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Struggling with annoying stretch marks? This strange trick will cure it today!

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Dear LIB Loyal Readers, My name is Aunty Bimbo, and I’m a  Skin Care Specialist & today I am going to show you  a strange way to cure Stretch Mark you  never knew existed.
• Are You Struggling With Annoying Stretch marks?
• Is That Stretch Mark Making Your Unhappy?
• Do You want to Get Rid of It Finally?

You see I UNDERSTAND how you fee and I was once in your shoes and I know how it feels my friend.
I used to have annoying stretch marks right from when I was a teenager, but it got worse when I got married & bore a bouncing baby boy for my ManMicheal.
So Due to Age & Child bearing I had Ugly stretch marks EXPANDED all over my skin especially my stomach, it was so scary and ugly.

It Made Me Feel Insecure…

It was so terrible; my close friends call me “Iya-Stretch Mark”

I could not wear sexy dresses.
I could not go to the beach with family and friends.
I hated taking Pics as I think the Camera Man Will Snap my Zebra marks
It was depressing tell you.

The most painful part is that, the stretch marks made my Hubby lose Interest in me sexually for a while.

Do you relate?

So I went all out to get rid of it permanently.

Tried so many concoctions, after like 2 years  I found a working cure for this wahala that have not only helped me got rid of the stretch marks, but also made my skin baby smooth.

I actually thought I was the only one facing this annoying problem, until I saw this online….

Poor Girl…will she Ever Get Married? All because of Stretch Marks?

Some Boyfriends even save girls Number as “AMAKA STRETCH MARK” these days.

How Terrible?

So I feel it’s time to spill the beans & now I have a mission; To  help 2,000 serious Naija women get rid of their annoying stretch marks before the end of June 2017!

So If you have ugly stretch all over your body & you are so DESPIRATE to get rid of it ASAP, BABE (and BOBO in the house) I got you covered!
But better read this letter to the very end as I am going to reveal a POTENT cure that will help you get rid of you annoying stretch marks once and for all in 2 mins.

Enough About Me…Let’s Help you Get That Smooth “Beyoncé” baby skin!

This recipe works by using Eggs to deal with this annoying wahala.
How does it work?
The amino Acids and Proteins in Egg Whites helps repair damaged skin.

How to Go About  It?

1) Gently Beat two egg whites with a whisk until the yolk mixes with the egg white.

2) Get a sponge or make up brush so you can use it to apply a thick layer of whipped egg on to your stretch marks and let it dry on your skin.

Rinse with cold water.

Rise this After 30 mins.

Then Apply a light Coat of Olive Oil to hydrate your skin after rinsing off the egg whites.

Now I must confess, this recipe works like gang busters.

But there is a down side…

1) You will ONLY see the effects after like 2 months.
To me…that’s way too long!
2) The SMELL of raw egg is awful.

Trust me, you don’t want to smell raw egg after 30 mins, it can make you vomit.

Which Brings us to RECIPE No.2


If you are like me who can’t wait for 2 months to get rid of stretch marks & you don’t MIND investing in your beauty, I got good news for you…

I tried the Egg recipe and it was not working fast so I contacted one of my babes who showed me FASTER way to deal with this palava so fast….

Thanks to a Facebook friend who showed me an American natural stretch mark cream called Pasjel ORIGINAL Stretch Mark Cream.

At first I was skeptical, but over time I was amazed.

Original Pasjel Stretch Mark Cream”

         A.K.A The Stretch Mark Killer

Now you can kiss all you annoying stretch marks good bye, have a flawless skin & wear that sexy dress happily with the ORIGINAL Pasjel Stretch Mark killer.

With The ORIGINAL PASJEL PRECIOUS SKIN cream, your stretch mark problem will be no more.

I Promise you that in 14 days now you will forget your Stretch Mark issues, have a flawless skin and be super sexy.

This Natural Thailand Stretch Mark Killer called ORIGINAL PASJEL BODY PRECIOUS CREAM , invented by a Pop Musician in Thailand with the help of experienced beauticians &  experienced scientist.

Made from ALL the BEST natural ingredient that are certified POTENT to get rid of stretch marks, it’s the best way to get it fast.

Although I DON’t really promise an OVERNIGHT miracle (THERE IS NO SUCH)
But trust me, you’ll start seeing result 14 days time or less.

It will give you a smooth baby skin you will be proud of & you’ll be free to flaunt your beautiful skin around your Hubby or boyfriend & go out to the beach with the girls.

Sound so good to be true?
I Understand How feel.
When I first heard about it, I was sceptical as HELL like you


Because I have seen so many FAKE cream being promoted online by gullible Naija people.

Go to many scammers  are selling it as low as N3,000 which is terrible!
An imported Cream for N3,000?


But, my good friend showed me where I can get the ORIGINAL for Thailand, where it was made.
See It here=>

This amazing cream easily helped me get rid of the stretch marks in less than 14 days. 
Each costs N18,000 EACH

So I went ahead to import 2 Jars of the cream which cost me a total of N36,000 + Shipping cost of over N10,000 via DHL

So I Spent N46,000 for 2 creams.
See How  My Skin Changed When I Iused it

 Want a Natural Cure to Her Stretch Mark Today?

“I want to help a minimum of 2,000 women get rid of their annoying stretch marks”

So I stuck a deal with the manufacturers & they have sent me 50 pcs for a dirt cheap price.

So it means I have only 50 pcs, and we speak, over 500 thousand people reading this article.

So if you want to book your cream you’ll have to hurry up and register here=>
And You’ll Never Regret it.

BEST PART is that it also restores skin elasticity and nourishes your skin making it smooth like that of a baby & lawless like Beyoncé’s Skin.

The best part is that this cream is made from purely NATURAL plant’s
• Smells Nice And Fresh
• NO Lead & Mercury In it
• NO Alcohol Free
• No Side Effect (Promise you won’t have green vain after using it LOL)

And it’s very affordable.
It will cost you just only N9,500  per jar!
YES you heard JUST N9,500 per Jar!

Get Yours’s Here=>

Honestly this cream also worked well for me & also helps increases blood circulation to the Outer layer of my skin & REVERSED the Stretch marks, and I know it will do the same for you too.
You Should give it a try & see how your friends will be jealous of you new look!

Get it Here=>

For the Doubting Thomas’s or Sceptical Theresa’s on LIB , here’s are testimonies for you.

Teresa’s  Strech Mark Fades Off!

  Even Melissa’s Recommend’s It!

So why Still doubt?

Go ahead and place your order today before we run out of stock…

1) Send the following info to 0703-320-6225
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 Send this info  to0703-320-6225

2) Our courier Partners/ Reps will bring Your Pasjel.
3) You Pay On Delivery of the Product

So let’s Round Up..
If you have Stretch Marks, using an Egg Mask can make it fade away in 2 months
But if you want a quicker way to deal with it…you’ll have to get the ORIGINAL Pasjel Stretch Mark Cream today HERE

1) Send the following info to 0703-320-6225
=>YourName_Address_Local-Govt_Phone-No_I Will Pay Shipping Fee
 Send this info  to0703-320-6225

2) Our courier Partners/ Reps will bring Your Pasjel.
3) You Pay On Delivery of the Product

And I promise that you’ll be glad you did 14 days after!

But you’ll have to act fast as I have JUST 50 pcs left at home as we speakth and I know the demand might be over 4,000,000 people are reading this…I so sorry, I could only afford 50 pcs for now, but you can lock down you spot today by going here=>

Yours Sister
Aunty Bimbo

For Inquires Call or SMS: =>  0703-320-6225
P.S: If you know you can’t join the waiting list, and you want to be the first to get it, it cost Just N9,500

* Shipping is FREE nationwide

  We Bring Your Pasjel, Your Take Delivery & Pay the Dispatch!

Here's How to Place an Order...
1) Send the following info to 0703-320-6225
=>YourName_Address_Local-Govt_Phone-No_I Will Pay Shipping Fee
 Send this info  to0703-320-6225
2) Our courier Partners/ Reps will bring Your Pasjel.
3) You Pay On Delivery of the Product


1) If you are NOT Serious about Your Stretch Marks DO NOT even call us.
2) If you CAN’T AFFORD IT don’t Order.
3) And if you are a Serious about it, act fast as this is a limited offer and the price shoots up in 7 days time.
4) Ensure you send Us traceable Address So we can get to you swiftly
5) Once we receive your order details, we will call you and our partner courier
company will bring Your ORIGINAL PASJEL cream to your address in 3 - 5 working days if you are outside Lagos or  24-48 hour if in Lagos.

Your Beauty Is Our Joy!

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