Wednesday, 15 March 2017

NYPD sergent who was convicted of raping girlfriend's 13-yr-old daughter twice gets only 3 years in prison

Vladimir Krull, 39, was convicted of raping his girlfriend's daughter on multiple occasions and has now been found guilty, but what's surprising is that he was sentenced to only three years in prison for the crimes. The New York City Police officer, who served on the force for 12 years, was found guilty on multiple counts of rape, sexual abuse, committing a criminal sexual act and a single act of endangering the welfare of a child on three incidents.

Krull's victim gave a testimony at the trial about how Krull raped her on two occasions when she was 13 and on another occasion, he forced her to perform a sexual act on him while they were in a car outside her school, just after he took the girl to the school's father/daughter breakfast. The girl's father had died a year prior so Krull was standing in as her father and at the same time was violating her.

According to the victim's testimony, Krull began sexually assaulting her in September 2013, just after she turned 13 and was in the eighth grade. He had started by kissing her on the mouth then progressed to raping her. It was later revealed by prosecutors during the trial that Krull had forced himself on the girl up to four times. Afterwards, he continued to engage in sexually explicit conversations with the girl until days before he was arrested. He was immediately suspended without pay and was finally terminated days later following an investigation.

Krull was facing up to 21 years in prison and prosecutors from the Bronx District Attorney's Office were pushing for 15 years in prison.  He eventually got only three years on the three major charges and will serve them concurrently. Krull will also register as a sex offender and will be supervised for five years after his release.

Krull had been an exemplary officer and just two months to his arrest, he was publicly lauded by the precinct with a Twitter message congratulating him for busting up a bank robbery. In a statement released after Krull's conviction, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark stated that he hoped Krull's fate would send a clear message to other adults looking to take advantage of children.

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