Saturday, 11 March 2017

Hilarious moment a man is getting interviewed on live TV and his children interrupt

A very hilarious video has been shared by BBC after a TV live interview they were having with a guest took a different turn.

Assisstant professor Robert Kelly had been having a Skype interview at his home, an interview which was broadcast on national TV and suddenly, unknown to him, his toddler opened the door, walked in and began to dance. His interviewer noticed the child and alerted him, laughing as he said; "I think one of your children just moved in."

As the father tried to shoo the girl away to concentrate on the interview, another child glided in in a walker. Robert had to keep apologising until someone, probably the nanny, came in and took the children away. Lol. You've just got to love kids!

Good thing is that BBC took it really well and even saw the humour in it, sharing the video on Twitter with the caption;

"When live TV goes wrong... This BBC TV guest's children become the stars of the show."
Below is the video...

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