Tuesday, 6 September 2016

See this epic throwback photo of Mourinho and Guardiola

The two were once good friends when they worked together at Barca before they found themselves at loggerheads with Mourinho at Real Madrid and Guardiola at Barca. They have both moved to the premier and to continue where they left off and the show kicks off in earnest when their teams line up for the Manchester Derby this weekend.

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them - Rukky Sanda

The actress shared these beautiful photos and captioned it: All ur dreams can come true if u av d courage to pursue them. #stayfocused #dreambig #workhard #prayhard

Kim Kardashian wears racy metal swimsuit in new photo

As she shared on her page..

Lucky escape! Stubborn wildebeest breaks free from hungry crocodile after being dragged under water

 For one very lucky wildebeest, the will to live overpowered the jaws of death and it's 'die another day'. Thousands of wildebeest had been crossing the Mara River between Tanzania and Kenya for their seasonal migration when a crocodile thought it had hit the jackpot and grabbed one by the tail. The animal just didn't fancy becoming some other guys lunch and put up an almighty struggle, it kept fighting against what looked like impossible odds and as if the gods honoured its persistence, it got away after the crocodile became distracted by a herd of Zebras.

Amateur photographer and full time mother Corlette Wessels from Johannesburg, who was on holiday in Kenya, was on hand to snap the battle.
She said:
'Every year animals cross over the Mara River into Tanzania or back into the Mara.
'They move from season to season to go to the area where it rained for better grazing. Normally between July and October they cross over to Tanzania side - there are no fences so the animals can roam free. 'There were thousands of animals crossing on that day. The wildebeest wanted to cross but this one in the photos was quite far behind the others. 
'When there are hundreds of animals crossing at once, the crocodiles either stay away or go for the ones which are the slow swimmers. 
'This particular wildebeest has drifted away from the rest as the river current was quite strong. 'I could see the crocodile approaching and once it got closer to the wildebeest it went under the water to get to 'striking' distance. 
'This croc only got the wildebeest by the tail. I was amazed that he had such a strong hold on the wildebeest by just clinging onto his tail. 'The wildebeest was fighting and almost got to the bank of the river but then the crocodile kept pulling it back deeper into the river. 
'The strength of this crocodile was unreal; I could not believe how he pulled this wildebeest like a toy into the river. 'At one point I thought the wildebeest was going to lose his tail - that is how hard the crocodile pulled on him.' 'Some zebras decided to cross and swam right towards the crocodile and wildebeest - the Zebra almost looked like they trampled the crocodiles as they swam. 
 'This caused the crocodiles to let go of their grip on the wildebeest and he bolted for the riverbank. 'The wildebeest was absolutely exhausted. I do not think the zebras disrupted the crocodiles on purpose; it must have been wildebeest's lucky day. 
'I wanted to get good photos but on the other hand I did not want to see the wildebeest drown. 'When I look at my photos, I think the happy ending is one of my favourite things about them. 'I live in Africa and know this is the circle of life and there are no grocery stores for the animals to buy food and it is truly the survival of the fittest.'

Nicki Minaj stuns in jumpsuit for Vegas night

Rapper, Nicki Minaj stunned in this black LaPerla neoprene desire jumpsuit which supposedly costs $3,844  for The Pinkprint Freestyle night at Drais Nigth club in Vegas. More photos after the cut...

Alibaba shares his thoughts on the bad state of the National Arts theater compared to Dubai's new Opera house

Alibaba makes sense all the time with his thought provoking posts on the state of the country. Read what he wrote below about the formerly beautiful National Arts Theater which used to be a tourist attraction in Lagos, Nigeria:

I met one of the guys, Parkinson, who went to Dubai to work on sounds in the new#DubaiOperaHouse... Here in London. And he said he has been in Dubai for the past 14 months... Working with a consortium on the acoustics of the halls. He showed me some pictures and told me he would be relocating to Dubai, from the Royal School of Music... And I thought to my self, we had the National theatre before they even started developing Dubai. 
Where is the national theater now? Soon, the Dubai Opera House will be drawing tourists, concerts, awards, and the likes to Dubai and we would still be depending on crude oil prices. 
The Opera House will soon be making annually, enough money to pay 4 states in the north for 3 years, without shaking. While the governors of those states are cancelling film villages and running to abuja to collect allocations that they will embezzle and chop... Yet be wondering what gave them cancer! Old as our national theater is, it has a futuristic design that just needs touch up to meet standards of the modern day. But no. Why invest in the arts when there is oil money? Mscheeeeew. Then out of the blues now, we will hear that there is a government sourced grant coming to resuscitate it from an international organization. 
The party Hawks and political vultures will swoop in and divert it, case closed. When we ask why and where the money is, cronies will say witch hunting. 3 years later we will hear that the #dubaioperahouse has contributed $450b to the Emirates funds. And our leaders will be driving pass our national theater. Last year when I said we did not need to sell the national theater some guys thought I was joking. There are cinema halls, banquet halls, offices, complete carpentry facilities, tailoring and costumery... Pus the main bowl of the National Theater. The place can even pay its own salaries and still contribute to the federal purse. But no. 
We are cursed with watching everything we own go to waste. Because there is oil money to share. Cocoa built Cocoa House. Point at something cocoa has built again. Point at anything that is built, across the country that is not because of oil. Except LAGOS... Abeg make I no go get headache

Check out this head shot painting of Waje


Terry G shows off his cute son

He is an adorable little man!

Lol. This little boy was so ready to get baptized

A video posted by @rileybeek (@bitc.h) on 
The pastor was taking too long and the little boy didn't have time for it, lol.

Kachikwu denies reports of possible increase in prices of petroleum products

During a closed-door meeting with President Buhari and the Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Alhaji Maikanti Baru in Abuja on Monday, the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu denied media reports of the intended increase in the prices of petroleum products within the country due to media reports that Oil marketers were planning to increase the prices of Petroleum products due to the scarcity of foreign exchange to procure the necessary products needed for their business.

Dr. Kachikwu told state House correspondents and that there was no truth in it asking them if they had seen any memo to that effect.

Alhaji Baru backed up what Kachikwu said by also denying there was any planned increase of petroleum products.
Baru advised the correspondents to contact the Petroleum Product Pricing and Regulatory Agency (PPPRA‎) if they needed more information on the issue.

IK Osakioduwa praises his wife's booty

TV host Ik Osakioduwa took to twitter to praise his wife's booty.

Photos from Beyonce's 35th birthday Soul Train themed party

Queen Bey celebrated her 35th birthday with a Soul Train theme that had a lot of celebrities in attendance like her husband Jay Z, their daughter Blue Ivy, her best friend, Kelly Rowland, her sister Solange and her husband, Usher Raymond and his wife, Lala Anthony and her husband, Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beats and a host of others. More photos after the cut...

15 bodies pulled from sea as more than 2,700 migrants saved from 23 boats in one day in the mediterranean sea

Italy’s navy and coastguard, ships patrolling on a European Union anti-smuggling mission, vessels run by humanitarian groups and a commercial tugboat rescued intending migrants off the coast of Libya.
In one operation to help the migrants, they panicked when they felt choked by fumes and began throwing themselves into the water in a desperate bid to reach a vessel operated by Malta-based humanitarian group MOAS so they could be rescued.
Some members of the crew also jumped into the sea in an effort to save them, and one crewman had to be rescued himself after he swallowed fuel and passed out as he was overwhelmed by migrants.

The charity successfully rescued 354 people from a dangerously overloaded rubber dinghy. But five men and two women drowned unfortunately.
A Sky news reporter on board the Responder rescue ship told how the crew were radioed at 5am by the coastguard to go to the aid of 160 people in a sinking dinghy.

More than 1,000 people were rescued over the next three hours including three babies.

The Rock shows off his new baby as he celebrates US Labor day

The proud dad showed off his beautiful daughter and wrote:
Its Labor Day. One of my favorite holidays as we celebrate the blue collar American worker and their contributions to our country thru labor and sweat. In the spirit of Labor Day, I had an amazing philosophical conversation w/ my baby girl about the value of hard work and how respect is given when it's earned.
I told her, "Baby girl when you grow up, you get out there and dent the universe thru hard work and sweat. And always make sure you do it in a positive way with class, dignity and respect". She responded by poo'ing on me in this moment as she plays her favorite game, "Drum time on daddy's big head". It was a good talk.­čĺ» #HappyLaborDay #TheJohnsons #GoodTalksWithDaddy

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Abdulmumin Jibrin tackles Dino Melaye, says Buhari not to blame for Nigeria's economic woes

Sacked chairman of the House of Representatives committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has reacted to the statement by Dino Melaye accusing President Buhari's economic team ‎of our current economic woes (read here). In a statement he released on his Facebook wall, Jibrin argued that the economic team members are competent to manage our economy. Read his statement after the cut.

I'm compelled to say a few words on the attempt by some people to apportion blame on President Muhammadu Buhari on the state of the economy and also share my view on the call by Senator Dino Malaye on the President to sack some ministers and Central Bank Governor as the solution to the problem.
As a former Chairman of the House Committee on Finance, and until recently Appropriation, I am in a good position to contribute and proffer solutions to the problem.
Let me state very categorically that the President is not to blame on the state of our economy today. It is unfair and very wicked to push such blame on a man who just came on board barely a year ago. Not even a magician can turn around the economy within a period of one year. The biggest spending in our economy, that is the budget, hasn't even run a full course of one year. Yet, some people want to crucify President Buhari. Haba! Let's face reality!Â
We all know how badly oil price has gone, a situation that adversely affected our foreign reserves and mounted pressure on the naira. No matter what approach we adopt to manage and deal with the situation, recovery will be slow. It is not President Buhari's fault. Everyone seems to forget when the whole country was supporting more spending as against saving. But here we are today, soaked in the rainy day. President Buhari should not be used as anybody's scape goat!Â
The recurrent expenditure, which has escalated and constituted a huge burden on our yearly budget rose from N950.32billion in 2006 to N1.372.20 trillion in 2008 and N2.593.62 trillion in 2015. This was not created by President Buhari.
Similarly, the total cash call (oil production cost) which rose from about N200 billion in 2006 to about N1.2 trillion in 2015 was not a creation of President Buhari. The cash call has remained another tale of burden on our yearly budget. Statutory transfers including that of the NASS are not left behind. Statutory transfers rose from just about N100 billion in 2006 to N375.62 billion in 2015. President Buhari was not the President then.
Debt servicing also rose from about N300 billion in 2006 to N953.62 billion in 2015. These expenditures have over the years constrained the budget and made it difficult to channel sufficient funds towards productive sectors that can sufficiently grow the economy. Domestic borrowing also skyrocketed during this period and created devastating consequences on the economy.
Government at that time continued to mop up money from commercial banks at a rate considered one of the highest in the world, while the real sector is left with nothing. And even when they were able to access funds, it came with an unbearable interest rate. President Buhari met this situation on ground. He did not create it, but is doing his very best to take us out of the economic quagmire. We should all support him.
On the call by Sen. Melaye on Mr. President to sack some ministers, I disagree with that proposition. Nigerians are of the habit of asking for the sack or removal of public officers, often for sentimental reasons, envy or simply for an opportunity to join the fray. In my assessment, I have not seen any member of the President's cabinet today -- from SGF, HOS to ministers -- that is not good enough to hold the office. At worse, the President may wish to reshuffle a couple of or more ministers based on their strength and weaknesses for better service delivery.
 A minister doesn't have to know everything. A minister has an ample latitude to draw knowledge from the MDAs staff or within the larger society to achieve result in his ministry. I believe that most of the present cabinet ministers can source information or knowledge from these reservoir when the need arises. I have worked very closely with most of them and I am convinced that they have proved their mettle despite managing a very difficult situation that they did not create.
I am sure nobody can question the competence of Udoma Udoma. Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun is also doing her best, and having worked with her, I am convinced she has all it takes to turn around the economy. The Central Bank Governor is managing the most challenging period the apex bank has ever witnessed. I think the president has worked with this team for about a year. His cabinet team understands him better and vice-versa.
I believe if they stay focused and refuse to be distracted, we shall soon start seeing the dividends. The President must not fall for the trap of people trying to distort the progress made so far. Whoever he appoints again, the call for sack will never stop.
I am therefore calling on my colleague, brother and friend, Senator Dino Malaye that we should rather look inward and address our own contribution to this problem as lawmakers. We can start by addressing the budget and other monumental fraud under the watch of Speaker Yakubu Dogara, a systemic corruption that affected and continued to derail the economy of our dear country. That is the appropriate place to start. Remember, charity begins at home!
Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin
Kiru-Bebeji Federal ConstituencyÂ

Ebube Nwagbo's look to the 2016 NEA awards (photos)

Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo stepped out in a black dress and red bottoms for the 2016 Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA), which held on Sunday night in New York, USA....

IDPs from Konduga, Borno state return home three years after Boko Haram attack

Hundreds of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Konduga Local Government Area of Borno state, yesterday returned home after about three years of residing in refugee camps in Maiduguri, the state capital due to Boko Haram attacks on their community.

While monitoring the evacuation of the IDPs back home, the state governor, Kashim Shettima, expressed his gratitude to God for the liberation of the community from the Boko Haram terrorists.
“We thank God for today, because the day is significant in our efforts to return all people in liberated communities back home. Government has set aside 25 hectares of land for the community to allow the people engage in meaningful ventures. We are going to assist those of you wishing to engage in agriculture with different support, in terms of improved seedlings and other things” he said.

Wife and mistress bump into each other during hospital visit to their man and all hell breaks loose..lol (Photos & Video)

A man's wife and mistress somehow turned up at the hospital to visit him at the same time with very predictable results. Video shared online shows the man, wife and mistress in an undignified heap on the floor as he tries to separate the two fighters.

The women don't seem to mind that the ailing man they came to visit is still in his hospital gown as they try to takedown each other. The video is believed to have been filmed by a nurse but it is not known where the incident unfolded. More photos and the video of the fight after the cut...

Photos: Nigerian man shot in the head by armed robbers regains consciousness after successful surgery

According to a Nigerian gospel singer, Hilary Madu, his brother Chijindu was shot in the head by armed robbers. The gunmen took his car and fled the scene leaving him to die.

He underwent a maxillofacial surgery on September 1. In an update posted on September 2, Mr Madu revealed that Chijindu has regained consciousness following a successful surgery. All glory to God! More before and after surgery photos after the cut.