Saturday, 25 March 2017

Die-hard Arsenal fan Piers Morgan gagged & forced to wear Tottenham jersey for 24 hours, in order to raise £50,000 for charity

English business magnate, media personality, politician and political adviser, Lord Alan Sugar, today turned 70, and got the perfect 'birthday present', as he gagged TV host and popular Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan and forced him to wear a Tottenham jersey (Tottenham and Arsenal are long time football rivals) for 24  hours with the proceeds, about £50,000 going to charity.

On Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain program, Piers said he'll go silent on Twitter if the British public raised £5000 for Comic Relief.
Soon after Piers said it, Lord Alan Sugar posted a video on Twitter offering to pay the amount as it was his duty to the nation, with other celebrities like Holly Willoughby, Bradley Walsh, Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Savage and Jamie Redknapp, all donating different amounts to get him in the shirt, with the total sum totaling £50,000.
Alan said on Twitter:
‘Five grand to silence Piers Morgan for a whole day on Twitter? That’s the bargain of the century.
‘Comic Relief, send me the bill straight away. I’ll pay it immediately. It’s gonna be a wonderful day without that nutter clogging up the whole of Twitter with his nonsense for the whole day.’
 See their tweets below...

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