Monday, 13 March 2017

Jealous Nigerian Air Force personnel kills himself and his classmate/girlfriend in Benue state

A Nigerian Air Force personnel with Facebook name, Lieut Kal has killed himself and his classmate/girlfriend, Oladipupo Solape a.k.a Shomzy Shomzy in Markudi Benue state. 

According to their classmates, he killed her out of jealousy.
In series of Facebook posts Kal shared before he killed his girlfriend and himself, he described yesterday as his last day as an airman and even wished himself 'RIP'. It is believed that his last post which is '4:36' was the time he killed the young girl. 

Most of his Facebook post shows that he may have been obsessed with the girl as he tags her on all his post and has even declared that he could kill for her. Shomzy however stopped tagging him in her Facebook posts since January, 2017 indicating that they may have broken up.  

Read some Facebook posts by Lieut Kal before he killed Shomzy , others by her friends and also see more photos of her below...

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