Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Young French boy found dead in just his pant and socks after his parents punish him for bed wetting

A five year old French boy dressed in only pant and socks, as found dead with a broken nose, a canal near his home in Aire-sur-la-Lys, near St Omer in northern France after his parents punished him for bed wetting.

 His 22yr old mother and 30yr old step father made him run 'several kilometres' in his underwear in the middle of the night as punishment for 'wetting the bed'. They have both been arrested and are also being questioned about allegations he was physically abused. French police are said to be working on the theory that the boy was punished parents for wetting his bed.

The pair reportedly called an ambulance after finding him unconscious 200 yards from their home.
Prosecutor of Saint-Omer, Patrick Leleu, said the boy was 'forced to run over a distance of several kilometers along the La Lys canal'.

 He added:
'A child of five years died in suspicious conditions as to the explanations that have been given, with a medical reason not established at this time. Te suspicious conditions of this death led us to put the parents in custody on suspicion of violence causing death.'
A police spokesman told Le Parisien:
'The investigation must determine whether the child died of cold, if this is the result of a fall, or a case of abuse.'

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