Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump

President Donald Trump of the United States has once again set the media agog, as his newly formed government has deleted swathes of Barack Obama's pet policies from the White House website.
Following the development, reactions have been stirred all over Social media, and Nigerians have had their fair share of the matter, comparing the newly formed government of Donald Trump and the already established government of Nigeria as led by President Muhammdu Buhari.
Below are comments drawn from Facebook.
Former aid to President Goodluck Jonathan, seemed like one of the first Nigerians to have reacted to Trump's latest actions.
He said a prayer for Trump, while still kicking for the total eradication of laws protecting LGBT.
Bob Markson said: "Trump has kick started, a man that just took the seat in less than a week. And Buhari and his APC are yet to start, it's their second year Failures and bunch of miscreants!!!"
Njoku Onyekachi said: "Yes oooooo. Cutting down on taxes! A very nice move... Stoping gay right??? Very cool. Abortion nko??? The best move ever. If u dnt like it, pls come down to Nigeria and enjoy the #changi!"
Zulu Donatus was of the opinion that "By their fruits, we shall know them the bible says. Check the people against Trump in the world today and find out that they are the agents to the devil.
We are absolutely in the last days and all the people need is to always pray in seeking the face of God. Anybody that understands the bible very well don't need to be told the situation of the world with great current news going on in Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians .
My advice for everyone is to always be in prayer and resist the devil. When you diligently do so , then you would later discover that many in the front shall be the last and the last becomes first. God bless."
Godwyn Chyzzy Onochie urged that there be no blame game. "He (Trump) went straight on delivering his campaign promises.Kudos to Trump and people of America, well on track," he said.
Bukki Agbesanwa said: "Resounding yes. Bout time somebody gets our glory back. We are a country of favor from Jehovah God.
"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump
"What Trump has done in 2-days, Buhari has not done in 2-years" - Nigerians React to Hurricane Trump
We cannot be godless or else all our good things will disappear. People think.
This was powerful nation, now beggers of other nation that serve there gods well. The answer is not to deal with devil but return to God and our Land will flow with good again."
Success Okon said: "If America Republican was to talk about change we will all witness that this is change indeed from bad to good. Donald Trump is the Josiah in the Bible to America.. Woe unto APC who has made lives unbearable to reasonable Nigerians."
Paul Chinedu in airing his view, stressed that "It took buhari one month to resumework at aso rock after his inauguration, But trump resume work immediately after his inauguration, it took buhari six months to appoint his noise makers sorry ministers, but trump appoints his ministers before his inauguration."
Leke Ajala said: "Trump says what he mean & mean what he says. He is an action man. He was elected to correct Obama's errors such as the madness of the 21st century-Gay rights.
All those involving themselves in abominable acts such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality etc should repent & turn a new leave. When a righteous man is a ruler righteousness is elevated but when an evil man is a ruler ungodly acts are elevated."
Ihemadu Chidi Evanski said "Trump has started working but here in nigeria apc are still blaming pdp for putting extra bulbs in the govt house...chai now we dont even know if that cow rustler is dead or dying."
Saudat Bello Onadipe said a prayer for the new US leader, saying: "President Donald Trump, may the good Lord Jesus be with you. I heard it that it was about 35 people that wrote American constitution and only 4 of them were not born again. How come the God own Eden turn to Sodom and Gomorha?
Thank God for your life, the Lord will be with you and your family. Please people of America this man is a messaiah of our time. God loves sinner that embrace righteousness."
Ogonna Kris asked a question saying: "Does the constitution give him the absolute power to do all those? If so America is a mockery of democracy and Trump will expose all their weaknesses.
First his emergence as the President has exposed the weakness of the electoral college and many more are still coming."
Erueme Ajiri said: "I will do exactly what trump is doing if not more. The man has a fierce countenance. America was hearding the wrong direction and God's judgement was nigh.
Ogono Godswill Jnr was of the opinion that: "He (Trump) is the true son of his father...may God give him more wisedom to tarnish and abolish or the sodomic and illigal acts..this is wat a reasonable and understanding person would do. Mr president you rock!!!"
Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq said: "Buhari need to learn a lot because this is not how to govern your people a good God fearing human being wouldn't make his people to be hungry and suffering he always pretend like all is well for the country he doesn't care about the masses hunger everywhere despite everyone has always complain about the way things are going in the country he keep quiet like all is well what a heartless people that are leading us in this country bunch of wicked soul's."
Mario Paulo was of the opinion that "Cutting down taxes,scrapping gay rights,that's so great guys,when he was campaigning he said to the world,I will bring back Jesus to white house.I think he started already, Donald Okechukwu Trump,Nwanne m"
Anthony Ted Schroeder threw some light on certain decisions taken by Trump, he said: "Aid for abortions in other countries not ours it's the United states of America not the United States of the world are tax dollars should be spent here not in other countries and he is not the first president to do it every republican has done so it's called the Mexico city policy look it up."

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