Thursday, 1 September 2016

Christina Milian puts her butt on display in shorts...

Some are speculating she got a butt job... she looks good!

Aero contractos, First Nation, are not folding up- NCAA says

Authorities at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority NCAA have come out to debunk reports that airlines, Aero contractors and First Nation, were folding up. This rumor followed the suspension of operations by both airlines. The Director-General of the NCAA, Capt. Muhtar Usman, in a statement released today, said the decision for the airlines to suspend their operations was taken so as to ensure that they carried out the required maintenance of their aircrafts.

“The First Nation Airlines on its part is in the middle of an Engine Replacement Programme for one of its aircrafts. Another aircraft is due for mandatory maintenance as allowed by the regulatory authority.
In these circumstances, these airlines clearly cannot continue to undertake schedule operations, hence the inevitable recourse to self regulatory suspension.”
NCAA boss maintained that both airlines had not folded up but that they were “merely suspending their operations temporarily to enable them undertake certain operational overhaul and strengthen their overall operational outlay.”

Eww...cockroach runs over a girl's body as films a sexy video...but she ignores

Badass She was filming a sexy video for the internet when a cockroach ran over her body, from her breast to her neck and onto the bed but she ignored it! Not sure if she didn't notice it or she was too embarrassed to acknowledge Watch here

Photos: Gabon Parliament set on fire after President Ali Bongo was declared winner

Angry protesters on Wednesday, set fire to Gabon’s national assembly as thousands of people took to the streets after an announcement that President Ali Bongo had been re-elected.

The clashes erupted immediately Bongo was declared the winner of Saturday’s presidential poll, with opposition supporters chanting “Ali must go".

Two people were killed and dozens injured injured as Gabon security forces stormed the opposition's headquarters early Thursday morning, a source inside the building said.
"They attacked around 1:00 am (0000 GMT). It is the Republican Guard. They were bombarding with helicopters and then they attacked on the ground. There are 19 people injured, some of them very seriously,"  said Ping, who was not at the party headquarters himself.
The president of the opposition National Union party, Zacharie Myboto, who was inside the besieged building, said security forces were hurling tear gas canisters and had opened fire.
"For nearly an hour the building has been surrounded. They want to enter the building… it is extremely violent," he said shortly after the siege began.
A government spokesman said the operation was to catch “criminals” who had earlier set fire to the parliament building.
"Armed people who set fire to the parliament had gathered at Jean Ping’s headquarters along with hundreds of looters and thugs… they were not political protesters but criminals,”"said Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nze.
A heavy military and police presence had brought large parts of Libreville to a standstill and internet access has also been cut.
"We have said that the people of Gabon are in danger. They (the international community) should come and help us against the clan (of Bongo)," Ping told AFP.
Results of the presidential election were announced Wednesday afternoon, handing Bongo a second term and extending the nearly five decade-long rule by his family.
The results, which gave Bongo 49.8 percent to Ping’s 48.23 percent  remain “provisional” until they are approved by the constitutional court.
The opposition has described the election as fraudulent and called for voting results from each of Gabon’s polling stations to be made public to ensure the credibility of overall outcome.
Bongo took power in 2009 in a violence-marred election that followed the death of his father Omar Bongo, who had ruled the oil-rich former French colony for 41 years.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for calm and expressed concern over the clashes and reports of arson, urging political leaders "to address their differences peacefully and to address any disputes they may have through existing constitutional and legal channels", the UN said in a statement.

More photos...

Source: AP/Reuter

Photos: Notorious kidnappers arrested in Benue State, six children rescued

Members of a notorious kidnapping gang that has been terrorizing Benue state were arrested today by Benue state security agencies. Six school children were rescued, some have been reunited with their families while some are yet to identify their parents.

Addressing news men in Makurdi, Governor Ortom reiterated that kidnappers and other criminals has no place in Benue and call on the people of the state to remain resolute and assist the security agencies to curb more criminals in the state as his administration will continue to do his best to chase away criminals in order to provide a conducive environment for investors come in.
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Photo credit: Paul Kyungun

WHU- Europe leading business school to host the 6th Edition of the Young CEOs Business Summit in Dusseldorf Germany

On the 24th & 25th September, 2016 

As world leaders gabble with the outbreak of unemployment as a major Global Challenge, experts say the most of the hope for a turnaround depends mostly on SMEs.
The Young CEOS Business Summit is designed for pioneering CEOs, next-generation, and emerging Global Business Leaders who aspire to conduct their businesses in tandem with global best practices.

This 6th edition will have carefully selected 100 Young African CEOs in attendance and application will be open to you If you think your business has a potential to compete on the Global stage, or requires funding for expansion. Please kindly apply via . Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted to attend the summit.

This premium Edition is in Partnership with WHU Business School, and will feature prominent German and European Investors, Serial entrepreneurs, Including Department for International Business Services Germany, AHP Capital, wealth management & investment and many notable investment companies.

Panelist include Prof Serden Ozcan Chair of Innovation at WHU & former founding Director, Entrepreneurship platform Copenhagen Business School ( He has also featured prominently as a consultant for IBM, Price water House, cooper Management Consultant etc), Sophie Bennett- MD The wealth network Ltd & founder & lead mentor The millionaire author academy UK,  Annett KLerks- Head, dept for international business services, Justina Mutale MD/CEO positive runway UK, Lars Hunches- Angel investor & Managing Partner AHP Capital, Prof.  Saschal L. Schmidt- business economics WHU business school, Sunday Ogidigbo ED HRelief, NElly Costadinova, Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck-MD BurdaForward; one of the most successful publishing companies in Germany and many more...

The core mandate of the YCBS is to redefine Business Collaboration with Africa & the rest of the World.

At YCBS, we provide applied-learning experience, new business innovation knowledge sharing opportunities with Young Dynamic CEOs from across World. Our practical and very engaging approach is achieved through Business Sessions, Trade Collaborations, Seminars, Expert Business Tour and engaging networking sessions.

For enquiry; +49 178 6086970, +2348033167827, +2348034532300 OR Kindly visit or

"If I had to do it all over, it would still be you" Teju Babyface and wife Tobi celebrate 4th wedding anniversary

Comedian and Talk show host Teju Babyface and his wife former model and make up artist, Tobi Oyelakin are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today. The couple got married on September 1, 2012. The TV producer shared their photos on Instagram along with a sweet message to his wife.
"4+...if I had to do it all over, it would still be you" he captioned the photo.

Photos: Pres. Buhari visits Osun state

President Buhari is in Osun state on a one-day working visit. He has already commissioned some projects executed by the Rauf Aregbesola led government. More photos after the cut...

"I married my husband so people could stop calling me an evil mistress'- says Ese Walter who had an affair with COZA pastor

On her IG page this morning, Ese Walter said she married OAP Benny Ark, just to shut people's mouth up. She revealed that she didn't love him when they got married two and a half years ago and had issues trusting him so many months after marriage. She says she has gotten some help and is currently dealing with all the issues. She shared the photo above and wrote;
"When I agreed to marry him two and a half years ago, I didn't love him. Heck I didn't love my own self. I just needed a change of story. I needed to stop being the girl everyone called an evil mistress and "graduate" to somebody's Mrs. I thought the Mrs title was going to save my ass and bring me some sort of redemption. I was wrong.
Calling what happened next a disaster is putting it mildly. Weeks into living together brought out the worse in both of us. I thought I made a mistake. I didn't trust him so why was I married to him. We would argue over everything and I convinced myself I wanted out despite the baby on the way. In therapy I was able to face my own demons for the first time. I realised it was never about him or the other guys I dated. I was always looking for a fix outside of myself. I was always needing someone to take away the pain and save my lonely self. I was looking for what I wasn't because I thought that could heal me.
Months of living outside my comfort zone and going where the pain was brought me face to face with my demons that saved me. I didn't trust him because I didn't trust me. I couldn't love him because I had no love to give. I was always blaming him because it was easier to project than take responsibility. As I started to evolve and see my own self, I was able to see him for the first time. As I started loving myself, I was able to love him and now as I learn to trust myself, I am trusting him, one day at a time. As I lay beside him last night I remembered a quote I read sometime ago. I don't remember who said it but it read, "when you love the one you got, the one you got becomes the one you love." When I stopped trying to change him and let him be, I was able to give room for his own evolving. He ain't perfect. Who wants perfect anyways? I am learning that all is as it should be in the Universe, there are no mistakes only feedback. The Universe brought the one I needed for my evolving and I am thankful. GRATITUDE is my dominant feeling this morning. If you are struggling with the one you love, know that the world's standard of love is fucked up. Vibrate higher and love because of love.

'Breastfeeding, mac & cheese and sex with husband Ice-T are my secrets to staying fit' - Coco reveals

37 year old reality star, dancer and glamour model, Coco Austin also known as Coco has revealed that breastfeeding, eating mac and cheese, and sex with her husband Ice-T are responsible for keeping her fit as she hasn't been able to go to the gym in almost two years.

Coco revealed this and more about parenting at her baby Chanel's nine-month birthday photo shoot this week...

 "I personally haven't been in the gym in the past year and a half, two years because of Chanel. I stopped going to the gym when I was pregnant then I've waited nine months after so I literally just started getting back into the routine this week to tell you the truth," she explained to E! News 
"I just watch what I eat. I don't overeat."

Coco added, "I think it has to do with diet. I eat what I want, but small portions. I don't go overboard. Yes, I have the mac & cheese and I have my dessert, but I'm just trying to get back in the groove because I don't feel good inside yet."

"I'm slowing breastfeeding down a little bit but I'm still burning a nice amount and I just feel like I might look good to people, but I don't feel good inside so I think that's more of a mental thing," she shared E! News

"We have a little system and our system is we have a co-sleeper right next to our bed so what we do is we get her all nice and tidy and all that stuff and then we get our sexy time," she revealed. "Hey, you got to do with the kid in the room or without the kid in the room. You just have to be a little more quiet."

She continued, "People know. Parents know about it. I'm not even going to hide that situation. You gotta get it somewhere. What are we going to do?"

Graphic photos: Dead body found in Atakpo river in Delta state

A dead body of a yet to be identified man was found in the Atakpo river at Ibusa in Oshimili North Local government area of Delta state today. His body was brought out and placed in the middle of the road. The youths in the area are presently protesting the recurring deaths that have been witnessed in their community. More photos after the cut...

Photo credit: Chris Onwugbolu...

Luxury store accused of insulting the poor after offering distressed trainers for sale at £450 a pair

Barney's, a luxury department store in New York is getting plenty of stick for its latest fashion offering. A pre-distressed trainers called Golden Goose, "styled with duct tape" for $585. The move has drawn the ire of some twitter users who think they are being rude to poor people who really have to make do with such shoes. See anything wrong with it?  See the tweets after the cut.