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Ballon D'or award to be seprated from World Footballer of the year as FIFA ends it's partnership with France Football

France Football- the original organizers of the Ballon D'or Award have announced that they've ended their 6 year partnership with FIFA and that from next year the Ballon D'or award won't be associated with the World's football governing body.

The statements by FIFA and France Football explained that from next year France Football will organize the Ballon D'or Award while FIFA will organize the FIFA World player of the year.

Ahead of the 61st edition of the Ballon d’Or, France Football released a statement explaining the new changes to the competition format.

Ballon D'or Changes:

1.The voting will only include votes from journalists. National team managers and captains no longer have a vote.

2. The shortlist of finalists for the Ballon d’Or award will increase from 23 to 30.

3.There will be no three man finalists ahead of the award ceremony.

4. The Ballon d’Or will be presented before the end of the calendar year, as oppose to January.

During FIFA's partnership with France Football that lasted from 2010-2016, only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won the coveted Ballon d’Or award so from next year, the two players can compete for both awards..

Graphic pics: Young girl who fell inside pot of boiling vegetable oil after a seizure needs urgent help

The young girl identified as Glory Jayeola sustained grievous burns after she fell into boiling vegetable oil on September 14th. She is currently admitted to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) The incident was confirmed by Aisha Alubankudi. See her post below: 

"Pls help this girl. Also i plead to those in charge of Mayowa's funds to step in. Help the needy from the money raised for Mayowa. I have investigated this with Bukky Grace Olaniyan.
A cry for help!
The little girl in the picture below had a seizure and fell inside a boiling pot of vegetable oil last week 14/09/16. She is in so much agony at Luth General Hospital in Nigeria. Please help her, no amount is too small. Her name is Glory Jayeola, pls go and see her at Luth and donate directly to her. Thank you"

NSCDC nabs three electrical cable vandals in Anambra State (Photos)

Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Anambra State Command arrested three suspects on Sunday, September 18th, for allegedly vandalizing electrical cable at Agu Awka power line.

The suspects identified as Nnamdi Nweke, a welder apprentice, Chibuzor Mouto, an orange seller and Ikechukwu Okafor, a groundnut seller, all from Awka, were paraded at the Corps Headquarters in Awka.

According to the State commander, Mr. Godwin Omoregie, the suspects were cutting up the cables with saws in a bush at Agu Awka around midnight last Sunday when operatives of the corps on patrol heard noise in the bush and went to investigate. On sighting the operatives, the suspects ran away. One of them was apprehended and later led them to arrest the other two suspects while another suspects was still at large.

Upon interrogation, the suspects claimed that they were lured into the deal by one Ezike from Awka who is still at large. Two saw tools were recovered from the suspects.

Their photos below...

Source: Anambra Broadcasting Service


IMG-20160814-WA0000-600x600                               IMG-20160814-WA0000-600x600

Olaide Olusanya  is an international gospel minister , a vessel set aside by God to restore the tabernacle of Praise. Olaide’s motto is Matt 5:13-14, ” You are the salt of the earth, You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  This motto birthed this song “City On A Hill ” .
This is her 1st Debut single which will be released on 20, August 2016 and is a song from her upcoming album , ‘You Reign ‘ .
Olaide has been privileged to minister on the same platform with Don Moen , Nathaniel  Bassey and a host of others. Olaide  also serves a praise leader in Winners Chapel Houston Intl.  Olaide’s vision is to spread  the light of God’s love through  her music.
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PURIST OGBOI’s THE ENCOUNTER ALBUM Hits Online Stores | @purist_ogboi

THE ENCOUNTER is Purist Ogboi‘s debut album released on the 28th of August 2016. The album contains 15 great songs birthed in the place of prayer and worship encapsulating her walk with God. Gospel lovers are in for an encounter with God as they listen to this album.
THE ENCOUNTER is a masterpiece, a contemporary gospel album with a blend of rock, reggae, dance and soul stirring ballads.
The album was produced by one of UK’s finest music producers, Evans Ogboi.
The encounter is now available on, iTunes, Google play, Amazon and all major online outlets.
In her words, “We cannot thank God enough for The Encounter we had with Him at the Live Recording Concert/Album Launch which took place on Sunday the 28th of August at the Thameside Theatre Grays, London United Kingdom.
We are so thankful to God for blessing us with His presence. Testimonies have been rolling in and there has been several confirmations to the fact that people are still experiencing God through The encounter album. This is to the glory of God.
This is all we want… It’s for His name to be glorified and to see the nations worship the only living God.”

  1. My Faith Looks Up To Thee (Intro)
  2. Idiri Mu Ma
  3. Vow
  4. No Other Name Like Jesus
  5. Jesus Reigns
  6. None Like You
  7. Unchangeable God
  8. Believer
  9. The Prayer
  10. Worship Medley
  11. My Side Of Story
  12. Pray
  13. I Need You
  14. Most High
  15. Merciful Father
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Yaya Toure will not play for Manchester City until his agent apologises to the club: Pep Guadiola

Man City manager,  Pep Guadiola is asking for an apology from Ivory Coast and Man City midfielder, Yaya Toure 's outspoken agent, Dimitri Seluk, regarding comments he made about him and the club recently.

Toure, 33, has made only one appearance for City this season and was left out of their Champions League squad, this prompted a response from Seluk who said Toure had been ‘humiliated’ by his former Barcelona Coach.  Guardiola who felt Toure's agent was being disrespectful, says he will not play Toure until Seluk apologises.

After Yaya  was left out of City's Champions League squad, His Agent Seluk said:
'It is Pep's decision and we must respect that.  If he wins the Champions League for City this season then I will travel to England and I will say on television that Pep Guardiola is the best manager in the world. But if City don't win the Champions League then I hope that Pep has got the balls to say that he was wrong to humiliate a great player like Yaya. 
'Yaya is a professional and so he will do everything he is asked to do. Perhaps Pep will think he is good enough to play in the final 10 minutes of a League Cup game against a third division team – and, yes, I am joking. But what I can tell you is that Yaya will spend the season at City. He will not be leaving in January. He hopes that he will get the chance to prove himself.'  
Explaining the reason why Toure will not be considered for Wednesday's tie at Swansea, Guardiola warned that the 33-year-old midfielder could be frozen out completely for the remaining eight months of his £220,000-a-week contract  unless Seluk apologises.
'It was so difficult for me to leave him (Toure) out of the Champions League, so difficult,' said Guardiola. 'I know him and I know he's a good guy.  
The day after his manager spoke and in that moment Yaya is out. Except Mr Dimitri Seluk comes back in the press conference or to his friends in the media – because he hasn't the courage to call me, he goes to the media . He has to apologise to Manchester City first of all, then his team-mates, and afterwards the trainer.  When that happens Yaya will be part of the group and he will have the chance to play.
'I cannot accept as a coach every agent when his player doesn't play he goes to the media and speaks. I know how much Dimitri Seluk loves Yaya Toure. If he loves him, show me by apologising to Manchester City for what he did in the papers. 
'I cannot imagine in my day when a player's agent would go to the media and speak against Johan Cruyff. Maybe it's the new era but I'm old generation, and an old generation agent has to make his players his job and the coach his job. Today agents believe they are more than they are. If you have a problem, we can talk. Until he speaks, Yaya isn't going to play.

Photos: Kogi state governor goes on his knees to thank God after Supreme court certfied him Governor

Moments after the 7-man panael of judges at the supreme court dismissed his rivals, James Faleke an Abubakar Audu's petitions, the Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello went on his knees in his living room to thank God. See more photos of him jubilating with his family, friends and associates after the cut.

Osinbajo Shifts Blame Again by Reno Omokri

Read his piece below...
How we respond to an issue is in many cases more important than the issue itself. And one such issue is the current economic travails Nigeria is currently grappling with. 
The response to this issue is definitely more important than the issue itself and will determine how long we remain in the sinkhole with our economy.

What our leaders have unfortunately failed to realize is that how we got into this situation is not as important as how we will get out of it it and if we must look backwards it must be for the purpose of learning how we got to our present situation and not for the reason of searching for scapegoats.

There is no virtue in looking for blame. The virtue is in looking for solutions. That is what an executive must preoccupy itself with. The apportioning of blame is the preserve of the judiciary. Leave that to them.

After blaming the current economic crash of the economy on former President Goodluck Jonathan on multiple occasions, I was shocked to read in today's (Tuesday the 20th of September, 2016) papers a direct statement by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in which he blamed Nigeria's economic recession on Niger Delta Militants.m

The vice President, while speaking at the maiden meeting of the Presidential Quarterly Business Forum on Monday the 19th of September, 2016 said “If we did not have vandalism in the Niger Delta as we are currently suffering, we will not have this recession today."

Now do not get me wrong, I do not speak for, advocate for or encourage any militants group in Nigeria's Niger Delta or in any other theaters of belligerency in any part of the world. On the contrary, I am a pastor and preacher of the peaceful message of the one and only Prince of peace, Jesus the Messiah, yet I must say that Vice President Osinbajo's comments betray a very serious character issue that may affect his capacity to assist President Muhammadu Buhari in piloting the affairs of Nigeria.

Why do I say so? Well, for one, Nigerians have been regaled with multiple statements from Mr. Osinbajo himself, his boss and their mouthpieces in which they blamed Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for Nigeria's economic recession.

The latest attempt to pin the blame on Dr. Jonathan came via an article by Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, entitled 'What is President Buhari doing with the economy?'

Said Garba Shehu “Believe me; episodes from the Jonathan era can fill books, and other possibilities, such as courtroom drama thriller." Going further, Mr. Shehu declared that "The current pain is due to the mismanagement of the past."

And now today, Mr. Shehu's 'cousin in office' (to borrow a phrase that Garba Shehu himself used to describe the relationship between Dr. Reuben Abati and I) has contradicted him and said it is no longer former President Goodluck Jonathan that is to blame but Niger Delta militants.

Please, can this administration make up its mind? Choose a story and stick to it. Choose a scape goat and stick with him.

I will not be surprised if tomorrow they blame Mr. Chinakwe, the man who was sent to prison and is right now facing prosecution for naming his dog after his hero, President Buhari, for the recession.

The truth does not shift. You cannot have one truth today and another truth tomorrow. Truth is as stable as a rock. And one would think that Professor Yemi Osinbajo, himself a pastor, would know it.

What you are is always more important than what you can do. Your character is what you are. Your skill is what you can do. It is important to know the difference because if your skill takes you to a height and you do not develop your character to match that height, you will come crashing down!

Mr. Osinbajo's skill as a legal professional  par excellence has taken him to such heights from a professor to a commissioner and now to the Vice President of Nigeria. But if pastor Osinbajo does not have the character to tell the inconvenient truth to his new boss and to the nation he now leads as a co pilot, then this character flaw may very well be the undoing of their joint administration.

And what is the truth?

Well, without mincing words, the truth is that the major reason for the crash of the Nigerian economy is not any alleged mismanagement by former President Goodluck Jonathan or the Peoples Democratic Party (to be sure, they were not perfect and had their flaws) but that for six months President Muhammadu Buhari did not appoint ministers in a nation where nothing substantial gets done at ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals or embassies without ministers giving the nod.

And before pastor Osinbajo sends his media hounds to argue with me, I suggest he leave his car unattended for six minutes without a driver in the middle of Third Mainland bridge and see if it does not crash. If he survives the experience, then by all means he can send his hounds to come and take me on!

But there is an even deeper reason for why Nigeria is experiencing this unprecedented economic recession and that is that even when President Buhari eventually came around to constituting his cabinet, he peopled it with individuals whose capacity to deliver the goods is at best suspect.

Let me elucidate this with a statement made by President Buhari's minister of sports and broadcast on Channels television today Tuesday the 20th of September, 2016.

Said Mr. Solomon Dalung, 'the disabled athletes have shown that all you need is a winning mentality and not too much preparation.'

Can you imagine that coming from a minister and member of the federal executive council?

But why should we be surprised? Nigerians are witnesses to the utterances of the minister of information, the aptly named Lai Mohammed, who blamed any good thing that happened in Nigeria immediately after President Buhari's inauguration not on any form of preparation but on the President's 'body language'.

Early rains fell in obeisance to the President's body language. Barren women became fertile as a result of President Buhari's miraculous powers of non verbal communication. All kinds of orishirishi were attributed to body language.

One wonders where the fabled 'body language' was when it came to fighting the recession.

The truth is that preparation, pure preparation (that word that Mr. Dalung and other operatives of this administration hate to hear) is the only thing that can increase the likelihood of success in any venture including governance. As it is commonly said 'those who fail to plan, plan to fail'.

And the reason why Mr. Osinbajo and his co travelers will continue to shift blame from individual to individual is because they do not have the strength of character to accept responsibility for their actions.

At this juncture, it will be pertinent of me to remind Lai Mohammed of his words uttered on the 25th of May, 2014 when he said 'a government that is unwilling to take any responsibility for anything, should not be counted upon.' Right back at you Mr. Mohammed, right back at you!

President Buhari has to quickly learn that the more you blame others, the more power you surrender. The more you accept responsibility, the more power you take.

Early in 2015, Pastor Osinbajo called then President Jonathan's administration a 'visionless' government. As I end this piece, I would like to define the vision of change that Mr. Osinbajo and his boss promised us based on what we have seen so far.

Mr. Osinbajo's vision for change is defined as a sports minister who believes athletes do not need training, a finance minister who thinks recession is just a word, a science and technology minister who aspires to produce pencils in two years, an information minister who wants to generate jobs via masquerade dressing, an interior minister who uses his security to publicly shine his shoes rather than secure the interior of his country, an agriculture minister who fights for land for cows instead of farmers, a labor minister who threatens banks with revocation of license when they retrench workers due to bad economy, a communications minister who wants us to pay 9% tax on calls, a transport minister who gives one President credit for a railway built by another President, an economic adviser who wants women to donate their jewelry to help government fight recession and a Presidential spokesman who believes critics are ‘wailers’ all led by a President who believes #ChangeBeginsWithMe not him, though he was the one who promised it!

Public secondary schools in Borno State to reopen two years after closure due to Boko Haram insurgency

Public secondary schools will be reopened on Monday, September 26th, two years after they were closed due to Boko Haram insurgency.

The public schools were shut in March, 2014, after suspected terrorists attacked a school in neighbouring Yobe. The government reopened the primary schools in 2015 but could not do so with the secondary schools because they had been taken over by IDPs
The state Commissioner for Education, Alhaji Inuwa Kubo, who disclosed this yesterday in Maiduguri, said that Internally Displayed Persons (IDPs) occupying the schools had been relocated to allow for resumption of academic activities.
 He added that all the structures in the schools had been repaired to provide conducive environment for teaching and learning.
 "I wish to announce that on Sept. 26, all public schools are going to be re-opened. I want to state that government has repaired all the structures damaged by the IDPs in the schools, to ensure comfort for the returning students. Parents and guardians should please make sure that they send their children back to school," he said.
The Commissioner described as unfortunate, the actions of  proprietors of private schools who took undue advantage of the development to hike their school fees.
"We understand that some of them have taken undue advantage of the closure of public schools to hike school fees; we will not allow the situation to continue. We are going to visit the schools to find out how much they are charging and how much they are paying their teachers."
Source: Daily Trust

Eagle Schnapps brings you the tradition & history of Ojude Oba in Ijebu land

The Ijebu people are in the south central of Yoruba land. Contrary to some  people’s belief,  the Ijebus  are not  only found in Ogun state but also in parts of Lagos like Epe , Ejinrin & Ikorodu .They are known for their entrepreneurship and business acumen a fact which is insightful considering the Ijebus can be found in many parts of the world doing business and making money .

Asides from their business acumen, the Ijebus are very sociable people .Like the proverbial character, Jack, they work hard and celebrate well and are known to throw memorable parties. The Regberegbes which are the classes of age grades in Ijebu land are an instrument of social cohesion and mobilization. These Regberegbes form a great part of the story of Ojude Oba.

It is said that the Ojude Oba has been in existence for about 200years.  Celebrated by all and sundry in Ijebu land, the festival originated from when Islam advanced into Ijebu land. The King (The Awujale) at that time prevailed on his people to allow peaceful co-existence between proponents of this new religion and themselves giving them the freedom to carry on according to the dictates on their conscience.

In return, the new converts and their leaders paid homage to the Awujale for his hospitality, kindness and tolerance. This became a tradition embraced by all; those at home and those in Diaspora. It is celebrated on the third day of Eid-el-Kabir . Every year, the Regberegbes go to the Awujale in their most fashionable dresses to pay homage to him . It is indeed a melting point between culture & fashion. Beautiful arrays of colours worn by the illustrious sons and daughters of Ijebu land jump out at you at the occasion.

The story of the Ojude Oba will not be complete without mentioning the display by the Horse Riders who are representatives of the warrior families. The warrior families in the past had the task of protecting the Ijebu land. The energy these warlord families bring to the Ojude Oba is better seen than described. Their horse riding prowess and traditional gun salute are sights that visitors to the festival view with bated breath.

Ojude Oba is a great example of how culture, if well packaged, can be a tool for tourism & national development as a whole. Eagle Schnapps identified with this year’s edition as a brand that promotes tradition & culture.

Eagle Schnapps joins the Ijebu people to say
K ade pe lori
Ki bata pe lese
Kodigba pe lorun
Ki Oba pe titi.

More photos...

Photos: Two brothers allegedly brutalized by thugs in Edo State for defending 'helpless traders'

Two brothers, Maximus and Paulinus Okpere were assaulted in Edo State yesterday, Sept. 19th. According to their brother, who shared the photos on Facebook, the men were beaten and stabbed for for "resisting the exploitation ofpoor helpless traders in Ibviotor community". See the post below:
"See what one the man who parades himself as the chairman of Ibviotor community did to my Brothers Maximus Okere and Paulinus Okpere as he led over 20 thugs to our office complex along dumez road today to beat and stab my brothers for resisting the exploitation that the poor helpless traders in Ibviotor community are going through.
 As we speak now one of my brothers is in a life threatening condition in the emergency unit of the hospital. This is the Edo state that we live in. How it all started, last week the man asked the petty traders in the community to start paying 12.000 naira to him every month, most of the women protested and refused and in the process, he went to the shops, many of which are wooden shops and shanty containers, destroyed them and throw away their food items, My brother went to one of the shops and made a video in the shop, to draw attention to the plight of these poor hepless petty traders, and for doing that video the man came today to unleash mayhem on our building. This is what Edo state has been turned into by thugs and agberos, this is the level of impunity we face everyday.
More photos below...