Wednesday, 14 September 2016

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Read the emotional letter an 11 year old girl writes her mother

Twitter user shared this emotional note her 11 year old sister wrote to their mother who was at the time going through some issues. She wrote
"Mummy sorry just remember God is with you. It seems the issue is money. Take this N1000. Remember that I am still your best friend and I am sorry that it is only N1000 I can give you but don't worry, when I grow up, I will buy you a car and big house."

'Is this 'famine' the progress we are seeking? Is it really better than the corruption we did away with?' - OAP Freeze asks

As OAP Freeze shared via his Instagram page.
"I thought corruption was the worst thing a nation can endure, until I saw the suffering and poverty my people are going through. A month ago, a keg of vegetable oil was N4,200, one week later it rose to N4,800. Yesterday I sent my maid to the market with 5k and she returned home empty handed, oil is now N5,500. If you see the small ram we killed for ileya, it was nothing compared to the humongous one we ate during the 'corrupt' regime."
"I know the government is trying to fix Nigeria, and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but what about those that will die of hunger and lack, inside the tunnel, never to reach the light? Everything is going up and salaries are coming down, companies are shutting down and with the airlines folding up, transportation is becoming crazy. I look around me and all I see is suffering and hunger. Yes I am proud of the fact that Nigeria is not as corrupt as it used to be, but is this 'famine' the progress we are seeking? Is it really better than the corruption we did away with? What do you guys think?"

“It wasn’t a normal relationship'- Insider reveals reasons hehind Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddlestone's break up

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, a close friend of Taylor Swift’s best friend Karlie Kloss has revealed the reasons behind singer Taylor Swift's and Tom Hiddlestone's break up. According to Philip, the much talked about breakup last week didn't come as a surprise to those that know Taylor as the couple couldn't be themselves due to the public nature of their relationship and that the relationship was a good one for Tom, 35, more than for Taylor, 26, as she was the bigger star.

“There was too much pressure, including from Taylor’s fans who didn’t take to it,” Phillip told Now magazine. “It wasn’t a normal relationship. Tom’s a guy on the up and it was a good look for him, and the people around him were happy for it to happen, but there was no doubt about it, he was in the Taylor show. “She’s always been the much bigger star and it was very much about her.” “For a while it looked good for both of them, but then it went the opposite way and they both ended up getting a lot of flak.” “There was talk that the relationship wouldn’t last because of how it was being handled and I definitely saw the split coming. “It wasn’t a surprise to those in the know. Ultimately their relationship couldn’t be ‘normal’.”

Burkina Faso bans annual big buttocks beauty contest

Burkina Faso government has banned an annual beauty contest for women with the biggest buttocks, saying such events are sexist. The ban came after adverts for the third edition of ‘Miss Bim-Bim’, which shows two fully clothed women with exaggeratedly large behinds, provoked an outcry on social media.
"Our role is to do everything to avoid damaging the image of women," said Minister Laure Zongo in a statement, adding that social media criticism had persuaded her to act.
Meanwhile, the male organizer of the event, Hamado Doambahe, said it aimed to promote a more positive body image for African women and encourage fashion designers to use African costumes. Women’s rights groups have mixed views about the tendency in many African cultures to celebrate women with larger bodies than are typically admired elsewhere.

While they welcome the shift away from the unnaturally thin female shapes promoted by the global fashion industry, they deplore the emphasis on men judging women’s body shapes. The head of Burkina Faso’s High Council for Communications, Nathalie Some, called in a statement for people in advertising, the media and the arts to protect the rights of women and girls.

Source: Reuters

24 year old teacher facing jail term reveals the seductive pic she sent a 17 year old boy & how they had car sex almost everyday

A disgraced substitute teacher, Mary Beth Haglin, 24, who faces up to two years in jail after she was caught having an affair with her 17 year old student has revealed the sexy picture she sent to the lad to lure him. Read the story here
According to Haglin, she had sex with the student of George Washington High School almost everyday in the car and felt like she was in a 'real relationship for six months with him before another student saw him.
Speaking with Inside Edition ,Mary Haglin revealed that the boy compared their relationship to Oscar-winning movie The Graduate (1967) – in which Dustin Hoffman’s character is seduced by older woman Mrs Robinson.
She said:
“I was completely head over heels. He would come into my classroom, grab a Post-It, write something and stick it to my desk on his way out. One read, ‘I love you so much, my empress.’

In return for the notes she sent the boy sexy pictures showing her posing in racy underwear.
She said:
“We met several times a week, not every time was just to have sex. There were times we would sit and talk. I thought in my mind this was some sort of real relationship.”
While the age of consent in Iowa is 16, Haglin was charged because she was in a position of authority.
She now admits she made a “terrible mistake”. She said:  
“I realise how stupid I was and what a terrible mistake I made. I thought that it was something that could be kept secret and that nobody would ever know." I want to go back and smack myself and ask: 'What were you thinking Mary Beth ? I never thought it would get this far and I apologise to each and every person I hurt.”
More photos of Mary Haglin below  ...

Photos/Video: Boko Haram members release new video, threaten President Buhari

Boko Haram members have released a new video in which they say they plan to capture President Buhari. The 12 minutes 58 seconds video was shared on Youtube. The narrator spoke in Hausa language and showed suspected terrorists doing their Eid prayers on Monday September 12th.
“This is our eid prayer from us and by the support of our leader Imam Abubakar Al-Shekau. We are extending our greetings to our people and fighters. Message to the infidels and the leader of the entire infidels (kafir) who is the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, that he should know we are very strong and doing very good. By the will of Allah under the leadership of our leader (Shekau) will capture Buhari with our hands,” the group said. Watch the video after the cut.

Nigerian migrants rescued from Libya burst into songs of praise as they sight Europe

This is the scene from a ship in the Mediterranean where Nigerian migrants rescued off Libya burst into Nigerian praise songs moments after they got their first sight of Europe. Watch the video after the cut.

Photos: Nigerian man propose to white girlfriend on top of Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

An adventurous Nigerian man proposed to his white girlfriend on top Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State, yesterday, September 13th. Congrats to the couple. More photos after the cut.

Unlucky monitor lizard is attacked and eaten as it mated

One very unlucky fellow made a very quick drop from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of agony. One minute it was mating with its partner, the next it was some other guy's lunch.

Pictures show a pair of monitor lizards mating in the Kruger National Park in South Africa - unaware that they were being hunted.

Seconds later, a honey badger pounces, attacking one of the reptiles before flipping the creature over and devouring it. The dramatic images were captured by 43-year-old freelance wildlife photographer, Lisl Moolman. See more after the cut.

Source: DailyMailUK

Throwback photos of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and her husband

Check out photo of the former Minister of Finance and her neurosurgeon husband, Ikemba Iweala, when they were young lovers. Right is a photo of the former Minister when she was 19 year old.

'No pschos, no cheaters, no picky eaters' Men reveal what they want in a wife and some of their choices are hilarious

Male users of reddit have revealed the things they look for in a woman they want to spend the rest of their life with after one male user asked '' [Serious] Men what do you look for in a woman that makes her a ''wife'' material.  See the comments after the cut.