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“How to Become 10 Times More Sexually Attractive To Your Man In The Next 27 Days”

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….even if he is cheating on you with another woman right now, or you’ve grown fatter from childbirth or even if you now look older than you were when he first met you. If you would like to be a woman that your man can never be able to resist, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why.

   Let’s face it…almost any woman can get a man to have sex with her. You don’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to have a great body. You don’t have to be sexy. Basically, you just have to be a woman who will say “Yes” and thousands of men will rush to have sex with you.


    But what if you want that same man to grow addicted to JUST you and grow crazier about you each time he has sex with you – without ever thinking of any other woman or without EVER getting tired of your body.

Well, that might NOT be so easy.

    But, what if there was a way to make sure that your man sees you as a completely more sexually attractive woman than any other woman he has met in his WHOLE life.  

    Better yet, what if there was a way to make having sex with you…so fantastic….that your man couldn’t ever think about another woman? What if there was a way to make having sex with you…so good…that a man can do anything….even marry you (if you are still single) …to keep you in bed.

Well, guess what? Now there is a little-known way you can use to tie almost any man to just yourself, even if he is a chronic cheat.

No Matter How You Look….
How Old You Are… Or Even….How Much You Weigh!

Don’t laugh. It’s really true and, to prove it, I’m going to tell you a story. This story starts in Asia about 2,000 years ago. Back then, there was no such thing as respect for women by men, and women rights. The only power a woman really had, to get what she wanted, was the power to attract and keep a man. And unfortunately, back then, just like it is today….

Most Men Are Sexually Attracted To Very Young Women!

Why is this? To answer that question, I have no choice except to tell you something no one wants to talk about publicly. Even most doctors won’t tell you this but, the truth is… Young women are most likely to have extremely tight vaginas!

Maybe you don’t like that. Maybe it’s unfair. But the truth is the truth. These young women haven’t yet been “loosened up” by agechildbirthlots of sex or anything else that causes them to lose what some people call that “honeymoon fit”. And this is why men cheat on their wives with younger women.

Why Is This So Important?

The answers are easy. A woman with a very tight vagina increases a man’s ego by making him feel he has a much larger than average penis. (And almost all men secretly worry about the size of their penis)

A tight vagina makes a man feel every inch of his penetration. It stimulates every single nerve ending in his genital area. It literally causes a flood of sexual energy and ecstasy all over his body.

Once a man has had sex with a woman with a truly tight vagina…. All he will be able to think about…. Is having sex with that same woman again. Even if he is in love with you or married to you. Even she was his ex, he would always compare you to her and would never be truly satisfied having sex with you.

But then, most women eventually lose their “teenage” tightness. Nature takes its toll on everyone. However, a certain (very small) group of very clever women…over 2,000 years ago discovered.

How To Reverse Vagina Aging!

And these women became the most powerful on earth. They married the richest and the most powerful men. If their husband was king, it was the woman who controlled the king. You see, a woman who is old enough to know how to give a man extremely good sex plus has a tight, moist, young-looking vagina, has a HUGE advantage over every other woman.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the other woman is. It doesn’t matter how sexy her body is. It doesn’t matter if she has big or small breasts. It doesn’t matter how interesting she is or if she has a high I.Q. The truth is that a woman with a young and tight vagina will get the man every single time, pin him down and knock the polygamous nature out of him.

What did these special women discover 2,000 years ago? It was a herb. A herb which has been a closely guarded secret for all those years.

What this herb does is:
-        It tightens the vagina and the muscles around it.

-        It increases a woman’s sexual desires

-        It slows the menopausal process!

-        It restores the natural elasticity of the vagina!

-        It dramatically increases the intensity, frequency and quality of a woman’s orgasm.

-        It maintains natural color and gives the vagina a very teenage appearance.

-        It acts as an anti-bacterial agent in the vagina, giving it a fresh and clean scent.

However, in 2004 a group of biotech scientists in south-east Asia took that herb, passed it through a very secret process and made it into a gel.

Right now the Biotech Company owns the full rights to this secret formula and is selling it to the women of the world with…

…A Full One Year Money Back Guarantee!

If you are unhappy with this vagina tightening gel for any reason, just send back the empty container (any time within the next 12 months) and get a full immediate refund with no questions asked. This vagina anti-aging tightening cream works!

It is easy to order for one. You don’t even need to pay upfront, all you need is to place your order and it would be brought straight to you anywhere in the country before you can pay (Pay on delivery).

However, this cream has lots of fake ones around so I had to order for them straight from the company that makes them abroad. Right now, we have just 24 tubes remaining. So do bear with us if you call and we have gone out of stock. 

At the moment, over 2000 women just like you are reading this page and in as much as i would love to sell to everyone of those 2000 women who would want this gel, it wouldn’t be possible. However, to get your hands on it yourself right away =====à CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Nigeria's Paralympic Team to arrive to a reception in Abuja on Sept 18th

Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, has revealed that the victorious team who represented Nigeria at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, will be received when they arrive in Abuja. According to him, a reception for the team will hold tomorrow - Sunday 18th September 2016, at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport reception ground by 3pm.

This is a welcome development considering Nigeria's U23 Olympic team, who won bronze at the games, arrived back in Nigeria in August without any official from the Sports Ministry or the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) welcoming them, and departed to their various destinations as no plans were made to host them.

Mark Zuckerberg shares photo of 11 year old Nigerian boy who built a gamen

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo of an 11 year old Nigerian boy named Tayo who built a game called Spike Rush. Read what Zukerberg wrote after the cut...

Oh dear! Nigerian doctors surgically remove stick that penetrated a man's penile area (photos)

Facebook user, Prince Chinedu Asuzu, shared these images writing that doctors in Nigeria carried out a surgery on a man to remove a stick that penetrated his penile region. See graphic photos from the surgery after the cut...

EFCC to invite Patience Jonathan's security aides over $15m scandal

EFCC operatives have reportedly written to the Department of State Security requesting for permission to interrogate some of the security aides of former First lady, Patience Jonathan who is currently involved in a $15 million scandal.

Lilian Esoro lovely with purple hair

The new mum looks very lovely!

Fine Girl No Action - article by Charly Boy

Read his piece below...
I was lounging in my sitting room on this lazy Saturday morning when my cousin breezed in with this beautiful damsel, his new girlfriend. After formally introducing her, I couldn't help but notice her statistics, very impressive I must say. 
My cousin is a certified player; only 33yrs old but I swear, e don do pass me. When I was in the world, Kai, did I have my fill of very beautiful women: when men were men, no be now wey we dey go night vigil before we can get a hard-on. Who say old age na good thing.
Yea, I know what you're thinking....
Men are often thought of as visual creatures. You can’t blame us for being superficial when it’s hardwired into our brains, can you? That's what we say, at least, as a defense, because most of us are defenseless when faced with an incredibly beautiful woman; but as old solider concerned, I have A1 in holding body, wetin Oyinbo people call discipline.
Back to my cousin, his babe excused herself at some point to use the washroom, as I fired the first shot by congratulating him on a very beautiful catch, come and see heavy complaints, he started telling me all that was wrong with his girl. Haba, they have only dated for just three months! "Uncle Charly, she is only a fine face o, she can't cook, she can't f..k, all she's good for is this kinda comment I get every time and everywhere I go with her but na dat one I go chop? Infact, I'm not sure I will be with her for long", he murmured bitterly.
What do I say to all of that? 
I have learnt from experience that out of the hundreds of very beautiful and pretty women I dated when I was in the world, most of them really were nothing to write home about when it came to bedmatics. My cousin's statement therefore was only reaffirming what I have known all along. I know this is a theory many guys would love to argue out with me, but, hey, it's just my personal opinion. Most pretty faces out there are not great lovers at all.
You see, the world does a great job of constantly reminding pretty, beautiful, fine women how hot they are.  For the full article, kindly visit

FaceBook- CharlyBoy
Instagram and twitter - @areafada1

FG explains intense efforts to release kidnapped Chibok grils

The Federal Government through the Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed, explained their intense efforts to release the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram at a press conference in Abuja Friday. Mohammed said the Federal Government is still working on the release of the girls and appealed to the parents of the Chibok girls and Nigerians to believe in the government's ability to secure the release of the girls. He said:
“Precisely on July 17, 2015, the DSS opened the negotiation process with the group holding the Chibok girls. However, in return for the release of some of these girls, the group also made some demands. “These included the release of some of their fighters arrested, including some involved in major terrorist actions, resulting in several fatalities, and others who were experts in manufacture of locally assembled explosives.
“This was difficult to accept, but appropriate security agencies had to again inform Mr. President of these demands, and its viewed implications. Again, Mr. President gave his assent, believing that the overall release of these girls remains paramount and sacrosanct.
“Meanwhile, following the above development, government and the security agencies had sufficient leverage to work out the modalities of the swap.
“These included creating the safe haven, or necessary place of swap and working out the logistic details. Based on this, the DSS availed other critical sister agencies of this new situation. “Immediately, the Nigerian Army and the Air Force sent some specialists to commence a detailed arrangement for the swap. This was during the last week of July 2015 and 1st week of August 2015.
“The officers representing the various agencies worked out the logistic details, such as the number of persons to be swapped i.e. number of girls and detainees to be exchanged, the vehicles and aircraft, as well as safeguards, i.e. safety of the persons, including the location of the swap.
“When it was finally agreed by all parties, Mr. President was again informed that the preparations were concluded, and the first step for the swap would commence on August 1, 2015. Mr. President robustly gave his approval.
“On August 4, 2015, the persons who were to be part of the swap arrangements and all others involved in the operation were transported to Maiduguri, Borno State. This team, with the lead facilitator, continued the contact with the group holding the Chibok girls.
“The service was able to further prove to the group its sincerity, as it established communication contact between it and its detained members. All things were in place for the swap which was mutually agreed. Expectations were high.
“Unfortunately, after more than two weeks of negotiation and bargains, the group, just at the dying moments, issued new set of demands, never bargained for or discussed by the group before the movement to Maiduguri. All this while, the security agencies waited patiently. This development stalled what would have been the first release process of the Chibok girls.
“It may be important to note that in spite of this setback, the government and the security agencies have not relented in the bid to ensure that the Chibok girls are released safely.
“By the month of November, precisely November 13, 2015, another fresh negotiation process with the group was initiated. This time, there was the need to discuss a fresh component in other to avoid issues that had stalled the former arrangement.
“There were, however, some problems that many may not discern, but should be expected in this kind of situation.
“Some critical persons within the group, who played such vital role in August, 2015, were discovered to be dead during combat action or as a result of the emerging rift amongst members of the group then. These two factors delayed the process. In spite of these, negotiation continued on new modalities.
“By November 30, 2015, it was becoming glaring that the division amongst the group was more profound. This affected the swap process.
“By December 10, 2015, another negotiation process was in place, but this failed to achieve results because of the varying demands by the group.”

Beyonce slays in sheer outfit

Queen Bey!

Rapper Game's cars shot up in Miami after dissing Meek Mill

Just hours after threatening Meek Mill with bodily harm, rapper Game was the target of a drive-by shooting at a Miami hotel... From TMZ
Police tell us around 7:30 AM a Mustang convertible drove past the valet outside the Fontainebleau Hotel and fired multiple shots into a white Mercedes-Benz G Wagon ... which cops are saying is associated with Game. The SUV was empty. The Game was hosting and performing Thursday night at STORY Nightclub ... just down the street from the hotel. Cops say no other vehicles were hit and there were no injuries.

Cossy Orjiakor names her cats Buhari and Goodluck

As she shared on IG

More photos from the handover of wives and children of Boko Haram insurgents to Borno State Government

Borno Governor, Kashim Shettima on Friday received 355 breastfeeding children babies, 149 breastfeeding mothers and 62 under-aged evacuated by the the Nigerian Army from camps operated by Boko Haram insurgents in different parts of Borno State. 
Majority of the the 566 persons are believed to be families of the insurgents saved after the military took over the camps during operations.  

"The alarming rate at which airlines are either failing or leaving Nigeria must be halted" - Ben Murray-Bruce

Businessman and Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce is advising the government to take firm action to save Nigeria's aviation industry or the economy will not improve and recession will last longer. He said this in a post shared via Facebook...

Photos: President Buhari departs Abuja for the 71st UN General Assembly in the US

President Buhari this morning departed Abuja for the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York holding from September 19th to 23rd. President Buhari will deliver Nigeria’s statement at the opening of the General Debate of the Assembly, on the theme: The Sustainable Development Goals: a Universal Push to Transform our World.” He will also attend a high-level summit, hosted by the UN, on `Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants’’.

Actress Lilian Bach lovely looking in traditional attire

As the stunning actress stepped out today...

Chrissy Teigen shares cute throwback photo of her family shortly after baby Luna's birth

The 30yr old model who is still basking in that warm new mum glow shared this throwback pic of herself and husband, John Legend shortly after they welcomed their daughter, Luna Simone.

Photos: Man attacked by Fulani men along Obajana-Kabba road, Kogi State

Isaac Udoh, a Senior Account Officer at Obajana Cement Plc was attacked by Fulani men along Obajana-Kabba road. Below are the photos he posted Thursday:
"Fulani struck this morning on my way to the office along Obajana -kabba road . Two Fulani pointed gun on me and the other two at the rear .I stop a while and now use reverse to run the battle of my life.In the process ,one of the Fulani men used his long stick with knive to stab me on my right hand.
I ran to road safety office to get first aid treatment .Thank God for the doctors and nurses that were at the federal road safety office at kabba junction to give me a comprehensive treatment. I had five stitches on my right hand.The question is Fulani has a poisonous knive that when pierced into the body is dangerous. I have taken tatanus injection but my fear of their poisonous knife. I used to have regard for fulani but my respect to them has seize hence forth as they commit most of these atrocities on highways. "

Uche Jombo beautiful in new photos

The mother of one looked really good as she attended two different events in the same outfit with a little mix in the left photo.