Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Photos: Apostle Suleman heads to DSS office to honor their invitation

Apostle Johnson Suleman was invited by officials of the Department of State Security DSS over his comments asking his church members to attack any Fulani herdsman who attempts to attack them or the church..which the DSS see as inciting. He is on his way to the DSS headquarters in Abuja. 

Antonio Banderas rushed to hospital following heart scare

Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, was rushed to St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey on Thursday after he began experiencing excruciating pain in his chest while exercising at his home in Surrey. Paramedics were called in following the heart scare to help convey Antonio to the hospital.

Thankfully, it was not life-threatening and the Spy Kids star actor is currently fast recovering from the ordeal, enough to take time out to thank the paramedics.

Antonio moved to Britain in 2015 with his partner Nicole Kimpel after his divorce from his wife of 18 years, reportedly because he wanted to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Trump's America: U.S football captain Michael Bradley comes for Donald Trump over his immigration ban

Captain of the US men's football team, Michael Bradley, who is also son of legendary U. S footballer Bob Bradley, and has made more than 125 appearances for the men’s national team, has reacted to U.S President Donald Trump's decision to sign a new law that temporarily bans immigrants from 7 countries like Iran,  Iraq and Libya that are considered 'terror prone'.
Back in November, Bradley called for unity following the election of Donald Trump, urging the American public to support Donald Trump fully.
“My general feeling is that we as Americans, we trust our system, we respect our democracy. Regardless of your beliefs, regardless of how you voted, we have an obligation to come together and get behind our new president and to have faith and trust that he will do what’s best for the entire country.
“In moments like this it is easy to question things. But this is what makes our country great, that we have a system where every American can go and vote. The results may not be what every person wanted. Some are happy, others aren’t, but the way forward is to come together, give our president support, rally behind him. He will continue what I believe every president has done — make decisions for the good of the country.”
But Bradley,  known for commenting on Social issues, has now blasted the new US president calling him xenophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic in an interview with Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl.
“A few hours ago ago I gave an interview to Grant Wahl,” wrote Bradley on his Instagram page .
“After 15 minutes of an interview that was centered around soccer and our national team, he asked me my thoughts on President Trump’s ban on Muslims ... I gave an answer where I tried to make it clear that while I understand the need for safety, the values and ideals of our country should never be sacrificed. I believe what I said, but it was too soft.
'The part I left out is how sad and embarrassed I am. When Trump was elected, I only hoped that ... President Trump would be different than the campaigner Trump. That the xenophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic rhetoric would be replaced with a more humble and measured approach to leading our country. I was wrong. And the Muslim ban is just the latest example of someone who couldn’t be more out of touch with our country and the right way to move forward.”
Sports associations like the NBA and American Football League have already approached Homeland Security to enquire about how Trump's new law will affect their players,  especially those from the banned countries.

The best kind of relationship: The guy & his girl! 24 Apparel debuts body wear

In a four part photo series, 24 Apparel popularly known for its creative snap backs, tees and other clothing essentials, introduces it male and female body wear. It is popularly believed that confidence starts from within. How we look can affect how we feel. 

Our comfort in what we wear determines the confidence we exude. The versatile 24 body wear, known for its comfort and durability is the perfect fit. 

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Photographer: Abu Salami.

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India plans to give free WiFi to more than 1,000 villages

The Indian government is stepping up efforts to provide free WiFi to 1,050 villages across the country under a new pilot project known as Digital Village.

Over the next six months, each village will get its own WiFi hotspot mounted on a special tower to which villagers can connect using their cell phones. Global tech firms and Indian internet providers are racing to grab a piece of the country's unconnected population of more than 900 million people.

Aruna Sundararajan, an official at the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology says ''the program aims to provide basic development services to rural areas using digital technology'. According to the Indian government, the initial phase of the new program costs around $62 million and It will eventually be extended to other parts of the country.

Photos: Kim Kardashian flaunts her nipples as she goes bra-free in a sheer dress

She's getting her groove back! Kim K showed off her ample chest in a sheer red shiny mini dress as she headed out to dinner with her family, while on vacation in Costa Rica. More photos after the cut...

Photo of the day!

Billionaire son Paddy Adenuga, flanked by billionaire business men, Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola, men Paddy calls his watchful guardians.

Dad beats up young man who asked his 9yr old daughter to twerk for him (video)

There's a video circulating online showing an Illinois father beating up a young man who he claimed asked his 9 year old daughter to ‘Twerk for him’. After beating the young man, the infuriated father made him remove his clothes and “twerk” on video. The dad is getting for the beat down, as he should. Only God knows what else the man would have asked the 9 year old to do if he hadn't been caught. See the video after the cut...

Movie producer, Emem Isong, shares cute photo with her hubby and their children

Emem had her grown up son from a previous relationship while her set of twins, a boy and a girl, is by her husband, Misodi Akama.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Obama backs anti-Trump protests, says 'American values are at stake'

Former US President Barack Obama released a statement today Monday Jan. 30th supporting the protests going on around the country against Donald Trump's ban on travelers and refugees entering the US from 7 Muslim-majority countries.

The statement, issued by Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, is the first time that the former US president will weigh in on Trump’s presidency. Read the statement after the cut..

"President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. In his final official speech as President, he spoke about the important role of citizens and how all Americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy — not just during an election but every day.
Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake. With regard to comparisons to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, as we’ve heard before, the President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith."

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Twitter user tells a story of a man who killed himself after finding out all his four children weren't his

Nigeria Police declares Woman, Man wanted for stealing over N100million (photos)

The Nigeria Police has declared one Lilian Omekara wanted for the offence of conspiracy and stealing by conspiring with fraudsters to transfer over N29million to her account. She has since withdrawn the money and is currently at large.

Also declared wanted is Nelson Omuzagha. He is wanted for the offence of conspiracy and stealing in a new generation bank by fraudulent conversion of customers' deposits to the tune of N72million.

Drama! Presidential aide shares photo of President Buhari in the UK yesterday and some claim the photos are from last year!

Last night, President Buhari's personal assistant, Bashir Ahmad, shared a photo of the president in the UK where according to him Ogun state governor, Ibikunle Amosun and others went to pay him a visit.
Immediately he shared the photos, conspiracy theorists started analyzing it. Many said the photo was from President Buhari's visit to the UK last year. Someone even claimed Amosun was in Ogun state yesterday and couldn't have been in the UK. See more after the cut...


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Lady and her really long braids spotted in Lagos (photos)

A LIB spotted the Lagos somewhere in Lagos. Her braids are almost touching the ground..

Teenager hires prostitutes after stealing money from his parents

A 15-year-old boy left his parents shocked after they discovered that he had spent the money he stole from them, on two prostitutes.
Teenager Steals Money From His Parents and Uses It to Hire Two Prostitutes for Threesome S*x (Photo)
Rumbidzal Gwangwawa was one of the prostitutes the 15-year-old boy hired
According to reports, an unnamed 15-year-old Zimbabwean boy stole money from his parents and decided to enlist the services of two prostitutes.
The prostitutes were eventually arrested for being with a minor and charged to court. One of the prostitutes identified as Rumbidzai Gwangwawa, narrated what transpired between them.
She said:
When I first came across him, there was another woman who was hugely built. He also wanted her and he told us that he was prepared to pay so that he could sleep with us at once. We later agreed and he paid US$10 (N5,000) before we proceeded.
He never lasted for long. The complainant then told me that he was prepared to add another US$4 (N2,000) so that we could spend the night together. I then asked him if he was prepared to go with me to my place and he agreed.
He then hired a taxi and we went to Tiperary’s Night Club where he was taking some alcohol. The complainant also hired another cab and we went to my place in Msasa Park.
According to H-metro, Rumbidzai revealed that the 15-year-old boy had fought with her ex-husband, when they met at her house. She said:
On December 12 my ex-husband came to my place with intention to see our child. The complainant also arrived some 30 minutes later and he clashed with my ex-husband. They had a fight which saw the complainant rushing to Hatfield police station. At the police station he said he was 19 years old when the statement was being recorded. He also said that he was studying at a university in Australia.

"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump

President Donald Trump of the United States has once again set the media agog, as his newly formed government has deleted swathes of Barack Obama's pet policies from the White House website.
Following the development, reactions have been stirred all over Social media, and Nigerians have had their fair share of the matter, comparing the newly formed government of Donald Trump and the already established government of Nigeria as led by President Muhammdu Buhari.
Below are comments drawn from Facebook.
Former aid to President Goodluck Jonathan, seemed like one of the first Nigerians to have reacted to Trump's latest actions.
He said a prayer for Trump, while still kicking for the total eradication of laws protecting LGBT.
Bob Markson said: "Trump has kick started, a man that just took the seat in less than a week. And Buhari and his APC are yet to start, it's their second year Failures and bunch of miscreants!!!"
Njoku Onyekachi said: "Yes oooooo. Cutting down on taxes! A very nice move... Stoping gay right??? Very cool. Abortion nko??? The best move ever. If u dnt like it, pls come down to Nigeria and enjoy the #changi!"
Zulu Donatus was of the opinion that "By their fruits, we shall know them the bible says. Check the people against Trump in the world today and find out that they are the agents to the devil.
We are absolutely in the last days and all the people need is to always pray in seeking the face of God. Anybody that understands the bible very well don't need to be told the situation of the world with great current news going on in Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians .
My advice for everyone is to always be in prayer and resist the devil. When you diligently do so , then you would later discover that many in the front shall be the last and the last becomes first. God bless."
Godwyn Chyzzy Onochie urged that there be no blame game. "He (Trump) went straight on delivering his campaign promises.Kudos to Trump and people of America, well on track," he said.
Bukki Agbesanwa said: "Resounding yes. Bout time somebody gets our glory back. We are a country of favor from Jehovah God.
"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump
"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump
We cannot be godless or else all our good things will disappear. People think.
This was powerful nation, now beggers of other nation that serve there gods well. The answer is not to deal with devil but return to God and our Land will flow with good again."
Success Okon said: "If America Republican was to talk about change we will all witness that this is change indeed from bad to good. Donald Trump is the Josiah in the Bible to America.. Woe unto APC who has made lives unbearable to reasonable Nigerians."
Paul Chinedu in airing his view, stressed that "It took buhari one month to resumework at aso rock after his inauguration, But trump resume work immediately after his inauguration, it took buhari six months to appoint his noise makers sorry ministers, but trump appoints his ministers before his inauguration."
Leke Ajala said: "Trump says what he mean & mean what he says. He is an action man. He was elected to correct Obama's errors such as the madness of the 21st century-Gay rights.
All those involving themselves in abominable acts such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality etc should repent & turn a new leave. When a righteous man is a ruler righteousness is elevated but when an evil man is a ruler ungodly acts are elevated."
Ihemadu Chidi Evanski said "Trump has started working but here in nigeria apc are still blaming pdp for putting extra bulbs in the govt house...chai now we dont even know if that cow rustler is dead or dying."
Saudat Bello Onadipe said a prayer for the new US leader, saying: "President Donald Trump, may the good Lord Jesus be with you. I heard it that it was about 35 people that wrote American constitution and only 4 of them were not born again. How come the God own Eden turn to Sodom and Gomorha?
Thank God for your life, the Lord will be with you and your family. Please people of America this man is a messaiah of our time. God loves sinner that embrace righteousness."
Ogonna Kris asked a question saying: "Does the constitution give him the absolute power to do all those? If so America is a mockery of democracy and Trump will expose all their weaknesses.
First his emergence as the President has exposed the weakness of the electoral college and many more are still coming."
Erueme Ajiri said: "I will do exactly what trump is doing if not more. The man has a fierce countenance. America was hearding the wrong direction and God's judgement was nigh.
Ogono Godswill Jnr was of the opinion that: "He (Trump) is the true son of his father...may God give him more wisedom to tarnish and abolish or the sodomic and illigal acts..this is wat a reasonable and understanding person would do. Mr president you rock!!!"
Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq said: "Buhari need to learn a lot because this is not how to govern your people a good God fearing human being wouldn't make his people to be hungry and suffering he always pretend like all is well for the country he doesn't care about the masses hunger everywhere despite everyone has always complain about the way things are going in the country he keep quiet like all is well what a heartless people that are leading us in this country bunch of wicked soul's."
Mario Paulo was of the opinion that "Cutting down taxes,scrapping gay rights,that's so great guys,when he was campaigning he said to the world,I will bring back Jesus to white house.I think he started already, Donald Okechukwu Trump,Nwanne m"
Anthony Ted Schroeder threw some light on certain decisions taken by Trump, he said: "Aid for abortions in other countries not ours it's the United states of America not the United States of the world are tax dollars should be spent here not in other countries and he is not the first president to do it every republican has done so it's called the Mexico city policy look it up."

Female LAUTECH graduate, 3 others, kidnapped in Lagos Farm

A female graduate of Nutrients and Biotechnology from Ladoke Akintola University, LAUTECH, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Ifeoluwa Olabiyi and three male farmers were kidnapped by gunmen who stormed Atanda farm in Igbodu community, Epe, Lagos.

The kidnappers who were over ten in number reportedly dressed like soldiers in camouflage fabrics as they stormed the farm on Friday, at about 8 p.m.

They fired shots into the air before making away with four people; Ifedayo Olabiyi was one, a Togolese identified as Busiyi Kposu was another of the victims and two other male farmers who were not named.

A day after the kidnap, the kidnappers contacted the owner of the farm demanding 5 million Naira ransom for each victim, bringing the ransom to a total of N20 million. After a plea bargain, the ransom for each victim was reduced to 2 million Naira to be paid within 24 hours. The kidnappers threatened to kill the victims if their demands were not met. The owner of the farm, a sixty-something-year-old man has reportedly been hospitalised due to the strain of trying to raise that amount.

The boyfriend of Ifeoluwa, Ayodeji Akinyemi, spoke to Vanguard revealing efforts to raise the ransom and how disheartened they were about the incident. He explained that Ife had been working at the farm before she left for the one year compulsory national youth service and resumed work on the farm only two weeks ago after completing her service year.

"The last time we spoke was Thursday last week, when she promised to visit me on Saturday. But to my shock, I received a call from a stranger informing me that Ife had been kidnapped. The kidnappers have been negotiating with the farm owner," Ayodeji said.

"Where did they expect us to get such ransom to pay. She is from a humble home as myself. She barely managed to conclude her university education, following the death of her father while she was in her third year. Today, she has her ailing mother to cater for. When I was allowed to speak to her, I begged them to release her, that she is just a fresh graduate managing at the farm.

"The farm management and me have been working round the clock to secure the release of the victims. "We reported the matter at Agbowa division of the Police and the officers assured us that they would rescue them."

The Lagos State Police Command reportedly said it was not aware of the incident. However,
a senior police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity gave a contrary report that the command got information that there was a disturbance around the farmland, leading to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, visiting the area on Friday morning with some of his key operational officers to conduct a patrol.

As at the time of this report, no progress has been made yet in securing the release of the victims

Governor Obiano proposes death sentence for fake medicine manufacturers

- Anambra state governor, Willion Obiano has recommended death sentence for fake drug manufacturers
- The governor said manufacturing fake medicine is the worst of crime against humanity and can only be reduced if perpetrators are sentenced to death instead of jail
The rate of fake medicine in Anambra and perharps Nigeria as a whole is set to reduce as Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano, on Monday, January 23, recommended death sentence for fake medicine manufacturers.
The governor said that to prevent the people of the state from falling prey to fake medicine sellers, a health insurance scheme was being put in place to treat the people centrally.
Declare death sentence for fake medicine maker – Governor
Declare death sentence for fake medicine maker – Governor
According to Punch, Obiano who was represented by his deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke, made the recommendation during the presentation ceremony of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation certificate to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, South-East zonal Laboratory at Agulu, Anambra state by the United States Pharmacopeia Convention.
Okeke described the activities of fake medicine peddlers as evil. She said: “It’s the worst criminal act to humanity. Fake drug is the worst crime anybody can commit. There is no need jailing such people; they should be killed.”
Okeke announced that the state is making efforts to partner with the federal government to check the influx of fake medicine into Onitsha Bridgehead market.
The governor, who was represented by his deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke, said the state was making efforts to partner the federal government to check the influx of fake medicine into the Onitsha Bridgehead market.
The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole who was also in attendance paid tribute to the former Director- General of the NAFDAC, the late Prof. Dora Akunyili, for her achievement.
He asked NAFDAC to continue to maintain standard that earned it the international certification.
He told the agency that it was easier to get the accreditation of the International Organisation for Standardisation/International Electro-technical than to sustain it.
The minister assured manufacturers of medical products in the country of government’s encouragement through favourable policies, especially in taxation.
Meanwhile, Governor Obiano said that it had concluded arrangements to set up Primary Health Centres in the 326 wards across the 21 local government areas of the state.
The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Joe Akabuike, made the disclosure on Wednesday, January 18, at a workshop organized by a non-governmental organization, the Civil Rights Concern (CRN), in Awka.
The commissioner said it was an intervention the state governor, Chief Willie Obiano, had introduced to bring healthcare to the grassroots, explaining that no fewer than 63 health facilities in the state had already been upgraded to world class standard.

Forget Tom & Jerry stories, Watch as this dog saves cat with head stuck in a bag (video)

There's been this age long myth about dogs and cats not being best of friends, which has also been heightened by the fights between the dog and Tom in the famous Tom & Jerry cartoon.

But forget those stories as this video of a dog saving a cat with its head stuck in a bag will melt your heart. So Sweet. Watch the video after the cut..

Femi Kuti visits IDP camps in Maiduguri (photos)

Femi Kuti on Monday paid a visit to IDP camps in Borno, Maiduguri. According to the award winning singer, he visited the camps to create awareness and see the good works going on for himself.

Posting photos from his visit on Twitter, he wrote: 'Went to Maiduguri with IRC to c the IDP camps 4myself and create more awareness .Tried 2 put a smile on the faces of the children in d camps'

Female bodybuilder jailed for posting UNISLAMIC photos of her workouts (photos)

- A female bodybuilder from Iran was arrested for exposing her “uncovered” body on social media
- Iranian bodybuilder Shirin Nobahari was jailed for exposing her biceps on her Instagram account
- Iran has very strict laws regarding indecent exposure, which requires female athletes to cover their body when competing in sport events
Female bodybuilder jailed for posting UNISLAMIC photos of her workouts (photos)
Shirin Nobahari was arrested for exposing her biceps online
A female bodybuilder from Iran was arrested after she shared selfies with her exposed biceps on Instagram.
Iran has strict Islamic laws regarding indecent exposure and it is considered a serious offence for a woman to reveal parts of her body such as arms and legs in public. In the case of Iranian professional bodybuilder Shirin Nobahari she exposed her arms above her wrist and published the photos on her Instagram account under the moniker ‘Shirin_Muscleking.’
Female bodybuilder jailed for posting UNISLAMIC photos of her workouts (photos)
Shirin Nobahari has broken Irna's islamic laws of indecent exposure concerning women
She was previously warned about her revealing photos in September.
A spokesperson for the Iranian judiciary wrote: “One of the female bodybuilders who recently published exposed photographs on social networks has been arrested.”
In Iran, female athletes must follow very strict regulations which include them having to wear full bodysuits and headscarves when competing in sporting events. It is customary for female swimmers to wear special full body bodysuits and for female soccer players to wear special tracksuits that cover their whole body.
There have even been incidents were female sports fan were arrested for watching sport events involving male athletes.
Back in 2014, a 25 year old British citizen was arrested after attending a volleyball match between Iran and Italy.
Female bodybuilder jailed for posting UNISLAMIC photos of her workouts (photos)
Iran does not allow female athletes to expose their bodies

'Saturday Night Live' writer suspended over tweet that mocked Donald Trump's 10-year old son

A writer for "Saturday Night Live" has been suspended for a tweet that ridiculed Barron Trump, the youngest son of President Donald Trump. 

The writer, Katie Rich, during Trump's inauguration on Friday, sent out a tweet that mocked Barron Trump, who is 10 years old. The tweet was widely criticized by many on social media.

The backlash went as far as an online petition that called for NBC to fire Rich. That petition has so far accumulated more than 85,000 signatures on Change.org.

Rich deleted the tweet as well as her Twitter account, which she then reactivated on Monday in order to post an apology.

"I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet, I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I'm so sorry."

Tonto Dikeh dances without her wedding ring amidst marriage trouble rumours (Video)

Amidst rumours of troubles in actress Tonto Dikeh's marriage, the actress looked exceptionally beautiful and happy in a new video she posted on her Instagram page. In the video, she's seen dancing and displaying her finger which was free of her massive wedding ring and in the background is the voice of a guy cheering her on. See the video after the cut...