Monday, 23 January 2017

It all started when upcoming comedian Baba de Baba made a skit about ‘forcefully sleeping’ with a woman who refused his several advances after he had spent money on her.
Nigerians blast comedian for his skit on rape
Comedian Baba de Baba whose recent skit on rape has ruffled feathers all over Nigeria
In the video, Baba justified his actions because the lady came to spend time at his house for one week. And he was spending money on her, taking her to the club and all that, but she kept on rejecting his advances even though she slept in his bed. On their last night together, he forcefully had his way with her.
When asked by the policeman who had come to arrest him whether his action does not amount to rape, Baba answered that it wasn’t. Instead it could be called fornication. He then turned to the camera and said: "If I want a girl that will sleep in my house and I will spend money on her, I will invite my sister. If you can't sleep with a man, don't go to his house."
As expected, some Nigerians weren’t having it and they called him out on what they said is a shameful and very wrong video.

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