Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Join SwissGolden with as low as 27k + No referrals

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Yeah, you read that right! You do not need 135k or 200k to register for Swissgolden, you only need 27k (Twenty-seven thousand naira only). At Wealth Synergy, we have found a way to help all our members earn from Swissgolden while spending less. Intelligent people will find out how this is even possible, they do not run into hasty conclusions.

In the midst of recession, there are many businesses calling for your attention and so it becomes very important which one you should fall for. Here are the things that makes Swissgolden standout among others.
- Zero percent risk! Swissgolden is the only MLM that will REFUND your money if you are no longer interested. Every other MLM will tell you that money paid are not refundable and that’s understandable because their matrix will collapse if they should refund you. Swissgolden’s matrix system is dynamic and not static. 
- The minimum you earn from Swissgolden is N1.1million naira (One million, one hundred naira only) and you earn that 3 times before you move to the next stage with even more money to be earned. 
- Swissgolden operates in Gold and euros. If you must survive in this recession, you need to earn in foreign currency. Euros is even more valuable than dollars. 
- Excellent matrix system. Most MLM will tell you they operate a 2 x 2 matrix. When you join, you find out that they have other stages that operate a2 x 3 or even 2 x 5matrix making you to struggle to earn from their system. They are death traps. Swissgolden operates a 2 x 2 matrix all through their wealth stages.

To earn in any MLM, you need a super-team, not just a team. Wealth synergy is a super-team made up of dynamic people who have mastered the art of wealth creation through the Swissgolden platform. What Wealth Synergy will be doing for you are:
- Wealth Synergy will get downlines for you and so you do not need to bother about where or if you will get downlines. In all MLM, you earn by bringing referrals (downlines), a good team will encourage you to get downlines by yourself, a super-team will get the downlines for you. This is not what we are promising to do, it is what we are doing already and so far so many people have benefitted from our system. 
- Wealth synergy offers you to register with Swissgolden at lowest affordable prices, even lower than Swissgolden’s lowest account. Wealth synergy will help you register at 27k only. That’s what a super-team can do! Join us! 
- Wealth Synergy will also help you to earn within shortest possible time. Because we get downlines for you, your earning is guaranteed. People are joining us everyday, you should too.
How do we plan to do these? Visit our website for more details at


We at Wealth Synergy are registered members of SwissGolden working collectively to earn at each table of SwissGolden. Joining SwissGolden with our team means it’s guaranteed that you willearn from at every stage in the Swissgolden matrix.

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