Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Angry mob gets tired of beating an unrepentant burglar, force him to dig his own grave to bury him alive (Video)

Angry residents of Dwarsloop village in South Africa who got tired of administering corporal punishment and severe beatings on an unrepentant burglar decided it was best for him to dig his own grave and be buried alive. The man was allegedly caught and beaten by residents‚ who in the past three months had been suspected him of breaking into homes. 

The video which was captured on Monday shows the suspected thief buried up to his chest while he’s severally struck on the head with the back of a shovel.

Narrating the scene to TMG Digital, Tumelo Dibakwane‚ who captured the moment on a cellphone‚ said the police arrived just in the nick of time to rescue the man as the mob prepared to douse him with petrol and turn him into a human torch.
‘They caught him before but … this time they said that they were tired of beating him. Someone was suggesting they put petrol on him and burn him. If the police were late by five minutes‚ they had the petrol‚ someone managed to get petrol. The garage was just a few metres away‚’ said Dibakwane.
Mpumalanga SAPS spokesman, Sergeant Gerald Sedibe who confirmed the incident said the victim who is being treated for his injuries in a hospital after he was forced to dig his own grave for about an hour is yet to open a case. Watch the video below:

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