Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Teenager hires prostitutes after stealing money from his parents

A 15-year-old boy left his parents shocked after they discovered that he had spent the money he stole from them, on two prostitutes.
Teenager Steals Money From His Parents and Uses It to Hire Two Prostitutes for Threesome S*x (Photo)
Rumbidzal Gwangwawa was one of the prostitutes the 15-year-old boy hired
According to reports, an unnamed 15-year-old Zimbabwean boy stole money from his parents and decided to enlist the services of two prostitutes.
The prostitutes were eventually arrested for being with a minor and charged to court. One of the prostitutes identified as Rumbidzai Gwangwawa, narrated what transpired between them.
She said:
When I first came across him, there was another woman who was hugely built. He also wanted her and he told us that he was prepared to pay so that he could sleep with us at once. We later agreed and he paid US$10 (N5,000) before we proceeded.
He never lasted for long. The complainant then told me that he was prepared to add another US$4 (N2,000) so that we could spend the night together. I then asked him if he was prepared to go with me to my place and he agreed.
He then hired a taxi and we went to Tiperary’s Night Club where he was taking some alcohol. The complainant also hired another cab and we went to my place in Msasa Park.
According to H-metro, Rumbidzai revealed that the 15-year-old boy had fought with her ex-husband, when they met at her house. She said:
On December 12 my ex-husband came to my place with intention to see our child. The complainant also arrived some 30 minutes later and he clashed with my ex-husband. They had a fight which saw the complainant rushing to Hatfield police station. At the police station he said he was 19 years old when the statement was being recorded. He also said that he was studying at a university in Australia.

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