Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Unbothered Ivanka Trump visits White House with youngest child as more retailers drop her fashion line

Four more retailers have followed Nordstrom's lead to drop Ivanka Trump's fashion brand from their store. Belk, Jet, SHopStyle and Home Shopping Networks, all stores that used to stock the first daughter's fashion brand, have announced that they will no longer carry her brands.

This boycott is believed to be a result of the #GrabYourWallet campaign geared towards boycotting businesses that the Trump family profit from.
However, the first daughter seemed unfazed by this new development as she was seen at the White House, holding onto her 10-month-old son, Theodore, as she took a phone call while her husband, Jared Kushner, was at a listening session with her father, President Trump. She shared the photo on her Instagram page and wrote;
"Taking a call in the White House with my personal assistant Theodore."
As at yesterday a search for 'Ivanka Trump' on the online stores of Belk, Jet, ShopStyle and Home Shopping Network no longer showed any of Ivanka's items for sale. Meanwhile, just like Nordstrom, these stores have denied that the move was politically motivated and claim it has to do with a massive drop in sales.
Jill Kermes, HSN's head of corporate affairs spoke about the company's decision to Buzzfeed, saying,
"At HSN we are non-partisan and our product decisions are based solely on a continual evaluation related to our business"
A representative from Belk also disclosed that their decision to remove Ivanka Trump's merchandise was based on the performance of the brands they carry.

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