed some other fraudulent activities perpetrated by Speaker Dogara and 9 other members. All these are in different stages of investigation.
I have offered to stand as witness against these corrupt members and continue to cooperate with the anti-corruption agencies. I have done my part, and left the rest to the anti corruption agencies, the judiciary and Nigerians. After the allowances issue, the next exposé will delve into investigative hearings and oversight activities.
My resolve to open up on the controversial allowances should be instructive to all those who think I am only out to get Speaker Dogara out of his seat. If that is my mission, I will definitely not go into the issue of allowances, which is the only aspect that unites the entire House.
I have said it repeatedly that this activism has been running in my blood, and thankfully the fallout of the 2016 budget became the trigger and provided me with the right avenue. I always take solace in the fact that posterity will judge not only Members of the House but our leaders and Nigerians as a whole on how they support or oppose Speaker Dogara and the other accused Principal Officers' avaricious move to hold on to power in the face of these mounting accusations.
But if members of the House and Nigerians still feel at home with Dogara, a corrupt number 4 citizen, despite the overwhelming allegations against him and his gang, so be it! If my colleagues chose to support Speaker Dogara, I wish them safe journey. But be rest assured that in this struggle, I shall continue alone!
Many prominent Nigerians have approached me in the past few weeks and I took time to explain my mission to them. Whether they are convinced or not, I am not sure. All I know too well is that none of them, after listening to me, insisted that I drop this line of action. I have said it over and over again that I will continue this anti-corruption crusade to wipe out corruption in the House and trigger internal reforms so that Nigerians can have the ideal representatives they yearn for.
The imperative of having a corrupt-free House of Representatives cannot be over-emphasized. It is only when the Legislature comes with purity that effective oversight will be carried out and investigative hearing to expose fraud and corruption can be undertaken. When the House is corrupt, it affects the whole country because the House of Representatives is the largest representation of Nigerians. This must be the starting point of the fight against corruption. I dare say the root of our economic, political and social problems as a country lies in the House. No amount of economic strategy will succeed in this country if we do not put hands together and decisively deal with corruption in the House.
The consequential effect of dealing with corruption in the House, especially the allowances issue, will take its toll on even elections. Candidates usually spend so much money hoping that they can recoup from the huge allowances they will receive when elected into House. When you know that there is no such money in the House to be shared, I am sure nobody will want to put in so much money just to win an election to the House. The resultant effect will be that only people who truly want to serve will vie for the office, and voters will be obliged to vote according to the dictate of their conscience. This is just one advantage.
Now we come to the crux of the matter. It should be noted, however, that money is voted as "running cost" to members apart from salaries. You don't need a professor or a committee of technocrats to tell you what is reasonable as running cost for member of the House and also how the money should be administered and who should be the recipient of the money.
The way the allowances of members is currently structured can not pass the integrity test of any of the aforesaid. The issue of allowances of Members of the House is another systemic corruption. Since you can not afford the systemic shock if you go all out and arrest 200 to 300 members at once, what you do is to deal with the issues in phases.
Today, I will start with the 10 Principal Officers of the House of Representatives. If just these 10 are named and shamed it will force reform in the House. I will therefore provide what each one of them had collected as "office running cost" in their entire stay in the House. If any one of them disputes my figure, he or she should not make a drama out of it but just simply tell the country how much he or she has collected.
Running cost is a money collected by many members (with a few exception) and used as personal funds. No more, no less – case closed! Most of these members use it to acquire properties, cars and live a life of luxury they never lived before coming to the House. Though there exist systems for retirement of such money but a simple investigation by a primary school pupil will reveal the massive fraud therein.
From computation of various sub heads of allowances of the House, Speaker Yakubu Dogara has been in the House from 2007 to date. He has received about 1.5billion naira. Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun has been in the house from 2011 to date. He has received about 800million naira. House Leader Femi Gbajabiamila has been in the House from 2003 to date. He has received about 1.2billion naira. Deputy House Leader Buba has been in the House from 2007 to date. He received about 1.2billion naira. Whip Alhassan Doguwa has been in the House from 2003 to date. He has received about 1.2 billion naira. Deputy Whip Pally Iriase has been in the house from 2011 to date. He has received 700 million naira. Minority Leader Leo Ogor has been in the House from 2007 to date. He has received 1.2 billion naira. Deputy Minority Leader Barde has been in the House from 2011 to date. He has received 700 million naira. Minority Whip Chuma has been in the House from 2007 to date. He had received 800 million naira. And finally, Deputy Minority Whip Binta has been in the House from 2011 to date. She has received 700 million naira.
So in between these 10 Principal Officers, the country has pumped about 10 billion naira – and still counting! As I have mentioned earlier, in most cases with few exceptions, these funds are diverted for personal use. I will provide further break down of these figures in due course. I will also provide 50 additional names of members with worst cases of diversion of such funds in due course so we can name and shame them.
As we continue this struggle to wipe out corruption and restore sanity in the House of Representatives, I will continue to urge Nigerians to remain vigilant as these corrupt elements can go to any length to change the narration and evade justice.

Throwback photos of House of Reps. member, Abdulmumin Jibrin, Dino Melaye and Obasanjo from 13 years ago

Embattled House of Representatives member, Abdulmumin Jibrin shared some pictorial of his life before he was elected into the House, including one with Senator Dino Melaye during Obasanjo's presidential campaign. Also pictured is a Thisday Style cover with his first wife, Laila.

She was born a man...but check her out now! Don't hate! Lol

She's a well-known transgender model named Morgan West and is rumoured to be dating one of the Washington Wizards stars...

"The mention of ur name is my worship"- Mercy Johnson-Okojie tells hubby as they celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary

Actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie and her husband, Prince, are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary today August 27th. An excited Mercy took to her IG page to express her love to the father of her three children. She wrote;

"Fate and time have stood as a witness to our love 

You are in my heart like a prayer and the mention of ur name is my worship
With you thorns feel like flowers in my hands
The biggest risk in my life is spending a moment without u
Love bows to no one and needs no permission hence ur name is in my heart like a prayer
I love u babes,everyone is intoxicated by something but I am intoxicated by u,
Ur my fantasy and my every imagination
I love u so much,my quarreling partner,my gossip pal,my trusted friend,my secret keeper and lover.
5yrs down,forever to go.Please Pray for me my friends cus I adore him and with him is where I want to be.
HWA My Hope

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Photos: Female fuel attendant whose monthly salary is N15,000 found and returned lost money

Few weeks ago, a female fuel attendant at Mobil filling station, Gwagwalada, Abuja found N30,000 lost by a customer. The young lady who's named Esther earns N15,000 monthly salary but in a rare display of integrity, she decided to return the money to the owner. Hear from Efe Okposio:

"Some weeks ago I drove into the Mobil filling station on Teaching Hospital rd Gwagwalada Abuja to get fuel. Unknown to me 30k dropped off the car when I opened the door. When I got to my next stop to pick some things I discovered the money way missing. 
After driving around for about 30mins I decided to check the filling station. When I asked Esther the fuel attendant about the money. She just stepped into their office and brought my 30 thousand. She could have denied seeing the money and I couldn't have suspected her. But she brought the money out. 30k is her two months salary but she rose above it.
So when next you're in Gwagwalada Abuja and your fuel is running low. Stop by at Mobil filling station on Teaching hospital rd. Ask of Esther and give her a good tip"

Rapper Yung Joc mocked for his new hairstyle

Rapper and Love & Hip Hop’s star Yung Joc showed off his new hairstyle (right) two days ago and people on the internet have been having a blast mocking it, calling it ridiculous... You like?

Photos of young black man and his elderly white lover goes viral

These photos of a young black man and his alleged older white lover has been making the round on social media. The woman is said to be in her 70s. Love doesn't care about age...:-). More photos after the cut...

Former BBA contestant Pokello shares cute photos with her kids at the beach

Pokello had a fun time at the beach with her two sons, Nathan and Tristan. More photos after the cut

Meets Media: Adekunle Gold, Sound Sultan meets media as we celebrate Ladies of 'Your View' TVC talk Show

Meets Media’ is a monthly hangout and networking circle for media Professionals mainly from Nigeria. The event creates an enabling environment for communication and marketing professionals to interact with leading media organizations on how their respective companies work.

The event’s platform recognizes media personalities that have maintained consistent growth over the years. This August, ladies of  'Your View' TV talk show on Television Continental(TVC Lagos) will take centre stage.

The platform for the Media which celebrates the potential that exists within the Nigerian media industry also welcomes  corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, artistes, actors, record labels, filmmakers, Publicists, producers and individuals for press briefing purposes. These stakeholders share a learning experience with groups and forge ways they can work together to advance their agendas.

Provision of insights to public relations, advice on brand and product coverage and also building mutually beneficial relationship between media and other stake holders in respective industries are objectives of the event.

According to the event’s organizers: “The monthly media hangout recognizes persons demonstrating entrepreneurial aptitude, commercial acumen, vision, ambition and drive to build successful enterprises”.

This August 2016 event has been designed to create an atmosphere of exciting interactions and activities for publishers, writers, broadcasters and online mavens among others to gather to interact and share ideas while celebrating their achievements.

Activities to feature on the two hour ‘Meets Media’ dinner will include the reading out of media personality profiles, review of the album ‘GOLD’ with Adekunle Gold and the celebration of the ladies of 'Your View' TVC talk show under the ‘Media Personality Achievement’ section. Other planned activities are celebrity live chats, fireside chat, brand exhibitions, buffet/cocktails among others.

The August edition of  ‘Meets Media’ networking dinner event is scheduled to happen Aug. Sunday 28, 2016 from 6PM to 9PM Nigeria time at the Best Western Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.
•Contact: 07089654307

Date: Sunday August 28th, 2016.
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Venue: Best Western Hotel, Ahmadu Bello Way, Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Photos: NDLEA discovers cocaine hidden inside shoes, arrest three suspects

Officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) detected parcels of cocaine hidden inside the sole of shoes at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.
The consignment of shoes where the cocaine was discovered was said to have originated from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The owner of the luggage have been arrested while two other suspected drug traffickers that tested positive and excreted narcotic are also being investigated. A white powdery substance found to be cocaine with a total weight of 3.950kgs were seized from the suspects.

NDLEA commander at the Lagos Airport, Ahmadu Garuba said that one of the suspects concealed the drugs inside shoe soles while the remaining two ingested wraps of cocaine. In his words,
"Three suspects have been arrested with a total of 3.950kgs of cocaine. They are Mbatugosi Paul Ifechukwu, 32 year old caught with 1.950kgs of cocaine hidden inside shoe soles, Adugba Ugochukwu Godson, 34 year old who ingested 1.50kgs of cocaine on his way to Sydney, Australia and Onuoha Friday Dominic, 42 year old found to have ingested 850 grammes of cocaine from Brazil. The cases are under investigation and will be charged to court soon".
Mbatugosi Paul Ifechukwu who used to sell shoes at Enugu said that he was introduced into drug trafficking by a friend he met in Brazil.
"After my graduation from Technical College in my home town Ihiala, Anambra State in 2002; I went to Enugu where I was selling shoes. In 2015, I travelled to Brazil in search of better opportunities. However, while in Brazil, I worked as a barber to earn a living. After a year and three months in Brazil, I was disappointed because I had no savings, so I decided that I will get some money and be exporting shoes to Nigeria. It was in the process of looking for a start-up capital that a friend introduced me into drug trafficking. My friend bought the shoes and prepared the drugs inside 13 pairs. This is my first time and I was caught" Mbatugosi stated.
The second suspect, Adugba Ugochukwu Godson who ingested 1.150kgs of cocaine said that he wanted to visit his wife in Sydney, Australia when he was caught.
"I was travelling to visit my wife who lives in Australia when a friend introduced me to drug trafficking. Initially, I told turned down the idea because I never wanted anything that will tarnish my reputation. He later convinced me that I will never be caught and also promised me the sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). This was how I fell for him and found myself in this mess" Adugba who hails from Abia State stated.
Onuoha Friday Dominic was found to have ingested 850 grammes of cocaine equally blamed his involvement on friends. He travelled to Brazil in search of job opportunities but was unable to get job satisfaction.
"I was not satisfied working as an event planner in Brazil because the salary was just for subsistence living. After paying my bills, there was little or nothing left. That was how I was introduced into drug trafficking. My friend said that the only way to make quick money is through drug trafficking. He promised to pay me $15,000 and I agreed to swallow the drugs" Onuoha stated. He hails from Abia State.
In his reaction, the Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) expressed satisfaction with the arrests.
"Every arrest and seizure of drugs is a victory over drug syndicates. The NDLEA will continue to consolidate on the operational successes so far recorded by maintaining vigilance at all entry and exit points. This will be complimented with public awareness programmes on illegal drug production, trafficking and use aimed at reducing demand for drugs" Abdallah stated.

Throwback photos of Uche Jombo and Funke Akindele

The lady, Patricia, shared the throwback photos of the actresses from way back...
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