Thursday, 23 March 2017

Senate calls for resignation of Customs boss, Hameed Ali

The Senate today called for the resignation of the Comptroler General of Customs, Hameed Ali. The call came following the refusal of the Customs boss to appear before the senate in his Customs uniform.
At plenary today, the temper of the senators flayed up when the clerk of the House read a letter from the Attorney General of the Federation and Chief Justice of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami, stating why Hameed cannot appear before the senate now in his uniform.

According to Malami, a suit challenging the authority of the senate to compel the Customs boss to wear his uniform has been filed by an Abuja based lawyer, Mohammed Ibrahim and the senate should maintain status quo util the court gives its ruling on the matter
“Based on the summons before the court, all matters relating to the issue are now subjudice so status quo is “anti” which means I will not appear until the court makes a pronouncement therefore the situation remains as it is”the letter read
The senators thereafter declare Hameed Ali unfit to hold public office and also called for his resignation from office.

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