Wednesday, 8 February 2017

LIB Exclusive: Foul play suspected in the death of a Nigerian Man in Lebanon (graphic photos)

The death of a Nigerian man, Bobby Onwazu Onyemali, who travelled to Lebanon in January 2017, is raising questions by some people close to him who suspect foul play. Bobby who was born in Apapa, Lagos and and lived all his life in Queen's Barracks Apapa, reportedly travelled to Lebanon in the 1st week of January 2017 with his Lebanese friend called Kodo.

On arrival, they stayed in the capital, Beirut before they where sent to a village, Southern town of Tyre in Goza where he passed away, 48 hours after arrival. LIB reached out to a childhood friend of the man, who spoke out on why they are suspecting foul play. Read after the cut...

On who the late Bobby was and his relationship with the Lebanese man:
"Bobby travelled with a Lebanese man, Kodo, who happens to be his friend, to Lebanon for holiday and was due to return on February 16th. Kodo (not sure of his occupation) has been in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria for years. However, in October 2016, Bobby moved to Abuja to be working with him but I don't know the kind job that they were doing. He came back for Christmas in Lagos but returned to Abuja thereafter. 

"In the first week of January, Bobby and Kodo traveled to Lebanon. He kept in touch with his friends, informing them that he was coming back in February. Bobby also sent photos of himself shopping and made inquiries on what he should purchase for them."

"All of a sudden, Bobby called a friend in Apapa one day and said Kodo left him in an apartment with two other Lebanese guys, who are his boys. According to him, those guys offended Kodo and he didn't want to take two of them out and leave Bobby alone in that apartment since he was new. That Kodo was angry, so he told the three of them to move to the village. Bobby however didn't see Kodo but a message left saying they should move to that place.

When they got there, Bobby called back and said that he has been trying to reach Kodo for the past two days but the calls were not being picked."

On how they were informed about Bobby's death
"It was another Nigerian that was present there when the information leaked that alerted people. He went there to see the body, take photos and called to inform them about the situation. According to a medical personnel, the cause of death was carbon-monoxide from a charcoal heater."

"Some of Bobby's friends in Apapa called Kodo immediately and he said he was bereaved. He denied being responsible, saying that he came to help Bobby and even took him out of Apapa to Abuja. He found out about Bobby's death when he went to give them money for upkeep and the cause of death was truly Carbon Monixide." According to their side of the story, "Bobby was sleeping while the others where doing barbecue in the same room. The barbecue smoke and charcoal monoxide killed him and he died in his sleep."

Some of Bobby's friends are however suspicious and feel the other guys in the room with Bobby might know more about the incident. "When we were looking at the pictures, it looks suspicious. The way he died. Is it possible to die in your sleep and foam will still come for your nose? Also if you look closely at the picture where his hand is showing, it looks like he struggled or was hit with something."

Bobby Onwazu Onyemali's family have accepted the death of their son and requested for the body to be flown back in Nigeria for Burial in Delta state. The body arrived yesterday.

On the other hand, Kodo who has sent money for the burial, is still in Lebanon and would not be arriving back in Nigeria yet. He has however promised to take up the fatherly responsibilities of Bobby's daughter to university level and more.
More photos below...

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