Thursday, 9 March 2017

Photos/Video:Malaysian ecologist survives after losing an arm and leg to crocodile

Rudy Francis, a 35yr old Malaysian ecologist escaped death by the whiskers after he was attacked by a huge 18ft crocodile during a routine feeding session at a crocodile farm in Sandakan, East Malaysia on February 20. Colleagues had to pull him from the jaws of death during the attack in which he lost his right arm and leg.

He was rushed to the hospital and had a cardiac arrest but survived. He narrates his ordeal in a film, titled, 'I survived a Crocodile Attack,' the clip includes footage from last December which shows Mr Francis hand-feeding a crocodile from a bucket.

A statement in English released alongside the video describes the horrific attack, during which the croc lunged at Mr Francis. The beast attacked Mr Francis and dragged him underwater but the ecologist did his best break free, he initially escaped but then slipped as he tried to scramble out of the water and the crocodile pounced again.
The video went on to explain: 'A tug of war between crocodile and farm hands ensued. 'Rudy decided saving his life outweighs his right leg, which by now was almost severed by the force of the croc's pull. He shouted to the farm hands to pull him to safety regardless.' Mr Francis' family told the local media that he was in good spirits despite his ordeal, but in the video he voiced his fears that he will no longer be able to provide for his family.
Watch the video below:

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